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Tower 3D add-on airports


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I assume that the add-on airports such as EGKK available on Steam for Tower 3D, are compatible with Tower 3D Pro.

But Steam refuses my purchase as I don't have Tower 3D!

I could buy as a gift than for Myself.

I just want to confirm that I could load it into Tower3D Pro




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Theoretically yes, however I don't know how the DRM on Steam works in detail and if Steam will install the airport.

You can find the airports on Steam for both Tower!3D and Tower!3D Pro. For some airports you have to search for them specifically. I would buy add-ons for the correct version, but I unfortunately can't give a definitive answer to your question.

I hope someone else with a greater wealth of knowledge will answer as well.

EDIT: Too slow once again! Thank you very much @crbascott 😝😂

A function that allows forum users to delete their own posts would be a good idea for 2022!?! I wish you all a happy new year.

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18 hours ago, Nandrews10 said:

Whilst I'm here, has anyone tried and mastered "I am an Air Traffic Controller 4"?

I've run  the Demo/Tutorial and that look fiendishly difficult!


Wrong forum for that question. FeelThere doesn’t feel too kindly about the talk of competitor products.

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