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  1. That's because it's not an email address (as it lacks the "@"). It's a website. Open it, click on "submit a request" in the top right corner, and there you go...
  2. @MJKERR I was able to download and install the service pack.
  3. The next airport was announced to be Istanbul (with it's eight gazillion taxiways from A1A until T12).
  4. The thing is: It does not always work. When I control DFW, I always try to get landing aircraft take the route from 17L via ER, P, ES, JS, A, K to the ramp. It never works. Not even when I let them hold on ER short of P. The route is simply unusable. The only route the game engine accepts is crossing both runways at either ER or A/B via P. The same goes for the taxi route from the MA ramp to 22R at JFK, when you try to make it A, W, C, E, FB - it's never accepted although the number of steps is below six (the only route accepted, however, is B, W, C, E, FB, although it is longer...).
  5. LTFM? Really? Unless FT offers a wayfinding update for the game, I don't see how to make a landing on 34L going to apron 3 work with the limitation of six taxiways per route.
  6. Thank you for voicing what I was thinking! When I saw the video and the screenshots, so much seemed to be off balance somehow, but I couldn't pinpoint what it was. Also, when I take this video as a reference, the terminal building seems out of proportion, especially regarding the height... (The terminal can be seen from the 21:00 mark.) It is barely higher than the vertical stabilizer of the Japan Airlines Dreamliner, but it seems twice as high in the screenshots.
  7. Not so different from where I am. (Unsurprisingly, since EDDH and EGLL are just 400 nm apart.) This is purely the effect of earth's rotation working uninfluencedly above a flat oceanic surface and the proximity of London and Hamburg to the ocean.
  8. Remember - we're talking about England... 😁
  9. @MJKERR I don't know what was actually used, but streamers and Youtubers often (if not mainly) use OBS Studio (so do I for personal use) which is open source and free.
  10. I won't disagree with you on that point. (Then, again, it might be easier to adapt in case the approach procedure changes, but that could also be achieved by changing parameters in an xml/ini/config file...)
  11. The 3° glideslope is not carved in stone. London City Airport (EGLC), for example operates with a 5.5° glideslope, which means that aircraft start their descent out of 2,000 ft at 3.4 DME. The ILS Y approach in EDDF is 3.2° descending out of 5,000 ft at VAGUL (13.9 DME). Might have something to do with that.
  12. Which is why KEENE2.DFW and KING8.TTT demand an immediate right turn heading 240° and TGATE3.DFW initially turns right towards ELLVR before joining a 130° heading. For a tower controller this is a challenging task to stack the departures without conflict, but it seems possible.
  13. I guess he means taxiing eastern departures from the cargo area and terminals B and D to 17R/35L and 13L as well as western departures from the GA area and terminals A, C and E to 18L/36R and 31L via taxiways A, B, Y and Z.
  14. If you want to operate KLAX realistically right now, you should also set the traffic volume considerably lower... 😉
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