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  1. DeltaVII


    Judging by what I've heard from JFK, it depends on the wait times. If the field is packed, there's more than enough time for them during taxi to pick up the new ATIS and feed the computer. If not, they either stay in the alleyway or Ground moves them out on a longer route with an optional holding point. Having them wait in the alleyway can be problematic when they block gate access for inbound traffic, so that the arrival aircraft has to wait and blocks the taxiway or has to be parked at a remote site. I don't think we will have the option in Tower XX to send an aircraft in the alleyway back to the stand when their route is closed or something, so we will definitely have to move that plane, and it should not be a problem to put it somewhere so it can pick up ATIS in the process. ... and I got new ideas for Tower XX standing in the shower this morning: CORRECTION The word "correction" is used when an ATC makes a mistake in the transmission and it's part of the official phraseology (this is a nice EUROCONTROL tool to look it up). This would be handy for when we or the speech engine messes up, it can either become part of the transmission or just delete the last portion of it. Examples: "Jetblue 4890 - correction: Delta 4890, hold short of taxiway K" or "Jetblue 4890" -> "Delta 4890, hold short of taxiway K". "Delta 4890, turn right onto taxiway K, cross runway 31R - correction: cross runway 31L, contact tower" or "Delta 4890, turn right onto taxiway K, cross runway 31R" -> "Delta 4890, turn right onto taxiway K, cross runway 31L, contact tower" MONITOR TOWER Instead of contacting Tower (which means that the pilot actively calls Tower after the handoff from Ground), an aircraft can switch to the tower frequency and just listen to be called. (While we're at it: this would/could require the ATIS information to be confirmed prior to switching, already on ground frequency. Failing to do so -- eventually by a simple exchange like "Delta 4890, verify you have information G" - "Affirm, Delta 4890" -- might result in a loss of points for the ATC in an advanced scoring system that resembles the one in TRACON.) LEGACY MODE Let's face it, Tower XX will be more accurate, but also more complex. So, how about an easier "legacy mode" that pretty much works like Tower 3D for beginners (this would leave out things like verifying ATIS) and the improved regular mode for aficionados like us?
  2. DeltaVII


    Often enough it is not done. But I have also heard otherwise. Especially after ATIS changed recently. Here, for example, a Delta Connection pilot announces with his taxi request that he has X-Ray, and it's a pretty new (post-KS) audio. And I found this in section 2-9-2, letter c, in FAA Order JO 7110.65: And directed at pilots the FAA's Aeronautical Information Manual states in chapter 4, section 4-2-3, number 3:
  3. DeltaVII


    Reasons are not necessary to be given. The biggest factor, though, is still the weather. So, the easiest thing to produce delays is closing virtual routes or stopping releases to a certain region (like the American east coast from North Carolina to Florida due to a severe hurricane or something). Which leads me to another two possible features: METARs In short: weather reports that the Tower (or virtual tower supervisor) has to react to, like performing a runway change etc., and influences the spacing of inbound and outbound flights from a certain point. INFORMATIONs When virtual pilots call Ground, they should provide which ATIS they have ("Ground, Jetblue 1415 ready for taxi at DA with information K"). If ATIS has moved on or the pilot didn't include ATIS information into his call, Ground has to tell them ("Jetblue 1415, information is L, taxi right onto A, hold short of J"). This might be something to produce a delay, so that the pilots can listen to ATIS again and punch it into the computer ("Ground, Jetblue 1415 is not ready", followed by "Ground, Jetblue 1415 ready for departure") - and only then they can be handed over to the Tower.
  4. DeltaVII


    I have another idea that affects the schedule file: MARKERS FOR LIVERY AND CARGO Many airlines have their cargo divisions operating without a seperate IATA/ICAO code and callsign, but under their main company's code and flight number. Emirates and Cathay Pacific are two examples I can think of. I think the new schedule format needs a cargo flag (a simple 0/1 switch) to distinguish between those jets going to the cargo ramps and those transporting pax. Another extension to the schedule could be an ID to the livery used for an aircraft. One example is that Alaska Airlines still has aircraft with Virgin America livery flying around while using an Alaska Airlines flight number, and flights under American callsign in US Airways livery was for some time worth a good laugh with "in disguise" comments by ATCs. Another use could be the introduction of a new livery (or even a special livery, like this Eurowings Europa-Park livery) that not every aircraft in the company on the same model is flying with (yet). This would even allow for sub-charter scenarios. (I once worked as an IT guy for a charter airline that used to operate its own aircraft with its own company livery under the lessee's callsign and flight number, that's where my affection for aviation comes from.) I am aware we already have the disguising option using the codesharing entry, but replacing it with a livery ID would allow for more options.
  5. DeltaVII

    Do I buy KJFK next?

