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elevator trim units

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In the speech add-on I'm developing, I want to be able to indicate what the elevator trim is set to. In looking at the offsets, I can't quite figure out which offset to use, and what unit to convert the output to. If it is measured in degrees, how do I get that value? The documentation is usually really good, but this one has me stuck.



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I think it is quite simple to select which Offset to use in relation what you want to do, reading from or writing to.


FS doesn't return a conversation to degree or any other, just the min and max position as a value, see above.

The conversion you have to do yourself as it is related to the aircraft settings in the aircraft.cfg of the aircraft that is used. You will find there those lines that define the values.


. . . 
elevator_trim_effectiveness = 1.0

. . .
elevator_trim_limit     = 19.5                  //Degrees

But the .air file might have further definitions that might influence.


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Thanks Reinhard!

So if I'm understanding this, the only way for me to get a human readable value from the trim is to read the aircraft.cfg file? 

If the max trim in the aircraft.cfg file is 19.5 degrees, how to I convert the value that FSUIPC returns into a degree value?

 I really apreciate the help!



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