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  1. DeltaVII

    GPU Usage?

    Yeah, T3D does grill the GPU, even when paused and/or escaped. So you better keep the fans clean at all times.
  2. DeltaVII

    NEO AIRCRAFT - Community Input Required

    Forget the two WOW Air Neos - the airline has ceased operations. https://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/wow-air-ceases-operations-and-cancels-all-flights-456970/
  3. DeltaVII

    EDDM Gata to runway bug

    I guess he experienced what I found (but somehow always missed for documentation): A plane missing its path on pushback and subsequently either 1) spinning around backwards trying to catch it after not being separated from the tug despite calling ready for taxi (that's a bug I found on several airports such as JFK - at the MA ramp with the two Terminal-1-side gates closest to the building -, LEBL - at the GA-side EN ramp, or at EDDM's Terminal 2 alongside W2, mostly with the Dash-8s from Luxair or Croatia), or 2) just going offroad, parallel to W2 and across the runway into nowhere (unless it hits another aircraft in the process, I guess), which is what happened once or twice in my gameplay.
  4. DeltaVII

    LEBL Bugs

    Holding points at LEBL in general just seem to be suggestions... 😉
  5. DeltaVII

    Gatwick (EGKK) Bugs

    Can you add the output_log.txt from that session? The forum rule is: "No log - no bug". At no. 1: The sim can't be instructed to use a taxiway twice, which you implicitly did. If you wanted to have the aircraft departing from H, you would have to say "EZY8575, runway 08R AT H via K Q ZZ". Other than that, the only way to use H from ZZ for a full-length departure is to go back to J. But I guess taxiway H is one-way only, so to return to J the sim had to utilize G. At no. 2: We'd need a log to analyze what happened. At no. 3: 5 miles in Tower is not enough, since the line-up process already takes up 42 seconds (26L) or a little more (08R). I've done some calculations. The basic final for a LUAW and departure is a 7-mile final. If you've got three (the first landing A/C, the departing A/C, the next landing A/C) medium jets like the A320, A319, B737, E90 involved. For every Heavy or A321 involved add another mile - if the first landing plane is a 777, the next departure is a 777, and the next landing plane is a 747, you add 3 miles for a 10-mile final on the 747. For every Super involved - by which I mean the A380 - add two miles. So with the 380 instead of the 747 in my last example, you'll need an 11-mile final for the A380 to shoot the gap.
  6. DeltaVII

    NEO AIRCRAFT - Community Input Required

    Here are my contributions, based on FlightRadar. NEO_RC Requests.xlsx
  7. DeltaVII

    Custom (REAL) Traffic #15 -- Barcelona v1.0 -- Fall 2018/19

    Hey, Joe, just a small one: Flight "EWE5921" (09:52, LEBL - LOWW, callsign "EUROPE WINGS 5921") is actually a normal Eurowings flight EWG5921 (callsign "EUROWINGS 5921").
  8. DeltaVII

    LEBL Bugs

    I found another one. I don't know whether it's one for @nyergesdesign or @FeelThere, but I got a ghost plane... I was using @ATControl -- Joe's custom schedule when GES251 landed on 25R exiting at D5. I gave instructions to taxi to the GA apron via T, EN, S. But the aircraft remained just sitting there. However the tag was completely gone. The next aircraft, EXS231, exited at D5 - and drove right over the ghost of GES251. So did every other plane exiting on D5. There was no penalty, however, but... The log says there was a NullReferenceException, so somehow the aircraft got lost. (You can find it in the log between line 66,238 and 66,248.) And later (line 72,481 ff. - unfortunately without a picture of it) LXA251 took off from 25L, but never actually took off - it just ran over the runway threshold and went offroad. It also denied contacting departure. Must have been the SUV version of a DF9... 20190307_LEBL_ghost-plane_game.zip
  9. DeltaVII

    noob on schedule customizing

    You can verify what @ac455 says, if you start Tower 3D from the installation directory using the "tower3d.bat" file. After you're done there will be a "game.log" file in that directory. Open it with WordPad or a similar text editor and you will find a lot of messages stating "***** no free terminal". Those are flights on hold at a waypoint outside the aerodrome's area, if you will. Tower 3D, as it is constructed, always needs an endpoint for arrivals. You can try it out when all gates for a ramp are occupied - there will be one call for push and start and a corresponding arrival calling in shortly after. Just let the departure sit at its gate without issuing a push instruction while the arrival lands. Then try to give taxi instructions to the gate. The PIC (or his/her FO) will respond "Negative, gate is not available" and stay sitting at the runway exit. As soon as you issue the pushback instruction to the delayed flight, you can give successful taxi instructions to the arrival. As long as there's no pushback available to open up a gate, arrivals to that occupied terminal are delayed. (The solution for this is on the wishlist for the next major version of Tower, which is "progressive taxi". This means you can send the aircraft on any way to any holding point on the airfield, until the gate opens. That holding point could even be an intersection on an inactive runway, as far as our wishes go. This is what happens in real life. One aerodrome where this is a very common occurrance is Kennedy. You may have already noticed, if you know the "Kennedy Steve" videos on Youtube.)
  10. Reminds me of when I bought Tracon, started testing my HAM sector with the default flight plan and had a flight coming in operated by an airline I used to work for (and that folded a few years later).
  11. I'm afraid there's going to be version 3.1 soon... (same with EDDS) https://www.dw.com/en/berlins-germania-airline-files-for-bankruptcy-halts-flights/a-47359882 Looks like they're folding.
  12. DeltaVII

    KLGA taxi and holding issues

    I played KLGA tonight with departures from runway 31 - they all were holding before the runway under several scenarios.
  13. DeltaVII

    LEBL Bugs

    You're obviously right. Disregard my comment, @707FAN.
  14. DeltaVII

    LEBL Bugs

    Does it accept an intersection takeoff from E1 or D1? I think the taxi route is too long (longer than 6 taxiways, which is the maximum T3D can handle).

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