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PMDG 737NGXU restart

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After shutdown and then restarting PMDG 737NGXU in Prepar3dV5.3 the engines start and everything appears normal except the throttles do not move. Th only workaround I could find was to open FSUIPC 6.1.6 and reload assignments. Then the engines start and throttles work. Is there a permanent fix or change I can make. Appreciate any advice.



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You supplied just a continuation log which contains no useful information at all. Please do not press the "New Log" button in the Logging options as that starts a fresh Log from that time.

John will also need to see your settings -- the FSUIPC6.INI file.

But first you should also check that you have the Windows power management options on all devices listed in Windows Device Manager with the option "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" unticked, as going into the relevant options in FSUIPC is merely causing a re-scan of the devices and so waking them up.




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How is your throttle assigned? I don't see any throttle assignments to axes either in your general [Axes] section or your profile specific [Axes.PMDG] section.
Are they assigned to buttons or keys (on inc/dec controls)?
If so, could try activate logging for Buttons and key operations as well as Events (non-axes controls) and produce another log file, where you load your aircraft and then operate your throttle (using your controller/assignments), then close down and show me the FSUIPC6.log file.

Looking at your ini, there re a few things you could change/improve, although not related to your issue.

First, you have assigned all your individual POV buttons - from your general [Buttons] assignments:


18=R0,32,C65734,0     -{PAN_UP}-
19=R0,36,C65735,0     -{PAN_DOWN}-
20=R0,34,C65672,0     -{PAN_RIGHT}-
21=R0,37,C65855,0     -{PAN_LEFT_DOWN}-
22=R0,38,C65671,0     -{PAN_LEFT}-
23=R0,39,C65854,0     -{PAN_LEFT_UP}-
24=R0,33,C65856,0     -{PAN_RIGHT_UP}-
25=R0,35,C65857,0     -{PAN_RIGHT_DOWN}-
26=U0,32,C65734,0     -{PAN_UP}-
27=U0,38,C65671,0     -{PAN_LEFT}-
28=U0,34,C65672,0     -{PAN_RIGHT}-
29=U0,36,C65735,0     -{PAN_DOWN}-
30=U0,39,C65854,0     -{PAN_LEFT_UP}-
31=U0,33,C65856,0     -{PAN_RIGHT_UP}-
32=U0,35,C65857,0     -{PAN_RIGHT_DOWN}-
33=U0,37,C65855,0     -{PAN_LEFT_DOWN}-

You do not need to do this. You can assign a single POV button press (any) in the axes assignments tab to the axis control Pan View. However, as this is an axis control, you would also need to add this to your profile [Axes.xxx] sections.

Your profile sections are also large, as you are using the full aircraft name, instead of substrings. Doing it this way, you have to add each change of livery of an aircraft manually to the profile. Instead, you could use substrings, i.e. change your [Profile.PMDG] section to the following:


1=PMDG 737
2=Boeing 737
4=F-22 Raptor
5=F-35A Lightning

or maybe even just:


2=F-22 Raptor
3=F-35A Lightning


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