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Intalled FSUIPC now FSX-SE sticks on splash screen

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It could be a corrupt weather file - could you first try adding the following to the [General] section of your FSUIPC4.ini file and try again:

If that solves it, it will be a corrupt .WX file in your Flight simulator Documents folder, or more usually the wxstationlist.bin file in the same folder as your FS-SE settings (the AppData folder). deleting both would help in that case. The reason is that FSUIPC reads weather through Simconnect and a corrupt file causes crashes and other errors.

If that doesn't work, could you also post your DLL.XML file (located under C:\Users\Colin\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX\) so we can see what else is running.



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Prior to your reply I removed all traces of FSUIPC4. Game not fixed. Within Steam I verified integrity of game files which were OK. Reinstalled FSX_SE. Still not fixed. Cleaned registry. Still not fixed so gave up, waiting your reply.

Re-ran FSUIPC4 installer (with admin rights). Appeared to run OK, but after searching for FSUIPC4.ini on C drive, it COULD NOT BE FOUND.

Tried launching FSX. OK'ed security warning about FSUIPC4.dll. Back to stuck splash screen and 55% CPU usage.

Note I've used FSX for over 250 hrs with no problems. The first install of FSUIPC4 without validation worked, and FSUIPC was visible in the FSX pull-down menu. It was only after the second install of FSUIPC4 with validation that the problem occurred. 

PS. During the first working install I went to FSX Settings-Controls and unchecked 'Enable Controller(s)'. could that have caused a problem?



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First, the FSUIPC4.ini has now turned up. I'm positive it wasn't in the Modules folder when I looked and a full search of the C drive didn't find it. It now does.

I've tried John's advice to disable weather. No fix. I've now renamed FSUIPC4.ini to $FSUIPC4.ini. Again no fix.


2 hours ago, Ganradlogin said:

PS. During the first working install I went to FSX Settings-Controls and unchecked 'Enable Controller(s)'. could that have caused a problem?

Is there a way of enabling controllers again without opening FSX?


PS I now see that a new FSUIPC4.ini file is created presumably when attempting to open FSX

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On 12/30/2019 at 2:51 PM, Ganradlogin said:


A suggestion on Steam worked:

Deleted Logbook.BIN in Documents>Flight Simulator X Files


Nice trick, thank you.  I was just experiencing the same issue.  What I did was remove (not delete - move) the logbook file to my desktop, run FSX, say yes at the error message, and quit FSX after successful startup (and new, blank logbook).  I replaced the new logbook file with the original logbook file.  Hopefully that would qualify as a permanent workaround in the future as that bug popped up for me two months or so ago.

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