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  1. Take it from the video: According to the aerodrome chart, runways 22R and 22L have a geological heading of 221.2° and a magnetic heading of 217.2°. You can clearly see in the ADIRS that the game's runway heading is somewhere around 268° (which is why it goes left to right in an almost straight line). Vancouver, btw, has the same problem - still unfixed, afaik. And without any mention whether it will ever be fixed (guys, if it's too difficult, because you would need to completely redesign the airport, then just say so, and say sorry for messing up, ffs!). Sorry for the salt, but I had to get it out of my system...
  2. Did you check the "Air Traffic Control" section? Or reload with STRG+F5?
  3. It does. @Avwriter It's from Nyerges Design.
  4. When departing 25C and 18, I clear the aircraft on 18 for departure first, and as soon as it crosses M, I clear the traffic on 25C for takeoff. Regarding departures on 18 while landing on 07R, I clear the aircraft on 18 as soon as the aircraft on final crosses it.
  5. Look into the end of output_log.txt where the loading ends. Probably a missing plane type.
  6. To answer your question, @crbascott: I'm lazy, using the full schedule. Because somehow I like long sessions. Yesterday, I was just 28 minutes short of a full 8-hour session... (who says that a corona virus no-contact enactment is necessarily a bad thing, huh?)
  7. This is probably not so much an issue of EDDF, but a game issue. I'm using @battlehawk77's schedule. I've had a Lufthansa 747 landing on 07R. When I gave the taxi instruction, the reply was: "Negative! A departing airplane is blocking the gate. Handle that plane first." There was an open gate at that part of the apron (between N11 and N15 - you can see it in the second screenshot), but obviously not for a heavy. And there was no departing plane to handle in that area. So the 747 was stuck there, and I ultimately got a penalty for the wait, because there was no departure from there opening a gate suitable for a heavy (only for a medium jet) in the next five minutes. Does T!3D check just for open gates or for open gates in that aircraft category, before spawning the arrival? EDDF_LH441_output_log.txt
  8. Me too. For... well... personal reasons...
  9. Hey, @FeelThere, I caught a tug going in circles around its back axis again instead of pushing an aircraft. It's at stand V166 (taxiway N between N13 and N11) for flight number DLH1402. LH1402_output_log.txt
  10. Which would not be any problem for the game, because you can google military callsigns (the best-known callsigns being Panta 45, Panta 46, and Gofer 06).
  11. Here's another log file with the aircraft not moving at all after the push clearance at "term_B11" next door. The flight number is CTN418. Oh, and the problem with the other gate over at NN, which @andredragt described earlier, is in it, too. It's flight number DLH858, and you can see in the log (starting at line 31,172) that it's positioned at F226 (line 31,173), but the route is being calculated from F227 (line 31,178). output_log.txt
  12. @FeelThere Ariel I was able to reproduce the problem with one of the gates at N5, "term_B10". Coincidentally, it's LH94, but that can happen to any plane that fits in there and is assigned to one of those two slanted stands. LH94_output_log.txt
  13. @crbascott What I meant by that was that I can't produce a game.log like I normally did (starting Tower via batch), because I'm using two monitors (and the batch, even with admin rights, wouldn't let me run Tower using admin rights), so the output_log.txt is the only log file left.
  14. Can you give it another try, provide the game.log file from your Tracon installation folder, and give us one or another flight number to look for in it?
  15. I've had this problem, too. Unfortunately, I didn't make screenshots or have a game.log, but I can confirm there it a pushback problem with those two twisted gates at the top of N5 pushing aircraft sideways to the taxiway and them getting stuck there. But I remember it's not just LH. I'll see if I can produce an output.log (since I'm playing on two monitors) and screenshots.
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