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Gear Toggle activating on its own

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*** Moved from User Contributions to main support forum ***

Hola a todos,

Tengo instalada la ultima version de FSUIPC5 en Prepar3D v4.5 con PMDG 737 NGXu y Logitech X56 Stick y Throttle. 
En uno de los botones del Throttle tengo asignado a través de FSUIPC el comando de Gear Toggle (Gear Up y Gear Down). 

El problema es que, a veces, se activa en vuelo solo y a veces no.

He probado configurar el comando en otros botones, he probado configurar el comando en un mando de Xbox One S pero me pasa lo mismo. Es como si en pleno vuelo FSUIPC se desactivara y se volviese a activar y se activaran todos los botones. 

¿A qué puede deberse este problema?

¿Cómo podría solucionarlo?

Muchas gracias!

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6 minutes ago, sarcas30 said:

What could be causing this problem?

Nothing I know of. You need to enable Button logging and Event logging (not axes) in FSUIPC's logging tab, then reproduce the problem. ZIP up the log and attach ithere. Also please do the same with your FSUIPC5.INI file.

Both files will be found in the Modules folder within your P3D4 installation.

You say

9 minutes ago, sarcas30 said:

It is as if in flight FSUIPC was deactivated and reactivated and all the buttons were activated. 

Why do you think FSUIPC "deactivating and reactivating" (whatever that means) would cause all buttons to be signalled?

If you have a USB device which keeps disconnecting and reconnecting, on its own, then FSUIPC will re-scan the devices to make sure it knows about any possible additional device which can have assignments. But this process, whilst possibly causing a slight stutter, would not generate any button or switch changes.

Let's see the log and settings.



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First, you posted in the wrong place - please post all support requests here in the main support forum. You posted in the 'User Contributions' sub-forum. I have moved your post for you. Also please always give a relevant title - 'FSUIPC Modules' doesn't reflect your problem. I have also updated this for you.

I see Pete has just replied...

Also note that there is also a recent post with a similar problem (although using a different version of FSUIPC): 


To resolve your problem, you will need to follow the same steps to determine what is causing your issue.

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Gracias por su rapida respuesta y por mover el post. Disculpas por publicar en un hilo equivocado en el foro.

Voy a habilitar el log y aportaré los archivos en cuanto vuelva a producirse el error.


Un saludo.

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