    I've heard it a few times, actually. Especially when they try to sequence the aircraft at MA or V before the handover to the tower they use B to get inbound aircraft to the gate and outbound aircraft to 13R/22R. Right now, they're using the 4s, so I can't reproduce it, but there are Kennedy Steve vids where he does exactly that (like telling a Delta tug at LL to go left on A behind a Norwegian to go to HB or telling a Delta to transition from A to B at H to go to HB and wait for the alleyway to clear). (In those cases, they make a "cut" - in a 13R-only scenario, all aircraft from ramp entries D to NB go counter-clockwise while all departures from F to MA go clockwise, for example. The general rule is that A goes clockwise and B goes counter-clockwise, but it's not written in the bible. It's just taxiways after all, and they utilize them like they need them.) At least, that's my take from all that I've heard and observed from Kennedy Ground.
  6. DeltaVII

    Do I buy KJFK next?

    Just three things that annoy me on my by far favorite airport which happens to be JFK. 1) I find the 4s/22s pretty unusable because of the problems with landing aircraft creeping down the runway to F/H while the next aircraft is on final (it's the game engine's fault, but landing on 4R/22L shows it even worse). I've had several go-arounds for the simple reason that a CRJ, 319, or 717 took forever to get to those exits while another jet was already on the threshold. 2) The f-ing MA ramp where aircraft from several positions are dancing tango through the other planes and the terminal after giving taxi instructions. 3) The huge cargo ramp cluster which is not divided into portions, so that all landing cargo planes go to the gates alongside taxiway C and never ever to the S or Q area. A little boring, but compared to the other two points, this is peanuts. Oh, and I hope in Tower XX's version (if there will be one) A and B will be usable in both directions (which, in reality, they are).
  7. DeltaVII


    Another wish: Compile the different wishlists into one single list that by our replies (via quote) we can vote either in favor or against for each single item you think you can include in XX... 😉
  8. DeltaVII

    EGKK Users - plz reply

    I found a method for me to fit departures between arrivals. My rules are: (A1 = landing aircraft, D = departing aircraft, A2 = approaching aircraft) - The latest moment to issue LUAW is when A1 crosses the threshold and A2 is six miles out. - Better include another mile for safety. - For every Heavy or A321 in the equation, add 1 mile. - For every Super in the equation, add 2 miles. How it plays out: 1) B787 on 26L@M, A319 on 26L@A, A320 crossing the threshold, B738 on a 7-mile final: A319 is good to go, B787 is not. 2) B787 on 26L@M, A319 on 26L@A, A320 crossing the threshold, B738 on an 8-mile final, another aircraft on 13-mile final: B787 is good to go. 3) A321 on 26L@M, B738 on 26L@A, B777 crossing the threshold, A388 on a 9-mile final: B738 is good to go. 4) A321 on 26L@M, B738 on 26L@A, B777 crossing the threshold, A388 on a 10-mile final: B777 is good to go. 5) A321 on 26L@M, B738 on 26L@A, B777 crossing the threshold, A388 on an 8-mile final: no departure inbetween. 6) A319 on 26L@M, B738 on 26L@A, A320 crossing the threshold, A310 on a 13-mile-final: First B738, then A319 are good to go.
  9. DeltaVII


    I knew I forgot something. Something important: CANCEL TAKEOFF CLEARANCE (and following procedures) This is for the rare cases when the pilot (of a plane spinning on the threshold ^^), the controller (or his speech recognition ...) messes up (or it is one of the intentional mistakes I mentioned earlier, like at Kennedy in 2017 or at Midway in 2015). One aircraft on short final, another one on the runway with takeoff clearance, and you think that this might not end well. So you instruct the landing aircraft to go around, but if the departing plane takes off, this will be a close call, so you need to be able to cancel the takeoff clearance to get the departing plane to abort the takeoff, if possible, leave the runway, probably have the brakes checked by the fire brigate (this could be one of the emergency scenarios mentioned by Craig and Andrew), and return to the gate or to the runway, depending on how fast they were already going.
  10. DeltaVII


