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Throttle detents A320 FBW


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Hi, today I created a specific profile with FSUIPC7 (registered) to synchronize it with the A320 FBW. Everything works but I would like to know if there is a way to make the detents of the throttle of my hotas coincide with the detents of the plane.

Thank you.

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I don't think that is easily achievable. FSUIPC provides a mechanism for syncing flap detents, but not for throttle, sorry.
I think the best you can do is to try to calibrate so that the throttle detents line-up as closely as possible.,

I guess things also depend on if using managed or manual mode, although I am not too familiar with the A320 to advise on this.
You could try experimenting with the controls sent when with a range (i.e. the right-hand side of the assignments panel), by sending the axis control with the correct parameter value for the detent when within a range of that detent, but then you would not get a smooth axis movement.

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7 hours ago, paj said:

Doesn’t the A320 FBW version offer the functionality of setting desired detents for your throttle via its FlyPad?

I think it does, but I'm not sure if thats in the stable version yet. This video explains how to set up the throttles using the FlyPad/EFB, atarting at th1 10L20 maek: 


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Thanks for your answer John, I just thought it would be great that FSUIPC also had this option. Patience.

I had seen that video and just in the stable version the FBW guys didn't make detents synchronization available.

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