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Setting a null zone for FS Control

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I was hoping to get some quick assistance editing the config file of my FSUIPC.INI file. I'll get to the point quickly here 🙂

Situation: I want to assign the Steering Inc via FS Control for the FSLabs A32X. My goal is to get the Rudder and Noseweel steering seperate. I have achieved this however there is one problem I face. 

Problem: When setting my Z Axis of my joystick to the Nosewheel tiller, this works but, it is overly sensitive. What I would like to edit or set, is a range of zero, Like I can do in regular FSUIPC Controls. I want to set a range, where when I move my Joystick within that range, the nosewheel tiller won't move yet. Until I am out of that range. 

Hope I was clear enough about my issue and appreciate the help


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2 hours ago, BenAir222 said:

I need to use the Steering Inc with FS Control.

Steering "Inc"? Isn't that only Increment? Surely you mean Steering Set? Steering Inc isn't an axis, it's for button assignment along with Steering dec. Steering Set is the axis one, and that can be assigned in FSUIPC too.



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Hi, Yes I meant steering Set. However the problem is that the FSUIPC Input of steering set also controls the rudder in the FSLabs. It really is only FSLabs causing this pain. So In order to keep my rudder seperate from my tiller, they require to use the FS Control Steering Set. This steering set, from what I know, can not be calibrated like for the FSUIPC Controls. 

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Alright, I just realized the issue and for this entire time I owned FSUIPC, I had no idea, that there was a Steering Set via the FS Control.  I thought the only way to use the Steering Tiller was via the 'Axis Steering Inc Set'. I then thought about your post, looked through it again and saw 'Steering Set' as a FS Control. Crazy!. Now I can use the Steering Tiller without issue. 

Thanks for the help either way. 😉


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