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  1. A/C sloww leaving Runwy

    As they say the development for Tower!3D is complete, I guess, this is something for the wishlist for the next version. I suppose this would mean a major redesign from aircraft-based params like deceleration factors and such to combining it with precalculated offsets (like setting the landing point to or starting the deceleration at a position after touchdown which would suit to the nearest exit) or adjusting the deceleration to a "softer" braking process that lets the aircraft roll off the runway at exactly the allowed exit speed). It's not that easy to do, and they'd also need the specs for every designated exit to calculate. I myself had to design offsets for a virtual wheel of fortune - it's not as easy as it may look. And, let's be honest, that is work time for an improvement that needs to be paid for - which I will gladly do as long as the improvements excel the annual "improvements" of EA's FIFA series... ;-) Demanding obvious bugs in the product to be fixed is fine, major product design changes - even if they fix weaknesses - are something for the next version. As a compromise, I think, increasing the distances between approaching aircraft by 15 to 30 percent might be a quick fix for the devs. Not five miles, but six after a CRJ; not seven, but 8.5 miles after a 747. Not pretty, but acceptable... And sometimes in software development you stumble over problems that simply don't appear when you test it. This problem is one that probably didn't show with the default airfields and before the fixes we already had since then had been issued. Personally, I'm kind of foregiving with this kind of "beta-testing by customer". That's what happens when you buy a rather cheap product from indie developers. They compensate by reacting to issues. The big boys in the business, however, can be expected to extensively beta-test their product inhouse, and when they f- up I'm f-ing pissed... (So much for the excursion on indie vs. industrial software developers, product pricing differences, and customer's morale... *g*)
  2. To Developers Tower3D pro

    In reality of big airports the ground controller doesn't know the gate until the pilot tells him, and that gate can change even during taxi (if you know H89SA's videos on Youtube you may have noticed pilots in JFK requesting taxi to another ramp entry, like HB instead of KF, which means their gate is blocked and they're sent to a free gate to make the turnaround on schedule). I guess that problem will be gone with the next major release (let's name it Tower!3D 2) - many users have requested to introduce progressive taxi. I'm confident that FeelThere listens... ;-) There's a small glitch in the schedule. If you open the schedule.txt and search for the flight number with the IATA code "TG" you'll see the aircraft type being "74E", while on the landing it's a "747". Change the "74E" to "747", and you'll get the livery.
  3. Planes pause on takeoff/landing

    Not quite. I have a AMD Radeon RX 560 running. With the latest (stable) driver. - AMD A10-5800K (4x 3.8 GHz) - 8 GB RAM - AMD Radeon RX 560 (4 GB DDR5 VRAM) - Windows 10 Home 64-bit - Latest stable Radeon 18.2.1 driver - 22" LG monitor (1920x1080 pixels @ 60 Hz)
  4. Planes pause on takeoff/landing

    There's your problem: You're short on RAM... ;-)
  5. Planes pause on takeoff/landing

    I've experienced this, too. From the beginning. Just didn't disturb me much. But yes, it happens everytime, on every airport, with every aircraft.
  6. How are folks enjoying EDDM

    Correct. That's called "Nachtflugverbot" (a compound word consisting of words that exactly describe what it means: night flight ban). This is how it works. In general, between 22:00 and 06:00 flights are banned. Planned flights (maximum of 28 flights per night, either in or out) are permitted until 23:30, intercontinental flights as exceptions until 00:00. Delayed flights might go in and out until 00:00 and land as early as 05:00. Intercontinental flights with homebase EDDM may depart until 23:30 and land until 23:30 or from 05:00 on. Short and mid-range flights with homebase EDDM may only land until 23:30, but not takeoff between 22:00 and 06:00. Ferry flights with homebase EDDM may not start later than 22:00, but can start at 05:00; landing is allowed until 23:30, but not earlier than 06:00 in the morning. Exceptions are planned flights - in and out - that don't exceed a single noise level of 75 dB[A] at every single noise metering point around the airport are allowed to operate from 05:00 until 23:30. Postal flights or measurement flights by the German air-traffic control association DFS as well as supporting flights in cases of emergency, catastrophies, or for police matters are allowed to operate 24h, in and out. Same applies to flights allowed by the Bavarian Ministry of State or ATC for special interest or to avoid disturbances in air traffic. Training flights may not land later than 23:00 and not take off earlier than 06:00. Landings for meteorological, technical, other flight safety reasons are always allowed. But in general, flights between 22:00 and 06:00 are banned.
  7. Tower!3D Pro - EDDM - Wayfinding

