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EMBRAER ERJ135, ERJ145XRJ FOR P3D4 Aircraft Light Issues


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Hello, I am new here. I made a purchase yesterday For the Embraer ERJ135,ERJ145XRJ For P3D4.5. I notice that only the light on the back of the aircrafts and the landing lights work. But the wing NAV lights the Green and Red lights do not come on even when I manually turned them on from the Aircraft lights panel Inside the Aircraft. I have uninstalled and re-installed same issue on both the ERJ-135- and The ERJ 145 XRJ. I am sure thier is a fix link for this somewhere I just could not find it maybe I am looking in the wrong area on the forum. Thanks looking for a fix.. I am using again Prepar3Dv4.5.

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Ok so what do you mean by aftermarket/mod lights? that’s all Greek to me... and if I do have aftermarket / mod lights how do I fix it so that I can get the NAV lights and beacon lights to work on the ERJ Aircraft...Thanks..

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56 minutes ago, FirstVison said:

what do you mean by aftermarket/mod lights?

Anything that changes the look of how the lights are rendered by the game. To make it challenging some add-ons will replace/change the default lights without your complete knowledge.

Again the issue is local to your system.


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