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FSUIPC lost Saitek Yoke when connecting other cards

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Hi everyone, 

I've  FSUIPC v3.999z9 registered version for fs9 for my homecockpit running on Windows 10.

When I have my Saitek yoke and CH rudder pedal connected, I can set a button to key option on my saitek yoke without problem. 

However, as soon as I connect other cards (Polulu and Pokeys running my overhaead panel), considered as virtual joystick, the saitek yoke is no longer recognized by FSUIPC and my button assignment are no more available. Yet, FS9 still recognizes the Saitek Yoke.

I tried to add the lines needed in the .ini / [JoyNames] but without success. 

I've also disabled the Auto Power from the PC to my USB devices. 

I join you the .ini when only saitek yoke and rudder are connected and the other when all devices are connected. 





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Hi Matt,

sorry, just checked you inis. They are empty apart from one assignment.

Plugging and unplugging devices can change joystick ids. To get over this problem, there is a facility called 'JoyLetters',. See the user guide.

Try the following:
   - remove your single button assignment (you can add this back later via the UI):
  - enable JoyLetters by changing the AutoAssignLetters in the [JoyNames] section to:

Then restart the sim and try assigning again.


P.S. That won't solve the missing Yoke - will need to see the files mentioned in my previous post.

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On 5/1/2020 at 7:52 PM, Matthieu said:

I join you the .ini when only saitek yoke and rudder are connected and the other when all devices are connected.

You have Registry problem, with your Virtual Joysticks usurping the Windows-assigned ID numbers.

In later developments in FSUIPC and later, this could be corrected automatically by FSUIPC changing the Registered IDs, but not in  FSUIPC3 as it was no longer maintained (nor really supported fully).

You can do the correction yourself using the JoyIDs program. Please see this thread in the FAQ subforum:



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