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P3D v4 and FSUIPC6 - Missing Offsets

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One of my LINDA users has installed FSUIPC 6.0.7 with P3Dv4.5 using the c:/users/{name}/prepar3d v4 add-ons/FSUIPC6 option. He does not have P3Dv5 installed.

LINDA reads offsets 0x3E00 to read the path to the Flt Sim and 0x3124 to read the Flt Sim version number (eg 45). On his system the former lists the add-on path to FSUIPC6 and the latter is blank. On my system running P3Dv5 the Flt Sim path and version are read correctly from the offsets. With P3Dv4.5 the results are intermittent sometimes the offsets are populated correctly and are blank at other times. 

Can you check this from your end?

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21 minutes ago, Scotfleiger said:

With P3Dv4 0x3C00 also appears to point to the current AIR FILE

0x3C00 does contain the AIR file - from the documentation:

Full pathname of the current AIR file (in UNC form when
applicable *). This is zero padded to fill the 256 bytes available.
When this changes the 16-bit counter at 32FC is incremented, so
interested programs don’t have to keep on reading the whole 256
bytes to check.

Note: If you are accessing this from a Gauge, it has been reported that it
will not contain the correct aircraft path until FSX loads the gauges
completely and begins the update sequence
UNC paths are only used if WideFS is in use

Flt sim path is in offset 0x3E00:

Path of the Flight Simulator installation, down to and including
the FS main folder and a following \ character. If the PC is on a
Network and WideFS is in use, then if possible the full UNC
(universal naming convention) path is given. Examples are:
D:\FS2000\ (non-Network)

I cannot see how offset 0x3124 can be empty - it is set directly after the P3D version is reported. Please try the following dll - this just contains an extra logging statement when offset 0x3124 is set: FSUIPC6.dll



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Hi John

Following extensive testing I have established that the contents of 0x3E00 (Flt Sim Path) and 0x3124 (Flt Sim Version) depend on when it is read. LINDA was reading these values on start up whether or not P3D was running. If read with a running P3D the values are correct.

Thank you again for your help.

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