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Unable to register the purchased version of FSUIPC

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1 hour ago, woolybugger said:

2561649 purchased yesterday 12/16/2020

That checks out fine and the registration works perfectly here, with exactly the correct details entered, for FSUIPC 4.975a.

ALL THREE PARTS must be exact. I think you must be making a mistake. Cut and paste all three parts!



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58 minutes ago, woolybugger said:

It still is not accepting the 12 digit key code.

Its not just the key code that needs to be entered correctly. but all details, as specified in the email (that you posted earlier).
They have been validated and are ok, so it must be that you  are not entering them correctly. Please try again, and paste each field (Name, Email/Address, Key) exactly as specified.


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If you still can't get this working, maybe you can try running FSX with an unregistered version of FSUIPC to see if it works with an unregistered version.
If not, it may be due to your VS redistributables. I have had cases in FSUIPC7 where an issue with the VC redistributables causes an issue with registration (and this issue also prevents an unregistered version of FSUIPC running, hence the test), but have not heard of this issue in FSUIPC4...



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16 hours ago, woolybugger said:

I typed it in 4 digits per box

As John says. Do NOT type it. Just use copy and paste on all 3 parts. Don't try to split the 12 digits. Paste into the first box and the other two with sort it out.

When the registration is rejected in means any one of the three entries are wrong, NOT just the 12 digit value. Ccopy and paste all three.


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