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E190/170/175 performance data for QSimPlanner


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You will need QsimPlanner (v0.4.8 as I tested) found on : https://qsimplan.wordpress.com/

This is a basic Qsimplanner v0.4.8 performance data set for Feelthere E170/E175/E190 v3 sp1
It contants:
 Data from E170/175/190 AOM vol.1
  Flaps2 and 4 take-off performance. You can get max FLEX temp based on Field and Climb limitation for given airport, weather and weight;
  Mission fuel calculation data for both LRC and M0.78 profile at optimal cruise flight level;

  Unfactored demonstrate landing distance data for E190 Flaps5 and Full;

  Unfactored OPREATIONAL landing disnance for E170/175 with autobrake BUT only for 1/8 inch standing water runway


It DOSE NOT contant:
  Vspd calculation, due to QSP limitation;
  Take-off data for wet runway and flaps1/3, due to lack of data;
  Improved climb (aka. different V2/Vs ratio) or obstacle limitation, due to both lack of data and QSP limitation;
  Mission fuel calculation for a given altitue due to QSP limitation;
  Operational landing distance for dry runway for giving autobrake, due to lack of data.
Also notice:
  As for feelthere EjetV3's E190, the fuel flow is a bit higher than realworld data as this use, If you want better match with this dataset, edit aircraft.cfg and change "fuel_flow_scalar = 1.1" into "= 1.0"

  For E170 sp1, =1.0 for LRC and =1.12 for M.78 is more accurate

For E175 sp2, I use "fuel_flow_scalar = 1.08" to get the most accurate result

  Feelthere's LRC is not accurate for 170 and 190, manually manage your speed pre AOM can give you the best tripfuel match, otherwise it's close enough though...
  TO data I input here are rounded to 100kg/100lb, so maybe it's not as accurate as AOM;
  Whiel AOM includ TO data for elevation 500/1500/2500/3500 feet, I tried some data point and found linear interpolation is good enough, so I only inputed data for 0/1000/2000/3000/4000, and let QSP do the rest;
  Optimal cruise flight level for E190/175/170 for route longer than 400nmi is almost all over FL350, if you plan to fly at around FL300, add 5% of trip fuel should do the trick;
  Due to QSP limitation OR my ignorance, I cant get both flaps or cruise profile into one aircraft profile, so there are 4 different airplane profile, E190L2 for flaps2 T/O and LRC cruise, E170M4 for flaps4 T/O and M0.78 cruise, and so on.
  I don't have time to double check all the numbers I typed in blindly, so if you find a typo or so (like 45.2 inputed as 35.2), please let me know.
  There are EJet Vspd calculator on X-plane.org and E190 Operational landing distance calculator on Appstore if you want....

 Unzip "PerformanceData" floder into C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Local\qsimplanner\0.4.8\  merge with the one already in there, it should not override any file.
 There should be 8 aircraft type as "E190L2""E190L4""E190M2""E190M4" "E170L2""E170L4""E170M2""E170M4" in QSP's list, choose one fits you.

Added 175, and I only included "E175L2" and "E175M4" as you can simply switch type in different calculation




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Be really useful for flap 1/3 if you manage to get any data???

I don't think it's possible since nowadays most data provide by manufacturer are in  their own digital format, only a few(like Flaps5 for 737 and flaps2\4 for Ejet) on paper manual as an interim backup.

I'm not familiar with Emb and my company doesn't operate one. I just happen to found some manual online...

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E175 added as I just purchased it with recent sell, same set as before edited in OP.

175 is about 100kg short on TO weight for performance at same condition compare to 170, but given longer runway, it have more MTOW. And on short range, takes a little more fuel,but on longer range, it saves fuel.

The LRC mach for E175 is dead on, unlike 170 and 190, I kind think feelther just use 175's LRC FMC for 170 as well ,not sure if it's ture on 195/190.....

Still no E195 as lack of data then

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