    I repeatedly get those ArgumentOutOfRangeExceptions. From 26R, too. Could it be this error occurs when there are too many planes to handle? This time, my session score was +1200, and there were about 10 aircraft waiting before the holding point of 26R for takeoff, while I was manually changing runways for half of the incoming flights (after diverting them a while ago to get a batch of departures out)? 20180414_EDDM_wayfinding-from-both_game.zip
  8. Grüß Gott! I just played my first session, and unfortunately I came across wayfinding issues with landing on 26L. All went fine at first, when my active runway for landings was 26R, but the way from touchdown to the exits, I feared, was too long to get all planes down, so I diverted incoming traffic away from the airport to work off the backlog on 26L takeoffs, then redirected inbound traffic to 26L. It went well at first, but then the planes sitting in the exits didn't find their ways to the gates. The reason, according to the log, is an "ArgumentOutOfRangeException". @VenturaGuy101 and I had the same problem at PHX a while ago - for reference: @nyergesdesign Well, have fun with the log... ;-) 20180412_EDDM_wayfinding-from-26L_game.zip
  9. Domestic & Intl flights by same airline

    Not too bad of an approach, but directly assigning the gate is a little too goal-oriented, since gate assignment in reality is fluctuating. In my opinion it would be fine, if the program would still calculate the arrival gate (and the controller being able to request what gate number an aircraft was assigned to - "DAL131 IS YOUR GATE OPEN?" - or at least the ramp entry point), but we'd need to have a definition of aircraft types available for every gate for the program to calculate whether there's a gate available or not. Oh, and we'd need callsigns for the tugs, of course (as long as they don't act as stupid as some of them at JFK...), so we don't address them as "TUG100", but as "DELTA TUG 2", "LAN SUPER TUG", "JETBLUE TUG 1"... I could imagine a turnaround procedure like this: 10:48 "TOWER, DAL1681 WITH YOU, RUNWAY 4R" 10:52 "DAL1681, RUNWAY 4R CLEARED TO LAND" 10:52 "RUNWAY 4R CLEARED TO LAND, DAL1681" 10:55 "GROUND, DAL1681 WITH YOU" 10:55 "DAL1681, TAXI ON FB, CROSS RUNWAY 4L, TURN LEFT ON TAXIWAY E, HOLD SHORT OF RUNWAY 31R" 10:55 "TAXI ON FB, CROSS RUNWAY 4L, TURN LEFT ON TAXIWAY E, HOLD SHORT OF RUNWAY 31R, DAL1681" 10:59 "DAL1681, CROSS RUNWAY 31R, TURN LEFT ON TAXIWAY A, HOLD SHORT OF TAXIWAY KE" 10:59 "CROSS RUNWAY 31R, TURN LEFT ON TAXIWAY A, HOLD SHORT OF TAXIWAY KE, DAL1681" 11:01 "DAL1681, IS YOUR GATE OPEN?" 11:01 "GROUND, GATE 34 IS OCCUPIED, DAL1681" 11:02 "DAL1681, CONTINUE TAXI ON A, HOLD SHORT OF TAXIWAY LA" 11:02 "CONTINUE TAXI ON A, HOLD SHORT OF TAXIWAY LA, DAL1681" 11:16 "GROUND, GATE 34 IS OPEN, DAL1681" 11:16 "DAL1681, TURN LEFT ON TAXIWAY LA, TURN LEFT ON TAXIWAY B, TAXI TO RAMP" 11:16 "TURN LEFT ON TAXIWAY LA, TURN LEFT ON TAXIWAY B, TAXI TO RAMP, DAL1681" (11:18 DAL1681 SHUTS DOWN) 11:39 "GROUND, DELTA TUG 2 AT GATE 34, REQUEST REPOSITIONING" 11:39 "DELTA TUG 2, REPOSITIONING APPROVED" 11:39 "REPOSITIONING APPROVED, DELTA TUG 2" 11:41 "GROUND, REQUEST TAXI TO GATE C61 FOR DELTA TUG 2" 11:42 "DELTA TUG 2, TURN RIGHT ON TAXIWAY A, HOLD SHORT OF TAXIWAY LA" 11:42 "TURN RIGHT ON TAXIWAY A, HOLD SHORT OF TAXIWAY LA, DELTA TUG 2" 11:46 "DELTA TUG 2, ENTER RAMP" 11:46 "ENTER RAMP, DELTA TUG 2" (11:48 DELTA TUG 2 STOPS AT GATE C61) 12:05 "GROUND, DELTA TUG 2 AT GATE C61, REQUEST REPOSITIONING" 12:05 "DELTA TUG 2, REPOSITIONING APPROVED" 12:05 "REPOSITIONING APPROVED, DELTA TUG 2" 12:06 "GROUND, REQUEST TAXI TO GATE 34 FOR DELTA TUG 2" 12:06 "DELTA TUG 2, GIVE WAY 2 TIMES AT TAXIWAY A, TURN LEFT ON TAXIWAY B, HOLD SHORT OF TAXIWAY KF" 12:06 "GIVE WAY 2 TIMES AT TAXIWAY A, TURN LEFT ON TAXIWAY B, HOLD SHORT OF TAXIWAY KF, DELTA TUG 2" 12:10 "DELTA TUG 2, IS YOUR GATE OPEN?" 12:10 "GROUND, GATE 34 IS OPEN, DELTA TUG 2" 12:11 "DELTA TUG 2, ENTER RAMP" 12:11 "ENTER RAMP, DELTA TUG 2" (12:13 DELTA TUG 2 STOPS AT GATE 34) 20:26 "GROUND, DAL401 REQUESTING PUSH AND START" 20:26 "DAL401, PUSHBACK APPROVED, EXPECT RUNWAY 31L" 20:26 "GROUND, 31L PUSHBACK APPROVED, DAL401" 20:27 "GROUND, DAL401 READY TO TAXI" 20:27 "DAL401, RUNWAY 31L, TAXI VIA B, J, Z, CROSS RUNWAY 4L" 20:27 "RUNWAY 31L, TAXI VIA B, J, Z, CROSS RUNWAY 4L, DAL401" (20:31 "DAL401, MONITOR TOWER" 20:31 "ROGER, DAL401" --- optional hand-off) 20:33 "DAL401, RUNWAY 31L LINE UP AND WAIT" 20:33 "RUNWAY 31L LINE UP AND WAIT, DAL401" 20:35 "DAL401, WIND IS 278 AT 4 KNOTS RUNWAY 31L CLEARED FOR TAKEOFF" 20:35 "WIND IS 278 AT 4 KNOTS RUNWAY 31L CLEARED FOR TAKEOFF, DAL401" 20:37 "DAL401, TURN LEFT HEADING 223" 20:37 "TURN LEFT HEADING 223, DAL401" 20:41 "DAL401 CONTACT DEPARTURE" 20:41 "ROGER, GOOD EVENING" (The next step: Random incidents with aircraft that need to be adressed; including asking for "ANY SERVICE VEHICLES ON THE FREQUENCY?", sending "CAR99" down to "HOLD SHORT OF TAXIWAY J", then "ENTER RUNWAY 4L, FOLLOW AIRCRAFT", followed eventually by "RUNWAY 4L IS CLOSED" or "RUNWAY 4L IS CLEARED", probably having to issue "GO AROUND" and "FLY RUNWAY HEADING" commands to incoming aircraft while it happens, and, of course, the request to be towed from the runway to the gate... Hey, Vic, how about you open a pinned wishlist thread? Right now seems to be a pretty good moment... ;-) )
  10. Domestic & Intl flights by same airline

