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  1. Reminds me of when I bought Tracon, started testing my HAM sector with the default flight plan and had a flight coming in operated by an airline I used to work for (and that folded a few years later).
  2. I'm afraid there's going to be version 3.1 soon... (same with EDDS) https://www.dw.com/en/berlins-germania-airline-files-for-bankruptcy-halts-flights/a-47359882 Looks like they're folding.
  3. DeltaVII

    KLGA taxi and holding issues

    I played KLGA tonight with departures from runway 31 - they all were holding before the runway under several scenarios.
  4. DeltaVII

    LEBL Bugs

    You're obviously right. Disregard my comment, @707FAN.
  5. DeltaVII

    LEBL Bugs

    Does it accept an intersection takeoff from E1 or D1? I think the taxi route is too long (longer than 6 taxiways, which is the maximum T3D can handle).
  6. My go-to airports are definitely JFK, BOS, LGA - in that order. JFK because of it's old-school layout and the madness getting the aircraft in order while having the space and taxiways necessary to do so. BOS because of the crossing runways. When I get into a flow, everything just flows. LGA because of the timing and the effort it takes to not jam the airfield. (My least favorite airports are the boring STR and STT, as well as MEM and MCO.)
  7. DeltaVII

    LEBL Runway and taxiway charts

    Do you mean actual procedures or an airport diagram? This might help with the latter.
  8. DeltaVII

    Tower3D Pro resets computer at START

    I had a similar problem. What kind of computer is it? Mine is a PC, and my solution was: open the case, lay it on the side, take a clean brush, carefully wipe away fluff from the fans and heat sinks, then even more carefully use a vacuum cleaner on low suction to clean up. It simply overheated and subsequently went out.
  9. DeltaVII

    Tower3D Changing Runways

    In the command panel. Do you see the green mark on the active runway? Click on the runway you want to enable as arrival runway (the button is now green), then click on the active arrival runway you want to deselect, if necessary (if it's the same runway in opposite direction, it's switched automatically).
  10. I have an awful, but probably helpful idea. I researched your laptop. It's from 2015, so I assume you've never re-installed the OS. MS had several issues with Windows Update that could f**k up your system in a way you normally wouldn't notice. My idea is: 1. Get an external hard drive that's twice the size of your system drive, make an image of your system device onto the external drive using the Clonezilla Live on DVD or USB stick. 2. Find a tool to read the Windows licence key (Windows OEM Product Key Tool by NeoSmart, for example) and write it down. 3. Download all drivers on the MSI website (except the Nvidia graphics driver, take this from the Nvidia website) and put it on the external drive. 4. Also backup all your data (don't forget your user profile's AppData folder with it's subdirectories "local", "local low", "roaming", where your emails may be stored in unless you have a newer Outlook version running) to the external drive so you can copy your personal files back into their respective folders. 5. Get an empty USB stick, download Microsoft's Media Creation tool and configure it as an installation medium for Windows 10 Home 64-bit. 6. When you're sure you didn't forget to backup anything in the process and that every step was successful, boot from the USB stick, delete all partitions, then reinstall Windows. 7. When you're done reinstalling Windows, install the drivers first (chipset, graphics, wi-fi, network, touchpad, card reader, printers). 8. Run Windows Update to get the latest security updates. 9. Then install and configure your software, copy your backup data back into their respective folders. 10. Try running Tower and Tracon again. If anything in this process fails and you need to go back to where you are now, you can still do so by running Clonezilla and restoring the "dirty" system from the image to the system drive. It's a lot of work, but sometimes that can fix "funny" problems. (I get paid for doing that professionally for my customers - except for #10...)
  11. DeltaVII

    Weather Settings and another thing

    I hope so. I had the same thought as @battlehawk77 ...
  12. DeltaVII

    Tower!3D Pro - EDDM - Tug issue

    @nyergesdesign Hey, Gabor, I've got another thing I'd like to add to the bug list for EDDM. I just saw it while playing for one and a half hour. There's an issue with the routes from the gates to the runway. (Note: I play with my own schedule, but that should not be a factor) I issued pushback for DLH1800 from the dysfunctional middle gate on the terminal side at O3. However, the route that was calculated led from the gate next door (and not from where the plane actually stood) to the runway. This could also be seen happening at some other gates at W2, for example the gate second closest to N (in this case: LGL9732 kept circling looking for a point to dock onto the route, as it seems). This also in an earlier session sent a Croatia DH4 backwards across runway 8R/26L from a stand at W2 around D3 while "pushing back", which unfortunately I didn't catch with screenshot and game log. Screenshots and game log attached. BugReport_EDDM_DLH1800-departure-botched-gate-routes.zip
  13. DeltaVII

    EDDS SP1 is out

    Thank you, but unfortunately you missed one detail: when landing on runway 7 the touchdown is still at the same spot, so now it is within the displaced portion of the runway before the threshold (which is not allowed).
  14. DeltaVII

    Add-on Airports

    Time for an update to my favorability list... 1) Still JFK. There's enough space to get planes in order when the sheer volume of departures messes up my field. But I have no problems working through a 1-hour backlog. I'm currently working on a real schedule from today that even includes Kape Air, Eurowings, Norwegian Air UK (callsign "Rednose"), XL Airways, although the planes stay blank. But working on my tool to create it takes up too much time, unfortunately... 2) Still BOS. 3) LGA. Once I figured out how to close the gaps it's not as dramatic as it was in March. But still a challenge. 4) LAS. More interesting after the update. 5) PHX. Challenging, but playable now. Even when I up the ante by using a 2-runway config. 6) PHL. Improving my strategy helped. 7) MEM. Yeah, the boring part is it being departure-only at some times and arrival-only at other times. But the interesting part is getting into or out of the "parking lot". 8) LAX. Rather boring when I take traffic from the southern gates to 25R and from the northern gates to 24L, and too complicated when I use the runways according to the SIDs. 9) SFO. I try to manage arrivals on the 28s and departures mainly from the 1s. I fail too often and jam up A and B. Not even works when I pile arrivals up on B short of B4 to make a turn onto A... The aircraft creeping across the 1s is a turn-off. 10) SAN. Still challenging the same way as in March. 11) MCO. Too many polygons to play without stuttering on my machine. 12) ATL. I'd need six eyes and three brains for the full volume. 13) MUC. My own schedule did the trick, but it's time to update it. And the tug issue really bothers me. 14) STT. Boring. 15) STR. Too many flaws, too boring.
  15. DeltaVII

    EDDS - real call signs and real colour?

    To get the real callsigns, you need the Real Traffic package. To get the real liveries for EDDS you need the EDDS Real Color pack (under the condition you have Real Traffic installed). And to get the real liveries for TIST, KLAX, KPHL you need the combined TIST/KLAX/KPHL Real Color pack (under the condition you have Real Traffic installed).

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