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  1. Ripskin


    Looking forward to it but hope its done well like MCO and OMDB and am willing to wait longer for quality.
  2. What browser are you using? When you go to the link it should load into the ZIP file displaying the folders and files within it. Then from the top right there is a download option where you can select direct download and it should download the zip file itself that you can unpack. You can download each file and folder individually just time consuming.
  3. Was there an issue in downloading it from Dropbox or getting it unpacked or did you download the files individually?
  4. I was actually working on this one before OMDB came out but that one being new and a lot of fun took priority :) However ATL is one of my favorite airports for the shear insanity of it as a solo player so I wanted to make a schedule and here it is! I have merged a few periods together to try and keep enough traffic on the ground so planes will taxi to various terminals instead of all lining up at once spot however with the number of arrivals I also wanted to leave enough open. Tinkered with a few setups and may merge a few more periods but overall this works well and is quite fun! Video of the 11am hour here Download Here Feedback always welcome!
  5. As long as the airlines that will show up are listed it should not cause a problem from what I've done with mine in working on some schedules. Though overall I prefer to keep all the airliners in there in case something shows up out of the norm or what have you to make it faster to make a schedule.
  6. I wouldn't mind not having to segment hours of the day out in the schedule in order to have room for arrivals to show up.
  7. Looking forward to DFW
  8. I would like some variety to the play. This may be asking for a mix up of some ATC / Tower play but to a degree if the level of depth you want to play is a toggle or a selectable option it opens up a lot of fun IMO. I would like planes to arrive on "realistic" way points based on the selected runways and source airport location. This way when we have planes in the air we actually have some "controlling". Now we could either have to control them down as we sort of do now or we could let the game do it transferring them to us once on approach. However they would be on our scope and we would have to be mindful of them. Same with departures. We have a way point to get them to. Depending on operations we manage them to a certain altitude / way point direction then hand them off. They would remain on our scope as an obsticale until clear. I've always wanted a bit more control of the flights in approach and departure. Such as setting altitude / speed so a fast jet coming in can slow down further giving a bit more time for a smaller plane to land and clear. We can reduce to a few options or ask that they fly minimums etc... I also would like some pre flight setup. Going back to old Rainbow 6 style games: In pre match we could set up way points and routes for our team to follow. Instead of the wild west of random pathing I would like to set up my taxiway's. Click a terminal and set exit points on a runway for it or disable a runway altogether to simulate a closure. I also wouldn't mind some variable weather to deal with that has an actual impact. May be asking for too much on the level of impact but if we massive cell comes through we should have to divert or put planes in holding patterns which would require real holding patters and altitude adjustments. I think that would really open up the variety.
  9. I put a video up for uninstalling / reinstalling after a request, for the schedule portion you can start here and see the copy over. Probably could make a better one but it works :o In the drop box file I believe you at the top right have the download option or have to go into the . . . contextual menu and download the whole file vs the individual txt files. As you have it already though :)
  10. Awesome and thank you! Replaced the original and uploaded again with credit to you. Had been making some tweaks to the terminal file from playing and seeing where planes were showing up. Had not paid enough attention to H though the ground ops site I was using mentions its for heads of state. We may not be able to stop it. Depends on how the aprons were put together into the terminals assigned in the txt file. If that Apron is part of a terminal we use for air traffic it may be stuck there unless they fix it in a service pack. I have not played it "properly" yet. Ran tests of the busy periods and having some fun opening it all up but this is what I used for part of the setup and a few videos queued up for normal operations. https://xg.ivao.aero/atc/local-procedures/local-procedures-uae/omdb-ground-ops/ The Saturday I pulled data for may not have been as busy as other days. If I do another I'll do a Monday or Friday and see what we get.
  11. +1 for That statement on Flightaware. I copy paste the date in to my excel sheet and let the formulas start grooming the information while I go search for oddities and things to correct. I looked at some other sources but for Flightaware the data is right there with little effort. Copy paste values and off to the races.
  12. Corrected that flight, a second one I found for BA and updated the download file. Thank you!
  13. I was hoping the data would help more for the flights but a lot of the destination fields were blank. If I have time this week end I'll see if I can dig anything else up to help. That looks pretty close to the updated map battlehawk posted with much better labels for several areas now completed vs the outdated one I started with.
  14. For Aerologic I made a typo on the formula for that line and it pulled the wrong type, meant the F series. I know Wiki is not the best but thats were I got it from: As for Saudia... I don't know why I put a 767 in there for the 32N lol. Swapped out for a 321 as crbascott suggested. Good catches!
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