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  1. There are a few issues at the airport, not sure if we'll see a patch for it or not as overall it works better than some others. 1: What type of plane are you sending to those entrances? Any more to the message or just "Negative"? 2: What command are you using for this? I have done this but after clearing the plane to land use "Take Next available exit on left / right". When I try to specify a taxiway I run into intermittent problems as the assigned exit isn't known yet so if its too close they may not slow down in time. 3: Have not modified my game files to allow push back / taxi in one command. 4: All landing planes will pull off and stop, if you have the plane highlighted you will see the path it takes on the taxiway switch from the arrival to the ground taxi. Once that switches it should continue along. I know at ALT on the southern runway there is a glitch that the plane will pull off, switch to ground and pull forward a bit more and then stop again. Have not run into this myself at DFW yet. I have not specified an exit at L3 but I believe some planes have left there on their own. Curious to try it out again. 5: I believe this is a limitation due to the runway count and the way it lists. 6: This is a code issue and submitted as a request for the next version. You can give them an additional command to hold short of a runway they will not cross and they will continue to move across provided you give the command prior to arriving at the stopping point.
  2. As was said unfortunately you cannot do the speed up commands or slow down. And as was said you can do some vectoring. I do one of two things depending on the airport. If the small plane is close I'll let it come in and take the faster plane and manually control it back to the start of the line and sneak it in before the edge of the map in case a new plane arrives. This way I avoid most separation errors but get it in line. If it is a busy airport I'll try to have it head out of the line like a go around and have it contact departure to be re queued. Lastly, depending on the airport I'll use a smaller less used runway to handle overflow for those smaller planes so I can manually shunt a few out of the stack since I have so many limitations on what I can do with them.
  3. Quite good looking compared to 3D, should make transition periods quite fun even with the bright sun blinding an area of your view.
  4. Got a schedule for CYVR ready to play. Looking forward to it :)
  5. What kind of crash? Error messages? Hard locked or a BSOD? Stuck loading? Any mods or DLC?
  6. I had read "addon Non" as not having fixed it, all good.
  7. Do you get an error? Some of the older links stopped working after 4 months requiring you to request an updated URL. That can be done through by emailing cservice@bmtmicro.com explaining that you need a new download link. Once you provide proof of purchase (invoice #) they will process and email you a new URL. New download URLs don't seem to expire, at least my recent ones have not.
  8. Did you have the correct RC for the airport in question? And did you install it to the default location or specific to your instillation directory if you did not install it to the default location?
  9. I like all of the options as they cater to different game play styles. I think Option 1 is best for the realism folks, 3 for some history and flights people are not used to and 2 just for fun to change it up.
  10. Totally, just the way it read the first pass may not have been as clear for others reading and thinking of buying. Stop yelling /cry :p
  11. I thought the base game received 3 service packs, I know I never downloaded any of them from FeelThere, just let Steam do it for me. The main benefit of Steam and buying DLC there is that you don't have to do anything but tell it to download the game and it will auto pull your DLC and install everything. Makes it less time consuming to then install the Mods such as RT and RC. If we think about it like that which is what they are it makes more sense to apply third party mods externally to the game. I can understand with fee's and such why the mods are not available through steam but designing the game to better integrate with digital distribution platforms will make life easier for everyone including the dev's and mod creators. Especially if we get the tools to work on things ourselves being able to add creations to the Steam workshop paid or free will be very helpful.
  12. Worthwhile depends on the experience you want out of the game and your way of playing. The CPU should be fine though a bit on the leaner side. The GPU is what will hold you back more than anything. The game itself is fine but some airports lack quality optimizations so if you play a busy period your FPS will likely slide show depending on the airport and traffic levels. Now dropping the graphics to the floor may help but that card is more designed to display an image vs handle games. Low quality on a not so busy period it will probably be manageable.
  13. Looking forward to playing this. Sounds like 8am is the fun hour :o Thanks!
  14. Did one of your planes have clearance to do something that may not have been cancelled? Two active planes on the runway is an alert but sitting there and waiting isn't. Even if at the airport you have them stacked way closer than they would be in the real world.
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