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  1. Ripskin

    Throw us a bone Vic...

    I've held out on any new airport purchases until more info is finite on it.
  2. Ripskin

    KMCO - Real World Schedules & Scenario Fun

    Not at all, forgot that in the main post.
  3. Ripskin

    Tower3DPro Correct Multiplayer Firewall Port

    VPN will encrypt the traffic from your PC to the destination, your ISP can see the traffic but unless they have the encryption key they don't know what you are doing as its encrypted out of your PC before hitting their network. Depending on the VPN they wont even know where it is going as the packet has to be unlocked at the VPN host and then forwarded to its destination. Very handy for "being" somewhere else in the world to watch content that is free for someone in that country, download games from different server options (Steam location restrictions), keep what you do private and away from anyone snooping. If you do heavy banking or financial work and you don't want anyone eye balling it or something it can be handy. Some country's block access to various sites or applications so VPN'ing into another country opens up those applications or ports. Some of it can be for the tin foil association but it has it's purposes. I can either remote into my home PC and be on my network if my PC is on, or I can VPN into my NAS / Server and "be" on my network from the device by having my NAS / Server be a vpn host and other than some latency it is as though I am sitting at home on my network. Outside of the obvious acquisition of data through questionable legality it has a lot of purposes for people in various situations and needs.
  4. I created 2 full day's schedules from different days for a change in dynamic at the airport and used them to create some extra options for some fun. Real Traffic is required but Real Color is your discretion. I have links to videos of each schedule to save space vs large embeds. Disclaimer: I was taking notes for fixes and ensuring the schedules were working so while I'm not great at the game this is lower than my usual "standard" of play quality. :) Likewise a few fixes were made after the video's. 12/31/2018 I figured with it being New Years Eve a number of people would be heading home and this turned out to be true with quite a busy period of early morning departures. Sadly not a lot of GA on the holiday Video showing an hour of play from this schedule. Download here 2/2/2019 A typical Saturday with busy in / out traffic. Reasonable number of GA flights. Video showing an hour of play from this schedule. Download here For both schedules I've done a fair amount of testing and believe I have fixed all of the schedule conflicts and issues if any are found just send me a message and I'll fix them. I have not looked at fixing the white planes at this time. Extras: I have felt that KMCO can handle more traffic than it currently see's and decided it would be fun to play that. So I took both of my two schedules and merged them together for a... Double traffic schedule: I did go through and advance by one flight number duplicate planes following the same routes etc similar to the original schedules that had a few departures and arrivals back at the airport. This also means more periods of the day are active to keep things rolling instead of a slow late evening. Video showing an hour of play from this schedule. Download here Scenario Play: For the first few here I wanted to focus in on some things I have done privately and as most people have experienced while flying which add some fun as written into the schedule with some basic guidelines for play. As such I have created two scenario's for weather related fun: Scenario 7am through 8am: Video Showing this scenario Bad weather has been in the area around MCO, at 7am a storm starts to move in. In an attempt to get in / out before the weather arrives a number of planes will seek departure and arrival prior to the airspace closing. At about 7:10 the airspace will close, departures remain active until about 7:12am. Planes en-route will be held in a pattern by ATC and not released into MCO control until the weather clears. Departures are able to push roll to staging but are not allowed to depart and must wait in staging areas. There is a route open out of the area but MCO must share it with all airports. If any plane is released into MCO airspace the tower can then depart a plane as it is MCO's turn. The weather pushes out of the area and the airport is free to resume normal operations at 7:30am. ATC will pull planes out of their patterns and queue them for arrival. Scenario 8pm through 9pm: Video Showing this scenario Weather is still in the area around MCO this evening however the impact is primarily with other airports. A number of airplanes must divert to MCO due to weather at their destinations. This will create a small spike of planes routed in and then later in the evening a spike of departures as they all head out to their intended destinations. Download the scenarios here Configure the airport how you see fit but mix it up and replay seeing what works best but most of all enjoy. The morning period is going to be the more hectic and demanding as it is peak departure time for the schedules and you will have to stack up the planes in an area attempting to allow flowing traffic without blocking major paths. Typically planes must still have a route to return to the gate if needed so keep that in mind. The second period is still active for that time of night but the activity comes and goes specific to the added traffic which was only a few planes. I adjusted these planes in the schedule to set destinations in the reasonable area to divert to MCO though I did not adjust their source. I also adjusted their flight number advancing it by one to avoid duplicate issues but you can identify each as they arrive and then depart within the regular schedule for the evening. The goal I set was to have as much of the schedule COMPLETED as possible by the end of the hour as a gauge of performance. I have more scenario ideas for the next airport I will be making schedules for which hopefully will not take too long. If you run into any bugs or problems please let me know and I will go correct them. The schedules were made in Excel so for the most part fixes are fairly easy to process. I hope that you enjoy and happy controlling!
  5. Ripskin


    Lol wow, you have a bit of work to recover that.
  6. Awesome, can't wait to play them!
  7. Ripskin

    Custom Schedule Problems

    First one caused me a headache in the last two I made. Still trying to fix a few of those but I'm sure I missed some lol. Have not had the second one yet but sounds annoying.
  8. Ripskin

    Custom Schedule Problems

    Make sure your flights are in the right time format, game gets wonky with that. I had one or two flights that missed my formatting in excel recently. Just redid the formula on the entire line and fixed it quick but took a minute to figure out lol. The airlines and terminal mapping file also has to be in the right format for planes to be registered and pull.
  9. Ripskin

    Dubai Airport ATC

  10. Ripskin

    Plane not holding short, crash...

    I've seen a few issues similar to that, but mine were because of another type of command superseded the hold short or I gave a few too many commands too quickly and the game even thought it acknowledged them did not actually follow them. Closest I have had to this was giving a plane a hold short of a runway not in their path so they will continue across another runway then they sometimes ignore my hold short command. For some Taxiway issues I had one at KMCO on E or F I think that crosses over to the GA area where when I tell the plane to take the taxiway to apron they just cruise across the runway most of the time not stopping at all without a continue command from me. Doesn't always happen though.
  11. Ripskin

    ATL Guidelines for taxiway ops

    ATL is my favorite to play, spent a few months playing nothing but that a made a few videos as I tinkered with abnormal layouts for fun and then normal ones learning the limitations of the game and traffic there. Was good fun, still my fav airport lol.
  12. Ripskin

    Schedule creators

    I've only messed around with some focused things for some videos but I started in excel. Order each column mirroring the data in the standard text file and fill it out. I prefer excel to sorting and organizing things as well as being able to add notes and things. Then export it to a CSV file and convert CSV to TXT and check for issues with spacing and comma's. My last one was somewhat screwed up due to a few flights not registering properly (E70 I think it was) and the spacing between a few was wrong so I had to go through and manually correct that. May look for a formula to add a space and comma but honestly doing it in each cell as you fill it out should help keep things clean and spaced properly so the game reads the info properly. My test stuff worked well so now I'll be building some scenario play from scratch using excel and that method above. Those who have made full schedules can probably voice better solutions or methods.
  13. Ripskin

    Tower3D- KMEM, KSFO, KPHX, or KLAS?

    DFW Is great, provided you are staying on one terminal lol. Though the trams have improved over the years as far as functionality and accessibility. Still not the best way to lay that out. ATL is not too bad.
  14. Ripskin

    New Airports For Tower 3D Pro

    Some nice ones in the list. For more US ones I still vote for KDFW, KDEN and KORD.
  15. Should be fun, cant wait to try it out. Thanks!

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