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FSUIPC and ProjectMagenta cutoff

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*** Moved from FAQ to main support forum ***


I use ProjectMagenta PMSystem and trying to use my throttle hardware Switch to cutoff engines. 
I wander how config using FSUIPC. 

The offset value is 561A bit 0 for cutoff1 and bit 1 for cutoff2. 

Thanks and Regards 



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Hi Cesar,

for Project Magenta, you really need to contact their support.

For setting/changing bits in a byte offset in FSUIPC, see the controls 'Offset Byte Setbits' and 'Offset Byte Togglebits'.




P.S. You posted in the FAQ sub-forum. Please post requests in the main support forum - I have moved your post this time.

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3 hours ago, cesarfsim said:

But which section of FSUIPC is possível to assign a joystick button to specific action using offsets.

Buttons & Switches tab. Where else? There is a range of offset controls listed in the drop-down assignments list in addition to the normal FS controls.



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