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FSuipc and Chase Plane

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So I just bought chaseplane and I have the latest version of fsuipc5 (and P3Dv4). For some reason it does not allow me to go to an outside Chase Plane view and I cannot move my flight controls. Does anyone know the solution to this strange issue. (I also tried getting fsuipc6 as well and it still hasn't worked)

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The INI file you posted contains very little, not even many default settings. It looks like you truncated it before uploading. If you didn't something very weird is going on. Please try again.

If that really is the extent of your FSUIPC settings and you have your controls assigned in FSUIPC then it isn't surprising that they don't do anything. However, you appear to have controllers enabled in P3D, so i assume you aren't using FSUIPC.

The Log shows errors in SimConnect which certainly shouldn't occur. But more mysteriously it shows you have no controller devices connected anyway!

If the only change you've made is installing Chaseplane I would say that its installation has done something pretty bad. Try uninstalling it and installing again.

I'm not sure without checking, but possibly if there are no devices there's no JoyScan file simply because it isn't scanning.

I don't think your troubles are related to FSUIPC



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