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How do you set up Multiplayer (Tower!3D Pro)

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I've been trying for months to use multiplayer with a friend of mine, however I can't figure it out on my own.


I'm really not good when it comes to all the different port 21112 stuff (I don't even know what that means), therefor I can't use the default user manual for instructions. I can't find any YouTube tutorials either.

I emailed FeelThere customer service, and they told me to post here for help.

They said something about a Discord server too (don't know how to join that either).

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Actually joining the Discord server will be your best bet (see invite below - good for 7 days). Historically, the forum has not been a good place for multiplayer support. People will give you "real time" help on the Discord server which is what you need, assuming folks are available. In addition I'd recommend checking out https://portforward.com/ to learn about the "2112 stuff".


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If you want to turn right you dont do it from the left lane or you will likely interfere with other traffic.  Applications and so on loosely stated need their own lane to route information on.  Playing locally that information is just on your computer so no big deal.  If you want to play with a friend than your router / modem needs to know what to do with that traffic when it comes in.  So using a site like portforward you can figure out where in your router to go to in order to tell it to route that port number to your local IP address.  Otherwise when the traffic comes in it stops. 

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