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  1. If you want to make your own schedule, you could use the data from Flightera.net (just no GA and probably some charter flights may be missing from it).
  2. @Jbuddtv Usually, at around 1.5 miles from the airport, according to this old documentary (which, by the way, insults the 757 as "climbing sluggishly for the first few miles"). Best practice with Tower!3D is waiting until the following flight calls tower (that way, if you have other traffic to the runway you want to switch the aircraft over to, or you want to depart traffic from the runway you're transferring the aircraft from, you can build a big enough gap, instead of probably dealing with two arrivals just twenty seconds or one minute apart (if the schedule shows two incoming flights at the same minute). If you have crossing arrival runways, don't switch them over, because you might end up with two flights trying to land at the same time.
  3. The layout is a nightmare, especially between the runways with basically no holding area between them. It looks like KSFO's 28s between the 34s and 35s, respectively. And with 9 (!) ground frequencies in real life and the limitations of the game engine, I don't think that it's manageable from one tower (from tower 1 between the 34s and 35s, you have almost no sight at the terminals; from tower 2 on the south east apron, you have almost no sight at the thresholds of the 16s), let alone that the taxi routes via B and E1 will work. Just imagine trying to send an aircraft from 34L@A7A back to the south east apron via A7B, A, A4, E1, E, N1, F5 and TF... It might work in Tower!XX, but there's no way it'd work in a non-frustrating way in 3D.
  4. If I could make a wish for an airport, it would be rather KMIA, LEMD, RKSI or KDEN, and I sincerely hope it's not LTFM... 🥺
  5. If you make the schedule idiot-proof, so that you never need a go-around on any runway and make sure you have a gate under any circumstance - yes. Otherwise, you might get the departure spawning with a new plane while the old one is still on the field or approach (with one blocking the other) or arrive at the gate and request taxi in a less than realistic timeframe for the turnaround (worst case: immediately after de-spawning the arrival).
  6. There's an easy way to do it: Make a fake schedule with just one company assigned to all terminals, then make a single outbound entry for the A380 and copy-and-paste it for every gate on the airport (except for the GA ramp) with a new flight number and departure time (increased by one minute each), then copy-and-paste the whole block again behind that (changing departure time and flight number) for the B747, and repeat that for the A350, A340, B787, A330, B777, B767, and B757. Every gate that can take a Super or Heavy will then be occupied, most likely with the biggest aircraft for that particular gate. You can even do that with Excel or LibreOffice Calc, if you save the schedule in CSV format and rename it. This, for example, is a fake schedule for Munich I put together within 15 to 20 minutes. It's absolutely hilarious seeing all the gates packed with A380s and 747s (starting at 00:00) - and educational when you want to know what aircraft types are too long and/or wide for the gates. (If you try it out, as always, save your originals before overwriting them with my files.) eddm_schedule.txt eddm_terminal.txt
  7. DeltaVII


    If you bought the game directly from FeelThere, you can contact BMT Micro with detailed information on your purchase, and they send you the link. Here's more:
  8. I'm taking a wild guess: Just a container for testing visual effects under various conditions.
  9. The 360 thing is not new, and it's not a graphics driver issue. It's some plane types at some airports, and it seems to be related to assigned taxi routes and/or changes in the departure (I haven't figured it out, yet). It seems like under certain circumstances the game engine fixes an error in orientation or pathfinding or something like that, like with the taxiing out of the ramps (especially the MA ramp at JFK where some gates produce spinning aircraft, because they're offset from the taxi path and/or still connected to the tugs) or even lining up on the runway. But we won't see that fixed - Tower!3D will stay as it is.
  10. The RAM alone doesn't say much, just like the number of doors on a car doesn't say a lot about the performance on a quarter mile. A Radeon HD 6570 with 2 GB is better than a Radeon HD 6570 with 1 GB, but that's all. I know it's a bit overwhelming, but usually the first number in the type designator is the chip generation, and as a general rule, earlier generations mean a downgrade in performance. (Except with AMD's RX cards, because they went from 3-digit to 4-digit designators for the new generation.) A graphics card that today costs hundreds of dollars won't help you, either, because then your bottleneck is the rest of the system. Unless you intend to buy the new computer without a graphics card and install the one you buy now - in that case you definitely want to buy the one you intend for the new computer. If you just want to get T!3D back to normal on your old computer you, unfortunately, will need a better graphics card. I took a glance at Steve Bezos' moneymaker, and an AMD RX 550 with 2 GB (that's AMD's next generation following the "HD" cards) is around $60, with 4 GB around $100, and a cheap RX 560 with 4 GB is around $120. Those would be graphics cards strictly for your old computer. Early last year I had to switch my old graphics card, too. I don't remember exactly which one it was, but I think it was a Radeon HD 7870 with 2 GB (which was pretty okay at the time I bought the computer, around 2013 or 2014) that T!3D just burnt through with demand for performance. (Oooookay, it didn't help that I forgot to clean the ventilators.) I had to make a decision and bought a RX 560 with 4 GB. It's good enough to run the game properly. And it was cheap enough to not ruin my budget for my new computer which is due within the next weeks (with a new graphics card - the RX 560 will go back to the box and be stored as a reserve, just in case). I'd say: before you buy a new card, it wouldn't hurt to ask this forum for opinions about the model you're eying. Deal?
  11. Do you happen to have a simple Full HD monitor (1920x1080) standing around somewhere?
  12. If I take GPUBoss.com's overview (just as a little hint), the ratings for the HD 6570 vs. HD 5450 are: Passmark: 759 vs. 231 Fire Strike Factor (FutureMark): 7.24 vs. 1.98 Sky Diver Factor (FutureMark): 67.1 vs. 19.5 Cloud Gate Factor (FutureMark): 8.5 vs. 3.56 Passmark Direct Compute: 423 vs. 83 That's because the HD 5450 has a lower memory clock speed (400 MHz vs. 900 MHz), half the memory bus width (64 vs. 128 bit), and a 4 times lower memory bandwidth (6.4 GB/s vs. 28.8 GB/s). You even bought an older graphics card (HD 5450 was released in 02/10, HD 6750 in 04/11).
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