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Nav lights switch

Ron Attwood

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I keep meaning ask about this but I keep forgetting.

I have a Saitek TPM which has nine toggle switches. I've assigned them to various lights etc. All my assignments features Down for ON and OFF when released.  All except Nav lights. There appears to be only 'Toggle nav lights' as opposed to Nav light ON and nav lights OFF.

Question is, have I missed something or is that how it is?

No biggie but a tiny itch that needed scratching. 🙂

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I'm not sure about MSFS -- the situation there is always changing -- but in FS/P3D generally there are only ON and OFF controls for Panel Lights and Landing Lights, so how are you assigning the others?

An alternative to using the Controls is to change the bits for the lights in offset 0D0C.  For NAV lights you can assign ON to offset word setbits with a parameter of 1 and OFF similarly to offset word clearbits, same parameter, both for offset 0D0C.




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Gosh! The whole family. 🙂

As a for instance Landing Lights On: Parameter 0 (Switch moved down)

Checked 'Control to repeat while held...

Landing Lights Off Parameter 0 (Switch moved up.

Same for Strobes  Alternator, Master Battery and Master Avionics

EDIT: Gentlemen you are priceless! Parameters, who'd believe it. I now have all my switches work as on and off.

Thank muchly


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