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  1. You can fly with LNAV only minimum with V/S or FPV
  2. I had the same problem and reported to navigraph, they told me to use their FMC manager for update, that works for me... but can't believe they didn't fix it on manualy install side for about a year...
  3. I have the realworld data table for Trim setting for 170/175and 190, but it just doesn't help for feelthere's Ejets at all. As scoob said, CG is not simulated, and also even the green band of trim on E190 is totally out.
  4. Same as I reported on SP2, when deceleration to a given speed, it'll allow speed drop like 5~10kts below the target speed My condition encountered with 175: 1.When slowing down from 270 to 250, level flight at 12000', it allows speed dropped to 242 2.When start descending from 12000' and 250 using FLCH, it allows speed dropped to 244 3. When flaps down to 5, and slowing to VAPP at 135 on 3degree GP, it allows speed dropped to 130, this one is especially dangerus. While SP1 has issue with A/T kick in too soon when in bump air, at least it works well on this part in smooth air....
  5. As long as the aircraft are powered, the ANLT would be lit up as soon as the switch is moved to OFF anyway.... I guess the best way to do is to use the realword switch that mechanically blocked out the (ON) mark when switch is pressed out....
  6. Yes, as I could read in the READ ME file for 1.1, it only asks for disable >Air and >Batteries.
  7. C2615

    SP3 take off

    I tried on 190 and it feels better than SP2, but still need quire some force on rotation when on flaps2 and UP3.0. Once lift off, it feels ok, just a little back pressure to keep on V2+10. So I might still move the main gear contact point in aircraft.cfg slightly forward. Still, the realword data shows E190's green band is on 0.5DN to 3.5UP, compare to Feelthere's 0-5UP, and for a somewhat normal CG of 25%, the range should be around 0.5DN-1.0UP, rather than the normal trim around 3.0 on FT, you really only need trim up to 3 when at high weight and CG as forward as less than 10 MAC
  8. Thanks for the update! I noticed in this version, it doesn't required to disable the default APU folder, thus bring back the very loud APU sound in cockpit, is this intentional?
  9. C2615

    Update question

    Thanks Vic, any words about A/T goes more than 5kts below selected speed when decelerate for approach in SP2? the problem was not in SP1
  10. I'm not familiar with mouse macros, but judging from FSUIPC's doc it need a 2D panel or VS at stationary? I use VC with TrackIR, so it doesn't seems working to me
  11. I use FSUIPC to send key press, as I only need it for FLCH and AT, others were done with LINDA. Still, I couldn't find anyway to blind FPA knob.
  12. C2615

    Update question

    So I guess it's yet to coming sooooooooooon then🤔
  13. C2615

    Update question

    Yeah, the trim, the too lagging A/T(instead the overreaction one in SP1) are 2 main issue I have and waited too long for a fix (Actually the Fuel Flow as well, but I just edited it.) And I've tested their fix for asymmetry wingflex, but seems they aren't on hurry to push that out also...
  14. Mine is same as OP as 4.5HF3
  15. Haven't noticed before but a quick check confirmed it's across all type on Ejets.
  16. VS can be done with both LVAR and Setup application via keyborad, however FPA was on none of them, that's quite incovnent
  17. I thinke the APU delay is due to automatic cooldown procedure, in the manual it says 2 mintes. I think the single engine opreation just doesn't in feelthere's consider...there are many mid-range add-ons that just can't climb out normally with an engine fail
  18. https://forum.inibuilds.com/files/file/249-mandarin-airlines-e190-v3-b-16828/ Something close though....
  19. I'm on ASP3D (the one for both v4 and v5) version 7638 with P3Dv4.5, the radar works reasonable on Ejets. the only problem is it won't scale above 100 range, it won't scale down to fit the ND, just stay as it's 100nm show on even 1000nm ND.
  20. C2615

    Pax cabin

    🙄 I have over 70 FPS in VC when this aircraft is not powered up, and less than 30 after BATT1&2 cames on, so I bet deleting the PAX cabin wouldn't do much on that.
  21. Good to hear, but do it contain correct CoG and Trim setting for take-off now?
  22. Using left and right click like V2 won't work You have to use mouse wheel rotation to move these knobs I guess it's the problem, but not sure.
  23. I just got the new TCA throttle, for me to "feel right" on it's range for Boeings, I think I'll need about -6~ -8 of "Slope" on the fowared Response Curve. Also, on my one, the two lever are splited by quite some degree in the middle part of range (somewhere a little above where the CL detent be), so I'll need the Sync Pos to line them up. I Lined them up with "Sync Pos" first, then I added the Slope to Throttle1, it works good, but when I tried to change slope on Throttle2, it says it's been used by SyncPos. So I tried to use "Sync Pos",After the Throttle 1 have been sloped, but it turns out to be the throttle are only "Sync" to the non- sloped position of throttle1, making it unusable... If I manually slope both throttle to -6, it's just like unsynchronized, a little splite in the middle... Anyway to get around? With Throttle 1 sloped to 6 and Throttle 2 "Synced" This is both sloped to -6 (simular if both non-sloped and non-synced), asymmetric is introduced by hardware
  24. E175 added as I just purchased it with recent sell, same set as before edited in OP. 175 is about 100kg short on TO weight for performance at same condition compare to 170, but given longer runway, it have more MTOW. And on short range, takes a little more fuel,but on longer range, it saves fuel. The LRC mach for E175 is dead on, unlike 170 and 190, I kind think feelther just use 175's LRC FMC for 170 as well ,not sure if it's ture on 195/190..... Still no E195 as lack of data then
  25. Any updates from freethere on this issue? Since it always send me 5 knts slower when set flaps for approach, it is now THE most annony issue when I fly this bird.
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