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Yoke stuck to left position

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Hi Pete and John,

I have a very strange behaviour of my Saitek yoke.

System Info: WIN7, Saitek Yoke with Quadrant, FSX, FSUIPC 4, runs without problems since 3 years.

The problem started when the yoke was suddenly fully on the left side during flight after disabling the autopilot. Moving to the right side started in the middle (zero) position and goes properly to the right side. But moving to the left jumps from zero to -16384. This happens to all aircrafts.

The Windows Game Controller APP shows values of the Yoke, which were completly ok.

I totally deinstalled FSX, changed my Saitek USB to another plug, deactivated FSUIPC.  NOTHING changed, the failure (now with the FSX controls) was still there.

Do you have an idea, even FSUIPC is not responsible??


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Could you please activate logging for axes events, produce a short-ish (as short as possible!) log file showing your issue,  then show me that together with your FSUIPC4.ini file.

39 minutes ago, Alhard Horstmann said:

System Info: WIN7

I presume you know this is no longer supported. You should really update (if possible!).


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