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How would this rig perform on Tower3d pro?


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You meet the recommended system requirements. In theory, there is nothing to prevent Tower!3D Pro from running on your system, although you will probably have to play around with the graphics settings. How good the performance will be, I can't say due to the lack of comparable hardware on my side, and whether Tower!3D Pro will be worthwhile for your or any other system, fortunately I don't have to say, it's up to you to decide. 😉

I hope there will be someone else with similar hardware who can give you a more detailed insight.

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Worthwhile depends on the experience you want out of the game and your way of playing.  The CPU should be fine though a bit on the leaner side.  The GPU is what will hold you back more than anything.  The game itself is fine but some airports lack quality optimizations so if you play a busy period your FPS will likely slide show depending on the airport and traffic levels.  Now dropping the graphics to the floor may help but that card is more designed to display an image vs handle games. 

Low quality on a not so busy period it will probably be manageable. 

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With Steam there would be the possibility of a "test", more or less, at least a test-like purchase.
If the performance is poor, a refund can be requested with Steam. To do so, the game must have been purchased directly from Steam, the request must be made within 2 weeks and the total playtime (displayed in the Steam client) must be less than 2 hours. (So don't linger much in menus.)
The system requirements are described very vaguely. In this case, as far as I can judge, the recommended requirements are met. So there's nothing to prevent a refund in case of bad performance (or if the game does not meet the expectations).


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