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  1. Well I put this together prior to the airport releasing but upon testing none of my GA was working 😞 Tinkered with a few things and finally figured it out when one finally departed and I saw that the aprons were all full. So each hour breakdown period has a GA file for it which helps keep things working. Though if you run into any issues please let me know! Always loved DFW as a busy airport with a unique design allowing for some good fun. The observation deck also is great for plane spotting. I have a detailed PDF file from doing that when I had free time and lived a few minutes north of the airport... and a scanner. May be somewhat outdated but it is a nice expanded file for arrival / departure routes. Video play through for the 7am hour here Download the file here Enjoy & have a happy new year!
  2. Its so hit or miss with them. I played around a bit with it and never got it consistently. One moment Leee AT works, next moment it wants liaaat and so on lol.
  3. I played once or twice with the fictional airlines but it was not very fun just because it nerfed the realism aspect. Now I do not buy RC for every airport. Just the few I really like in an area or for a new region. Once in that area I tend to skip buying others and let what I have fill in the majority of blanks.
  4. Think I'm hitting the same issue in my schedule testing and a few of Battlehawks. But been too busy to dig into it yet so that may help me fix mine :)
  5. I would like to see some more realistic flexibility in the way the planes switch roles. IE: Getting dinged for a plane still transitioning from landing to parking but is 100% clear of the runway allowing another to take off. Once wheel's are down some logic to either roll off and take the predefined or cleared route otherwise pull of and park. May help with high speed exits and other stuff if the plan can utilize speed ranges or something.
  6. I use the Sennheiser GSP 500 headset.
  7. Ripskin


    Looking forward to it but hope its done well like MCO and OMDB and am willing to wait longer for quality.
  8. What browser are you using? When you go to the link it should load into the ZIP file displaying the folders and files within it. Then from the top right there is a download option where you can select direct download and it should download the zip file itself that you can unpack. You can download each file and folder individually just time consuming.
  9. Was there an issue in downloading it from Dropbox or getting it unpacked or did you download the files individually?
  10. I was actually working on this one before OMDB came out but that one being new and a lot of fun took priority :) However ATL is one of my favorite airports for the shear insanity of it as a solo player so I wanted to make a schedule and here it is! I have merged a few periods together to try and keep enough traffic on the ground so planes will taxi to various terminals instead of all lining up at once spot however with the number of arrivals I also wanted to leave enough open. Tinkered with a few setups and may merge a few more periods but overall this works well and is quite fun! Video of the 11am hour here Download Here Feedback always welcome!
  11. As long as the airlines that will show up are listed it should not cause a problem from what I've done with mine in working on some schedules. Though overall I prefer to keep all the airliners in there in case something shows up out of the norm or what have you to make it faster to make a schedule.
  12. I wouldn't mind not having to segment hours of the day out in the schedule in order to have room for arrivals to show up.
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