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  1. Depending on how you wrote it you can use the application to search for missing plane types, terminal assignments, or other error's (Excel as an example). Then with the output log it can speed it up a bit.
  2. I usually reinstall game and everything each update, but unless it contains updates for the other airports or your schedule is for the new one the old folders should not be touched if I recall. Could be wrong though.
  3. Happy to help, thank you for a fun and easy to use tool! Will be doing LAX for next weeks test. (Did MCO for this week unrelated to this tool).
  4. Thank you for the update and be safe!
  5. Looks good, displayed the .33b when loading this time as well. Good work!
  6. And if for some reason the link's don't work you can email them at cservice@bmtmicro.com providing your invoice numbers and they can send new links. Though I only had to do that twice, since then (about a year ago) my links have remained functional.
  7. Could also be because I'm still running Windows 7 lol. But I can always clear the cache. We'll see next time you update I'll refresh first before trying to reuse the older page. That may have also had something to do with it.
  8. Maybe make a toggle to switch between randomized or more "realistic" airlines. While not as clean having a drop down for the airport may be easier than the slider once more airports are in / added to the game :o
  9. Took 3 or 4 refreshes but it finally grabbed the 29 version. Not sure why it wouldn't clear out of cache. All good now though. Original post: I didn't post the sad face, but I want to for PHL: "2 errors have occurredGeneric error occurrence, airport not yet added" 😞
  10. I definitely had more Cape Air than AAL. The bulk of all flights were Cape Air. There were some empty slots around the airport so I think it freaked out with the total selected handles. I'll PM you the files here in a few minutes. Either way it was fun :)
  11. Gave it a run through with 80 regular flights and 11 GA. Was good fun. I saw your post above related to the ordering of data in the schedule file which is fine. I wouldn't mind seeing each handle on its own line just to make reading through it a little easier. I felt like I got too many Cape Air flights, you'll see in Saturday's vid but that was most of all my arrivals against GA. Seemed slow for that many planes in the schedule but it did say it may not work right in your warning and it was correct :) Good stuff!
  12. Are you editing the correct schedule file for the airport you are attempting to control within the game directory?
  13. Well I put this together prior to the airport releasing but upon testing none of my GA was working 😞 Tinkered with a few things and finally figured it out when one finally departed and I saw that the aprons were all full. So each hour breakdown period has a GA file for it which helps keep things working. Though if you run into any issues please let me know! Always loved DFW as a busy airport with a unique design allowing for some good fun. The observation deck also is great for plane spotting. I have a detailed PDF file from doing that when I had free time and lived a few minutes north of the airport... and a scanner. May be somewhat outdated but it is a nice expanded file for arrival / departure routes. Video play through for the 7am hour here Download the file here Enjoy & have a happy new year!
  14. Its so hit or miss with them. I played around a bit with it and never got it consistently. One moment Leee AT works, next moment it wants liaaat and so on lol.
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