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  1. DeltaVII

    Big News!!! CYVR - Vancouver for Tower3D/Pro is OUT!

    Counting peas again, huh? And I appreciate that. Believe me - I was even more surprised that our banking system was able to process the transfer within a day. In the past, this whole process took much longer...
  2. DeltaVII

    Big News!!! CYVR - Vancouver for Tower3D/Pro is OUT!

    It is off. I mean, it's not like you couldn't see it from the orientation of the field in ADIRS alone... UAL1193 lined-up and waiting on 26L with a recorded heading of 284 (see left corner): UAL1193 airborne after giving the instruction to fly the (according to you) true heading 261 (upper right corner): Bonus: This Korean 777 is also a little off the line after arriving at the gate... could that be 23° off?
  3. DeltaVII

    Big News!!! CYVR - Vancouver for Tower3D/Pro is OUT!

    Uhm, by the way... Why are the runways - although being not only named 08L/26R and 08R/26L, but also oriented at 080°/260° - oriented at 284° in-game? Because when I issue a go-around, my follow-up instruction is always 5 degrees to the outside of the airport, so they almost maintain runway heading (which is the normal procedure) until they passed the airport. But when you say: "XXX1234 turn right heading 265" they will almost make a 360, won't they? Because orientation-wise, 265° is LEFT of the runway... Or is 360° also turned 14 degrees clockwise?
  4. DeltaVII

    Big News!!! CYVR - Vancouver for Tower3D/Pro is OUT!

    I bought it this evening. And I just made the payment. That hopefully gets processed by my bank and by Commerzbank on Friday. Which means that BMT will have it on Monday, if I'm lucky (if not, it's Tuesday or Wednesday, and if I get f****d up the a**e by that partly state-owned mess that's called Commerzbank, the payment will be made next Friday, because next Thursday is a national holiday). And then I'll get the keys and download links. Believe it or not: When FeelThere publishes on Monday or Tuesday, I can start controlling the new airport on Wednesday or Thursday.
  5. DeltaVII

    Big News!!! CYVR - Vancouver for Tower3D/Pro is OUT!

    On a f***ing thursday again, so non-Steamers will have to wait a week for their payment to be processed... *sigh*
  6. DeltaVII


    Thanks for letting me know to never ever fly with Southwest. It's frustrating how basically nothing was learnt from Colgan or ValuJet, but it also explains how the FAA could let Boeing basically self-issue the air-worthiness certificate for the Max 8... (Context)
  7. DeltaVII

    Speech recognition performance&weather

    I noticed that, too, but I thought it was somehow a feature. However, it occurred to me mostly with engine noise from aircraft parking next to the tower at any weather, like the Delta ramp at Kennedy or the Terminal 3 gates E15, E14, E12 at McCarran.
  8. DeltaVII

    Vueling SR issues

    I pronounce it "Voo-a-ling". Although that's not how you pronounce it in Spanish, but this is an English engine, so...
  9. DeltaVII


    For me, the main issue with KMEM is not the one-dimensional traffic flow (either in or out), but the fact that the Fedex ramp is very unpleasant to work with as one single monolith. When all the cargo aircraft arrive, you fill up from the east to the west, which is simply boring. There's no management to do. Yawn. If that ramp was divided into multiple ramps (gates 100-125, 130-135+350-359, 200-262, 452-463, 500-656, 669-680, 800-817, 740-762+820-847+900-969), that would make it completely different and more interesting to work with. But this way...? Meh. Add to that the unnecessary collisions in the 200's ramp due to heavies being allowed there, even if there's not enough wingtip clearance past other parking aircraft, and it becomes a pain in the ass.
  10. DeltaVII


    I propose developing the new Istanbul airport IST. Because the way the planners f-, erm, I mean, messed up sure makes it a challenge bigger than the 1500 power hour at KATL. 😂
  11. DeltaVII


    Didn't anyone notice, or didn't anyone bother? I wonder, because there should have been discussions by now, as I thought... hm.
  12. DeltaVII

    EDDM Gata to runway bug

    The game automatically assigns flights from the schedule to terminals, if there's not assignment for that airline at all. So just distribute the airlines from 1B and 1C to other terminals. The game does read the data correctly - if all those data are correctly formatted by the one making them. However, it stops loading when the schedule contains an aircraft unknown to the engine, because it's not in the respective airplane file. Like the BCS3 missing from Joe's KBOS airplane file. Mistakes happen (especially when you provide FREE STUFF such as a schedule that took lots of UNPAID hours to make), and if you're able to read the log file, it's even easy to fix - and kindly leave a note in the thread so the maker can fix it.
  13. DeltaVII

    KPHL fail

    They haven't even opened a wishlist by now. So my guess is Tower!3D II will take another three to four years from now.
  14. DeltaVII

    KPHL fail

    To a certain extent, this is realistic. There definitely ARE stupid pilots out there missing their assigned exit, and it's the ATC's job to keep an eye on it. Unfortunately, I don't think this is an intended feature by FeelThere. I have yet to find out when a virtual pilot reads back "unable to land, the runway is too short" and when he/she accepts the exit and takes the next one (sometimes on the opposite side). Yup. When I'm ATC at LEBL, there are multiple occations where I have to issue a Go-Around. Mostly in Western flow operations on 7L with A321s exiting R1 after having completed their landing short of runway 2 and creeping up to the exit with another aircraft on short final. Same goes for middle and long-range jets following a CRJ at JFK's 4R/22L. Regional jets in general are problematic, including the Dash-8s, because of their landing speeds and distances which make especially the CRJs miss most exits by an inch and creep up to the next one at 19 kts (because braking action in Tower3D is fixed by aircraft type and not calculated for the best performance to the next reachable or assigned exit). That's what I love the A319 and B757 for. They are the easiest to handle on almost any airport.
  15. Nah, I did it the easy way: After ending the Tower3D task I took a good look at the logfile (I always start the game through the batch file) and found the error message stating that this particular aircraft type was unknown. Then I tried again. And in terms of the "more aircraft models" - he doesn't. The A220 is in the game since (I think) LEBL came out. At least, airplane_texpack16.manifest is the earliest occurrence of a livery for this model that I could find (Air Baltic, Swiss).

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