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Zulu Day of Week question

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Hi John / Pete,

In the FSUIPC Offsets PDF there is an entry for Zulu Day of Week. Reading this value and together with other offsets and a bit of code I can display Mon, Tue, Wed etc in a LUA display on a wideFS PC. I find this helpful when checking Ai timetables as I can see the local time and date in FS. See attached image.

However, the Zulu Day Of Week value has no corresponding Local Day of Week value. So, for example if I'm located in Hawaii or New Zealand at certain UK times the Zulu Day of Week value is for the wrong day. It shows my day of week rather than the local day of week.

I appreciate if there's no value in P3D you can't extract it. But is there any way it can be coded in LUA to show the correct day of week?


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Hi Ray,

there is a Local Day of Week simvar that I can add to an offset. Give me a day or two and I'll post an updated dll here for you to try (FSUIPC6).

Otherwise you could look into lua functions to convert a zulu time to another timezone, then extract the day, but I'm not sure what lua API/functions you would need to do this without investigating.

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