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I am using Win 10 and P3D v4.5.  I want to register my FSUIPC 5 but I keep getting a rejection stating the password is no good.
From simMarket:
Today at 11:33AM 3/18/2020
Your Support Ticket was updated:
your key is valid for any 5.x version so only an input error at your end can cause the validation to fail. if you require further help please contact the vendor in his support forum.  I copy and paste after installing as administrator.  Everytime, I get the same message:  This key is not valid.  So who do I need to get in touch with to correct problem?  I copy off the sales receipt. Appreciate any help.


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I am having problem registering as well. just installed P3DV4 on the same computer, same drive where my FSXis, tried to register the FSUIPC and WS as well (I have separate key for both) with the old credentials, but won't let me register. I copied the key from my Simmarket account. those are the keys for FSUIPC4 and WS.

What should I do?

Thank you,


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19 minutes ago, sififo said:

I copied the key from my Simmarket account. those are the keys for FSUIPC4 and WS.

What should I do?

It isn't only the Key you need to copy over. Do the same for your name and email. All three parts MUST be exactly as notified for your registration! They are entwined!

99.9% of ALL these registration problems are down to folks either mistyping their names or using a different form. And it doesn't matter whether your email has changed, it is the one you registered with, the one in the Key notification, which is the one you should be using.

The Keys are automatically generated, they are not made with any human intervention, so the only problems really, and which very seldom arise, are those where the user has unsupported (non-ASCII) characters in their names (emails are okay in this respect as email servers don't like non-ASCII character in the email address either).



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