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Incorrect runway penalty at KPHL regarding runway 35 and 27R


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I have seen penalties issued quite a few times incorrectly at KPHL. 

1. If an aircraft is cleared for takeoff on 35 from intersection K, any arriving or departing movement on 27R may generate a spurious runway conflict penalty. In the instance of this in my last session, the departing aircraft on 35 was all the up by G in its takeoff roll, nowhere near 27R, nor was it ever on 27R in its previous or projected path, when a landing aircraft on 27R generated the penalty.

2. Departures using 35 full length are counted as conflicting with 27R departures, even after either aircraft that rolled through the intersection of 35 and 27R first is > 2000' past the intersection of the runway _before_ the second departure is told cleared for takeoff.  This is not a separation conflict per 7110.65 paragraph 3-9-8, real life common practice, etc. 

These bugs essentially make runway 35 completely unusable in the game, and takes away a huge possible source of efficiency in dealing with departure pushes. I get that 3D Pro is "abandonware" now that a v3 is in work, but a) this is a serious enough bug it warrants coming back to this version to fix, and b) needs to be playtested in the newer version before that gets released.

I am playing on the Steam version, do not see a .log in any of my steam directories, nor any way to force one to be generated. If someone can talk me through generating this log file on Steam, I am happy to reproduce both of the above bugs.

  • your Operating system including 32 or 64 bit and the language: EndeavourOS (Arch Linux variant), 5.16.2 x86_64 kernel, steam with proton experimental compatibility layer, i5-1165 processor
  • system memory: 16GB
  • video card and it's memory: GTX 1050 Ti 4GB
  • did you install openAL: no
  • did you install Speech and set it up as it described in the manual: no, speech has never worked for me in Steam, I use mouse control and read the command history only
  • if you report gameplay problems or possible conflicts please make sure to attach the tower.log file from the main Tower! 2011 folder: cannot find this .log file in any of my steam directories
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Adding the reporting a problem requested info
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  • You'll find a log file (output_log.txt) in your ...\Tower!3D Pro\tower3d_Data folder. It is recreated each session.
  • In real life, 27R at KPHL is used for arrivals. 
  • The runway conflict bugs you mention have been reported previously and exist at other airports (KJFK for example). 
  • I appreciate your desire to get the bugs addressed, but active development on the game engine stopped in early 2018. The only thing that warranted a fix in the last four years is a bug that kept the game from loading. Just trying to set expectations, don't get your hopes up.
  • The points don't matter.  🙂 
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3 hours ago, DeltaVII said:

Tower!3D is like Whose Line... 😉

Whose line up is it any wait?

I didn't realize this bug had been reported elsewhere. I did some cursory searches before posting but the search function in this forum leaves a lot to be desired.

I agree it's "just a game". But after a 20 year career as a professional pilot, sim instructor (where you have to role play all the ATC positions!), Etc, old habits about wanting to get it right the first time and every time die hard. 

I really hope version 3 isn't released with such a glaring bug.... Where's the alpha tester sign up form? 🙂

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