    CUSTOMIZABLE COMMANDS As progressive taxi will be included in XX, it would be nice to be able to customize the set of commands. While it makes sense for beginners to say the full command, the reality is a little different. So it would be nice to use "DELTA 2489, CROSS 22R, LEFT ALPHA, SHORT JULIET" instead of "DELTA2489, CROSS RUNWAY 22R, TURN LEFT ONTO ALPHA, HOLD SHORT OF JULIET". PUSHBACK ONTO TAXIWAY CLEARANCE If you've ever listened to Kennedy Ground, on terminals 1 and 7 there's the need for bigger jets to push back from the ramp onto Alpha. In the current version the tugs just pull them out of the alleyway onto the taxiway without clearance (for example at KLGA's Terminal_B_B - I've had a crash that way, and I don't like it; it happens at JFK on M, too). So this is a common occurrance. It is realistic. So when the push (and only the push itself, not pulling the aircraft after the push!) starts in a ramp and needs to enter a taxiway, the clearance should be explicitly contained in the request and directed at ground ("GROUND, DELTA 2489, REQUEST PUSHBACK ONTO ALPHA"). The clearance has to include it, too, of course ("DELTA 2489, PUSHBACK ON ALPHA APPROVED, FACE NORTHEAST"). AUTOMATIC RAMP CONTROL / CALL WHEN READY TO TAXI This is connected to @Avwriter's request for automatic position handling in single player mode. When playing ground (or in a combination with tower) it can be a pain in the prolongation of the back to handle push requests in the ramp and have the aircraft standing at the position in the ramp when ready. I would appreciate, if there was an option to handle the ramp automatically from the push to holding short of the first main taxiway. This would allow for a scenario like Kennedy where the planes ready for taxi call from the alleyway short of ALPHA (even in a row). Exception: when planes need to push onto a taxiway (see above). OPTIONAL BLOCKED RADIO At default, it could be off. When switched on, when two or more calls on the same frequency occur at the same time, you don't hear anything but beeping. In this version, you can still talk over another pilot's transmission. In reality, the one that you direct your call at doesn't hear much. CALLSIGNS WITH LETTERS In the recent version, when you have a callsign like "CLX45A", the A is dropped. So when there's another "CLX45K" in the schedule, the sim interprets it as "CLX45A" and can't find the correct plane. This should be fixed in XX. (The correct callsign then being "CARGOLUX FORTYFIVE ALPHA HEAVY".) INCLUDE MISTAKES Nobody is perfect. Not even pilots. As you can see here (with the A350 being configured to leave at R, but the ATC assigns them runway 33R, so they call "we missed that one"), the pilots can "miss" an exit from the runway etc. (In the video you can also see that the A350 is assigned runway 33L as a taxiway - @crbascott's number 15 item.) Things like that. REALISTIC APPROACH AND DEPARTURE FLIGHT PATHS Just one word: Canarsie. (This includes issueing the landing clearance while the aircraft is not on runway heading.) This also means for the controller to be able to issue certain departure routes (like "fly the Canarsie climb") and the aircraft to follow it (the departure routes have to be defined in the airport manifests). SHORT APPROACHES FOR GA In the current version, the GA aircraft follow the same approach path to the runway and often get "run over" by following jets. In reality, they often are assigned approach paths with short finals (even shorter than 5 miles) and might even get a long landing request by the ATC to speed up the taxiing process. WIND INFORMATION IN LANDING CLEARANCE Well, this is self-explanatory... That's it - for now. --- Oh, I forgot something: PRM/SOIA Parallel approaches like flown at KSFO in reality.
  11. DeltaVII

    LFPG Stops working after Installing OMDB

    @Pierre Simon Look into the lfpg_schedule.txt and replace "B738" with 738. [Hint for future cases: If you see something like Custom plane found: B738 NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object in the logfile, that's the problem. If the plane type is 4 characters, you need to find the three-letter-code (3LC) for it in the ****_airplanes.txt and replace the faulty four-letter-code (4LC) in the ****_schedule.txt with the 3LC. In case it already is a 3LC, you probably don't have the aircraft model or it's an invalid one (for example in a custom schedule - mistakes happen). In that case what you want to do is replace it with a similar model you already have in-game; just look into a schedule from another airport for a similar aircraft type - that then might stay white, if you don't have the livery in the game. Or you can substitute it with a different model from the same airline that you already have in the game.]
  12. DeltaVII

    OMDB - Custom Schedule for 9/14/2019

    Just a guess: It's EK123 (also on a 77W), because according to both the custom schedule and flightradar24 there's IndiGo flight 38 to Thiruvananthapuram (TRV) shortly afterwards.
  13. DeltaVII

    OMDB - Custom Schedule for 9/14/2019

    Dubai is a (if not THE) hub to connect Eastern Asia and Europe. You have arrivals from Thailand, India, Japan, Vietnam, China, Korea, the Philippines, Singapore, as well as some destinations in Africa. On the other hand, you've got departures to the UK, Ukraine, Italy, Germany, France, Netherlands, as well as to destinations in Asia like Male, Jakarta, Mangalore, Seoul, Cochin, Taipei, Hanoi, Islamabad, Kuala Lumpur. Remember: When it's 3 a.m. in Dubai, it's midnight in Central Europe, 6 p.m. at the American East coast, and already morning in East Asia. Just recently, I've seen an Emirates A380 (EK226) departing KSFO to the north overflying Yukon, the North Pole, the Barents Sea, then "suddenly" to the south above Siberia, Kazakhstan, the Caspian Sea, Baku and Northern Iran to land in OMDB. Which is a pretty unusual (and not the most obvious) flight path considering that a flight from KBOS took the "regular" route over the Atlantic Ocean and half of the EU (which today's EK226, being over Iran right at this moment, also did, while the opposite direction EK225 into KSFO takes the North Pole route).
  14. DeltaVII

    Taxiway Problem

    From left to right: V, TA, [T], R, Q
  15. DeltaVII

    Big News!!! CYVR - Vancouver for Tower3D/Pro is OUT!

    Counting peas again, huh? And I appreciate that. Believe me - I was even more surprised that our banking system was able to process the transfer within a day. In the past, this whole process took much longer...

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