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SOLVED - Aircraft losing it when GS established ?


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55 minutes ago, FeelThere Ariel said:

What variants do you have? Have you tested this in all? 

I have not tested in all variants (I have all of them). I have just tried a 195 and the aircraft amusingly executes a pitch oscillation once having captured the glideslope. No violent pitch down with this aircraft, but unflyable all the same.

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2 hours ago, LecLightning56 said:

I get the same thing with the aircraft in altitude hold establishing on the glideslope. Once the glideslope is centred, the aircraft pitches down violently. This is just WRONG and a serious shortcoming of the current product. Aircraft is the Embraer 170 v3.


Don't have the 170 or 190. This is with the 175 and 195.

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5 hours ago, raam123 said:

Ok, an update.

Since Matty post https://forum.simflight.com/topic/88367-speed-constraints/ I managed to do some testing.

I deleted all FSUIPC configs and made a new profile and it seems to fix the GtS issue.

I still need to test at EHAM , tested in LLBG (TLV) both 170 & 190 and all was great.

Thanks raam123. I deleted my FSUIPC config file and retested, this time with success (no problems with glideslope capture and adverse behaviour). It is puzzling why profiles not associated with the E-Jets (in my case) have caused conflict with its approach behaviour where glideslope capture is concerned.

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