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  1. Ripskin

    EDDM Update

    Service Pack typically
  2. Ripskin

    Custom Schedule Tutorial???

    Google Sheets is their online clone which is free. Formula's can be different though. As far as converting I just groom the cells into what I need and copy paste into a blank text file.
  3. Ripskin

    Custom Schedule Tutorial???

    I use excel and some basic trimming and lookup formulas for mine. Several sheets to copy from one to the next in case there is a mistake I can go back to the source and correct it forward. Not perfect but overall its not too difficult.
  4. There is also: Callsign, take next available exit on the (left / right). Can help if they are down and you forgot. I either catch it early or am looking elsewhere and forget about it but it can help.
  5. Do you have any custom add on's installed such as real color or traffic or an airport that may not have installed to the correct folder? When you reinstalled were all data and folders purged including the ones windows typically leaves behind? Though the crash seems random can you find any pattern to it such as heavy traffic in the airport, only one airport, multiple commands going on or the camera panning around quickly? Weather settings I assume you have the game quality and settings maxed out but are you in full screen, windowed, tried all options, lowered the resolution etc? Cooling issues... Any performance or crash issues in other games? If you load the menu and leave it idle does it crash or remain stable?
  6. Ripskin

    Big News!!! CYVR - Vancouver for Tower3D/Pro is OUT!

    Well, there you go. Used to running the bat to enable the front end debugging one and thought it was the only one.
  7. Ripskin

    Big News!!! CYVR - Vancouver for Tower3D/Pro is OUT!

    Got a chance to play again tonight and rushed in before enabling logging so apologies on that front 😞 Overall this one was much better and a lot of fun but still had a few glitches: Here I cleared the first plane to line up and wait. The other plane was back on alpha and I had only given them their continue taxi command to leave the apron. They proceeded to drive onto the runway and park in the waiting plane. This is just another plane doing the push back tango: output_log.txt
  8. Ripskin

    Big News!!! CYVR - Vancouver for Tower3D/Pro is OUT!

    This one was spinning for about 4 minutes. Oddly it called in 1 minute after pushing. I changed the destination runway but it should have begun to roll. I ignored it expecting it to roll out and wait to cross 08R. I checked in a few minutes later to see it spinning in circles trying to find the taxiway. Eventually though it found its way out and began taxiing and completed successfully.
  9. Ripskin

    Big News!!! CYVR - Vancouver for Tower3D/Pro is OUT!

    I don't think I have the logs from that session but I recorded the entire play through, it is scheduled to post tomorrow as a play through on Battlehawk77's schedule. Here are some screen grabs from that: I cleared a plane to take off on 08L but it decided to turn around and drive into the plane that was waiting behind it Here a plane (PCO551) has been trying to back up onto JC for a push back to 08L but was spinning in circles for a little while before finally getting out. Unfortunately that plane once backed out acted like it could not find the link from push back to taxiway and refused to move. Here another plane has the same issue once pushed back, no issues with the push...Once pushed and I issued a taxi path it lost the link and wouldn't go anywhere. I hit the upload limit so I'll add one more I recall the timing for in a subsequent post.
  10. Ripskin

    CYVR - Problems with Real Color for CYVR

    Before you updated and installed things did you first uninstall RT and any other RC instances you have installed? I've gotten away with not uninstalling everything each time but I have found removing the game and reinstalling that then updating RT and installing any RC packs I have to work almost every time. May not be an issue if you just updated but I had some odd happenings the time I did not remove / reinstall.
  11. Had fun playing a busy period on Thursday for my first taste of CYVR. Good fun and a good schedule, thank you!
  12. Ripskin

    Big News!!! CYVR - Vancouver for Tower3D/Pro is OUT!

    Good fun airport! Hope some fixes come soon though. Had a lot of planes spinning in circles during push back and after they received taxi clearance for departure before connecting to the runway and moving out. Had other planes that pushed onto taxiway J had some glitches where they would push straight back and lock there facing the apron and got stuck there unable to taxi like they were not connected to it.
  13. Ripskin

    Is it possible

    Best you can do is pause the round and resume it later on but you have to leave it running in order to do so.
  14. Ripskin

    Expected level of traffic at KPHL with default install

    If you're brand new it can seem a little hectic. But its not too bad. Do it a few times and things will be smoother. Also you don't have to get fancy with lengthy commands and adjustments for routing etc. Start simple and grow from there :) Also if you watch any of my vids you see I am far from great at this lol. TIST is fun because of one runway making things difficult but I love a well laid out airport with tons of traffic. I believe I have played both of the TIST schedules but cant recall the other one, Hexzed's I played a few times recently and it was good fun!
  15. Ripskin

    Expected level of traffic at KPHL with default install

    Depends on the airport but the default game never really pushed things too far. You can look at the schedules in the airports directory and see how many come each hour. If you want it to get more challenging the real traffic mod and custom schedules here on the forums really change things up. Real color is optional if you want the planes to look proper vs plane white. But most airports will share the big / common airlines in the same country so you can get away with one or two real colors and some white planes elsewhere.

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