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deinstall FSUIPC

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3 minutes ago, MACHAVIA said:

I am P3DV4.5 INC HOTFIX 3 can you please advise deinstallation proceedure I cannot find the user guide etc I am Win 10 64 bit

The version of P3D isn't relevant. You just want to stop FSUIPC running for some reason? But what version of FSUIPC do you have? FSUIPC5 or FSUIPC6?

For FSUIPC5 every file concerning it, is in your P3D Modules folder. the User Guide will be there in the FSUIPC documents folder.

For FSUIPC6 you can uninstall via the normal Windows Programs & Features or App settings uninstall method, in Windows Settings. The FSUIPC6 user guide is in your Documents folder, in the folder called "FSUIPC6".

Can you say why you want to uninstall it?



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Yes, Well I can try each time I open P3DV4.5 I get a message saying 2 versions running go to Task Manager and end task however I cannot see any FSUIPC5 file /folder in the process list (Version I have I think.......)

I went to the Modules folder there are only 3 folders or files not sure which in that folder, no user guide is there, I have never used FSUIPC or set it up I am afraid it's to complicated for my ability therefor no point in taking up the disk space is my rationing.

The stuff in Module Folder  are FSUIPC5.DLL \ FSUIPC5.ini\ FSUIPC.log


Charlie McEwan


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For FSUIPC5, you can just delete (or rename) the FSUIPC5.DLL file, which will prevent it from being loaded.

With that, P3D will try to start FSUIPC but won't as it can't find the dll. This is not an issue. However, if you want to remove it completely (or just stop the 2nd version from running), then check your DLL.XML file from your <user>\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 folder. If you have 2 copies running, there are probably 2 entries in that file. You can delete one to prevent your message (if you still want to use FSUIPC), or both entries if not needed.

You can also completely remove your Modules folder if you want to get rid of it completely.


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