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  1. Ripskin


    Fun airport and looks good. Hard to get the multi character and 10+ labeled taxiways to respond but should not break the ability to play. Definitely needs a custom schedule. Finishing up another one I was working on and may start one for here. Only oddity I had which may be normal but bugs me (hah) is that arrivals on 12R stay on ADIRS until practically touching down before moving to DBRITE. They look like a departure at that point on the maps vs seeing it coming in from farther out. Not sure if its based on the altitude as they are higher up over the early portions of the airport. Anywho a cool airport and looks good.
  2. Ripskin

    Why the White Models Instead of Defaults?

    15 to 25% white is about what I see without owning RC for PHL. I agree and would like to see the color however when I really looked at how I play I'm focused on the two maps of ground / air traffic and the slips more than anything else so I figured I'll live with it lol. I've thought about going in and tweaking things but I would rather put that bit of spare time towards schedule creation or just play and hope that the next version of the game does things better as it sounds like the plan is when they get there... :)
  3. Ripskin

    CYVR - Custom Schedule

    I finished this schedule a few months back and forgot to post it outside of YouTube after running into some of the bugs with the airport... I put my schedule together from data for March 2nd 2019. I also did something a little different with mine. I did not discard any seaplane or helicopter traffic. I just converted them over to light aircraft that were available to keep overall handles up and create more slow traffic to hinder smooth operations. While it is nothing too crazy it does keep things interesting with a number of slower airplanes to deal with coming into the airport alongside faster jets and can give an excuse to use the cross runway depending on the challenge you want. I played through a number of periods with videos linked below: Video for 6am Video for 9am Video for 7pm Let me know if you have any issues and I will try to troubleshoot, happy handling :) Download Here
  4. Ripskin

    Why the White Models Instead of Defaults?

    How many planes are white if you purchased real color for PHL? I did not buy it for PHL but my purchases for other airports filter 60 to 70% into PHL for real liveries. Curious if there is an install issue or something making so many of yours white if you bought RC for the specific airport.
  5. Ripskin


    Correct, take your purchase info and reach out to BMT Micro and they'll send you new download links if you have no archive of your install files.
  6. Ripskin

    EDDM SP1

    I personally have not just yet. Wanted to see if others had some issues and then reinstall things to ensure I did not make a mistake on my part with installing something or removing RC then adding the updated RC for some reason broke it. I saved my output log this time and will try to run a few more tests on my end as soon as time permits and if it continues send the details over.
  7. Ripskin

    EDDM SP1

    Got around to playing the update tonight. Still had a number of issues though to be fair I had no issues getting planes to push where as before they would get stuck. Tugs were angling planes immediately after starting their push and driving them into the neighboring apron before going out to the taxiway. In one of these it got stuck as the plane in that neighboring apron requested to push so I had to delete one of them. This caused a bit of a stack up on the taxiway waiting for a few planes to finish their dances so I could move traffic along. Had an issue with the 26R exit to taxiway A9 I think it was, a plane did not pull off far enough and got clipped. While I know the high speed exit portion of them wont work the stopping point should at least be well clear of the runway. A few planes pulling in to park would do a 360 then turn into the gate and park. I had one other issue I have not had at this airport where I cleared a plane for takeoff and quickly had another plane line up behind him. The plane going to take off sat there for a good while and the other plan just drove into the one waiting for take off. Have not see that happen for a long time. My play style was rough trying to keep up with traffic from Jason118's new schedule but I've played this way many times previously here and not had the issues listed above. Appreciate the update and work that goes into them but not sure this one is all good. When I rotate around again I'll reinstall the game and RT / RC again. I just did it with the recent updates so this is a fresh install. Only difference was from this thread I updated RC, so I uninstalled RC to put the new version on so not 100% fresh on that front.
  8. Well. File opens at the bottom and displays the null reference for that plane and in skimming I overlook that completely lol.
  9. Had a few minutes so I reinstalled the game with the RT and all RC stuff today. Put in the schedule period for 10am and so forth, launched but 10am hung at 63% again. Attached the logs. Seeing the dropped planes from terminal assignments, as well as a number "Custom plane found" messages. Not sure if the custom planes are killing it but I believe those are throughout the entire schedule range not just this morning period. Did not see anything standing out in a short review, will see about digging further into it later on. output_log.txt
  10. Not sure if it was my being lazy and not installing the updated RT release but I had issues getting the 10am period to load, stalled out. Only took a quick look through the log which I did not save with limited time to play but it looked like some missing terminal assignments. Not sure if that would break the entire thing though. Played 2pm which worked fine so I dunno. Will update RT and see then save out the log file if it happens again.
  11. Ripskin

    Custom Schedule Tutorial???

    Google Sheets is their online clone which is free. Formula's can be different though. As far as converting I just groom the cells into what I need and copy paste into a blank text file.
  12. Ripskin

    Custom Schedule Tutorial???

    I use excel and some basic trimming and lookup formulas for mine. Several sheets to copy from one to the next in case there is a mistake I can go back to the source and correct it forward. Not perfect but overall its not too difficult.
  13. There is also: Callsign, take next available exit on the (left / right). Can help if they are down and you forgot. I either catch it early or am looking elsewhere and forget about it but it can help.
  14. Do you have any custom add on's installed such as real color or traffic or an airport that may not have installed to the correct folder? When you reinstalled were all data and folders purged including the ones windows typically leaves behind? Though the crash seems random can you find any pattern to it such as heavy traffic in the airport, only one airport, multiple commands going on or the camera panning around quickly? Weather settings I assume you have the game quality and settings maxed out but are you in full screen, windowed, tried all options, lowered the resolution etc? Cooling issues... Any performance or crash issues in other games? If you load the menu and leave it idle does it crash or remain stable?
  15. Ripskin

    Big News!!! CYVR - Vancouver for Tower3D/Pro is OUT!

    Well, there you go. Used to running the bat to enable the front end debugging one and thought it was the only one.

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