    [OT] One more entry on my wishlist for Tower!3D 20XX... ;-) [/OT]

    Yesterday I had this problem at KSFO, too. Nothing had changed on my system (not even a Windows update, that was the first thing I checked), I'm using an account with administrative rights. But after a reboot, everything worked fine. It seems to not only impact the pilot's voices, but also speech recognition. Unfortunately, I forgot so save the log. I tried to address AMX1665, but the speech engine always understood AMX665, not matter how hard I tried to emphasize the 1. At least, I have a screenshot. Note: I set the game to start at 03:00; according to schedule, AMX1665 is due 01:51, not 18:05. I don't know whether that has something to do with the issue or not.
  12. KJFK SP2 taxi issues

    Concerning the runway overruns, here's what happened to UAE204 (388/H) and SAA204 (346/H) on 4L: I'm trying to reproduce the taxiway circling using another configuration. Unsuccessfully.
  13. KJFK SP2 taxi issues

    Not really. The J/B intersection is a pretty hard right turn, at least in Tower3D, since the aircraft moves pretty far into it, so to not let it take forever I just use the double-back maneuvre that's quite common at Kennedy to get them moving out of the way and not cause problems with other ground traffic (at least it was until August 31, 2017, if you know what I mean; tbh, that guy is responsible for me being interested in ground control and buying the game). (Btw.: Also on my wish list for the next Tower version is requesting the ramp entry/gate from the crew.) For the B/F intersection I've seen it for the first time. At the B/YA intersection this has happened before with other aircraft types and airlines like Endeavor CR7 (when operating 22R@C via B D C).
  14. KJFK SP2 taxi issues

    I just played a session at JFK with KJFK SP2 and Tower!3D Pro 3.3c. There were four findings. 1) While taxiing J A KE B F with holding short of KE and F, a JBU154 began circling on the intersection of B and F after "Continue taxi" instruction at F. 2) While taxiing J A KE B D A with holding short of KE and D, a JBU162 also began circling on the intersection of B and YA after "Continue taxi" instruction at KE (the next taxiway to hold short of would have been D). 3) I had a runway overrun operating 4L for departures. I didn't catch it with a screenshot, but I believe it was BAW178 that started rotating just after crossing the 22R threshold and ran into the displaced threshold area of 22R on a full-length 4L takeoff. Normally, this shouldn't happen. As far as I know aircraft in the opposite direction are only allowed to use it for the rollout after landing, but not for takeoff, just like they are only allowed to use the displaced threshold in the direction of the arrows for takeoffs, but not for landing. (Correct me, if I'm wrong.) 20180321_KJFK_circling-planes_game.log