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FSX-SE with V4.975a FSUIPC Error

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I've had to switch to a lower powered laptop and can no longer run P3D and have reverted to FSX-Steam Edition and I have a valid license key for FSUIPC v4 and when I first installed it (not having yet put in the license key) It would load fine and just tell me it wasn't registered. After putting the key in (that the installer says is valid) it now errors out when FSX is started, please see the attached screenshot for the error message. Thank you in advance and I am happy to provide the keys via private email or message. My email for the registration is imagecrafting@gmai.com and it my main email if you choose to contact me that way.


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13 hours ago, imagecrafting said:

After putting the key in (that the installer says is valid) it now errors out when FSX is started,

Does it continue okay if you allow it to run (ie select Yes in the above question)?

If not, try a couple more times. If no luck, we will need more information:

1     The version of Windows. (Note that FSUIPC4 is not supported on any version of Windows before Windows 7, and will probably not work on such versions in any case).
2    The log (FSUIPC4.LOG) from the FSX modules folder

3    The windows crash details for FSX, from the Windows Event Viewer.



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When first installed, before the registration key was entered, if you said yes it would go ahead and continue but say that there was no FSU IPC support. After registering it successfully you then can no longer say yes. If you do it crashes. I uninstalled and reinstalled this twice to make sure I was duplicating the situation and it is consistent it'll work if you don't register it and it won't when you do register it.

It's a Win 10 machine, very 20H2 build 19042.685. 

I'm attaching the Windows event viewer detail and general tabs. I ran out of room on the forum to upload the fsuipc log and install log. They both look successful but I will reply again so that I can attach them to that one.Thank you so much for your time.


FSX-Event-Viewer-Details.txt FSX-Event-Viewer-General.txt

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24 minutes ago, imagecrafting said:

it'll work if you don't register it and it won't when you do register it.

In that case it is a problem in your specific settings or Lua plug-ins (if you use them).

24 minutes ago, imagecrafting said:

Here is the FSU IPC log

The LOG shows it fails while checking your attached joystick devices. I think you have a device or driver which is hanging during FSUIPC's scanning, which it does to allow you to assign buttons and axes.


1. Running HIDSCANNER -- see


and show me the resulting HIDscanner log file.

2. Try with all devices disconnected BEFORE next re-booting the PC.



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2 hours ago, imagecrafting said:

so it was the joysticks, they have to be plugged in. That's all it was. I don't remember it being that way before but thank you for taking the time to help me 🙂

Can you tell me what sort of PC you have? Is it by any chance a Microsoft Surface Pro?



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44 minutes ago, imagecrafting said:

I see no attachments anywhere in this thread except mine.

It is definitely there, in the last post in the thread, the one from myself.

25 minutes ago, imagecrafting said:

It does correct the problem as well

Ah, good. Thanks for confirming -- I was awaiting confirmation from the OP in the that post.

I had 4.976 ready for release (it is basically the same as the one you just tested) and released it just a few minutes before your post.  So it is now the current release both on FSUIPC.com and also in the Download Links sub-forum above.



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fsuipc.com updated
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