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E175 V3 Flap Slat Sequence

Adam Ruemenapp

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The sequence for Slat Fap movement on the E175 is incorrect. The Slats should finish moving in the the 1 position, stop moving, and then the flaps move into the one position. Same thing on the retraction.

Flaps 1- Slats should move into position then flaps

Flaps 2 - only flaps move

Flaps 3 o- nly flaps move

Flaps 4/5 - Only slats Move

Flaps Full - Flaps move 


Reverse sequence happens on retraction. 

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The correct sequence is:

Flaps 1         slats 15°    flaps  5°

Flaps 2         slats 15°    flaps 10°

Flaps 3         slats 15°     flaps 20°

Flaps 4         slats 25°     flaps 20°

Flaps 5         slats 25°     flaps 20°

Flaps Full     slats 25°     flaps 35°

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Again, which location are you seeing this displayed?  Panel display? external view? Other?

Your answer is quoting the Embraer specs and not explaining where you are visually seeing a discrepancy in the feelThere models and/or panel displays.

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SLAT/FLAP SYSTEM The high lift control system consists of flaps and slats. The slat system controls eight slat surfaces on the leading edge of the wing (four per wing) and the flap system controls four double slotted flap surfaces on the trailing edge (two per wing). SLAT INBOARD SLAT OUTBOARD FLAP INBOARD FLAP OUTBOARD SLAT/FLAP PANEL LOCATION Surface position commands are given to the Slat/Flap-ACE (SF-ACE) via a Slat/Flap control lever installed on the center pedestal in the cockpit. Each SF-ACE is a dual channel unit, with one channel for flap control and one channel for slat control. There are seven slat/flap control lever positions. Slat and flap motion is sequenced such that slats extend first and flap retracts first when the motion command requires both surfaces to move. The system uses electrical power to move the surfaces.




http://www.aviationlearning.net/files/EMB 190 REFRESHER.pdf


Page 38

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16 minutes ago, Adam Ruemenapp said:

The SLAT FLAP indicator on the display shows concurrent movement. It should be slat movement then flap movement. Slats should be set to 15 degrees prior to any flap movement. On the retraction the flaps should move and finish moving before slat movement.   

That would need the entire control and movement of the flaps and slats to be built in code.


Currently, the flaps and slats are controlled by the default [Flaps] section of the FDE. With that, flaps and slats cannot be moved seperately unless you assign them consecutive movements: for example, you would be able to have the slats extend followed by the flaps but it would have to be two seperate selections of flap in the sim. With the correct selection (i.e. one selection of 'Flap Down'), they will always move together. Limitation of the sim, unfortunately.

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