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  1. Ah, okay, there goes my theory... The new icon is a blue wave (probably because they think Edge could crush other browsers like a Tsunami?) and resembles the Firefox logo quite a bit. The update number is "KB4559309", and I got it on June 13. (Microsoft messing up updates is not new - just recently they messed up the June 9 updates KB4557957 (V2004), KB4560960 (V190x), KB4561608 (V1809), KB4561621 (V1803), KB4561602 (V1709), KB4561616 (V1607), KB4561649 (V1507) which led to lots of people not being able to print anymore, and the bug fix available through the update catalog website (not Windows Update) had side-effects, if you were surfing via LTE...)
  2. It doesn't. But the trouble is probably caused by a - now deprecated or redesigned - Windows API call by either FeelThere or their IDE. If the Edge upgrade brought a redesigned version of that call, it could be that the old settings are still in prefetch or superfetch settings, and those given to the Windows API might lead to it not being able to format those windows properly, unless prefetch/superfetch learns how to do it right by re-formatting the windows. Something along those lines, probably.
  3. @Ron C @EliGrim @BillA Just testing a theory: Did your Microsoft Edge change to the new version recently (you can identify it by the new icon) before the problems began? Since Microsoft is notorious for their behaviour in the browser wars (are you all old enough to remember Netscape Navigator?), every remotely tech-savvy guy knows how deeply integrated their browser is into the system. If Edge upgrades, so does the Windows explorer and libraries doing the window handling. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised, if the common denominator were the Edge upgrade.
  4. My guess is a Windows or graphics driver update. Because I had the same problem with the flight strips and the DBRITE. I don't know exactly how I solved it, but I'll try to describe. The first issue I solved was with the strips. I resized them while they were just game-internal. Then I unlocked them and got a very, very minimized window on the screen, which I resized by pulling on the upper-left corner of the window. Only then I was able to pull on the lower border and lower-right corner of the window and drag it into position on the second monitor. DBRITE, however, worked similarly, but more difficult, because it hid behind the main application window. I only got to solve it the same way without the flight strips being displayed at all. Since the problem was solved, both windows now find their place on the second monitor. I hope that helps.
  5. Your Windows version, probably...
  6. Are you running the game in admin mode?
  7. Don't worry, they pop up here and there: - Air Madagaskar MD51 from LFPG to FMMI - Condor DE2226 from EDDF to MDPC - Air Italy IG902 from KJFK to LIMC - Condor DE3704 from EDDF to MDLR - Air Austral UU976 from LFPG to FMCZ
  8. As far as I know, 1A, 3B, 1C are all Emirates-only, and D is only non-Dubai airlines. This was something I tried to verify using several Youtube videos like this one - you can see 3B and 1C in the background from the tower, and they're all Emirates. That was good enough for me, and it conforms with the assignment in the original schedule. What you call Apron S is obviously "Cargo S" in the game, and there are the stands for TAM Cargo, Emirates Sky Cargo and Lufthansa Cargo. And probably other airlines like ASL Airlines Belgium. However, I don't know where Silk Way's IL76 usually stands. In my own schedule I just changed it to Silk Way West's 747 to make it work... As for the assignments to both cargo stands I used aerial photos and the locations of the respective airlines' offices around the airport.
  9. As far as I have been researching, this would be the real-world terminal assignment:
  10. You mean like this? 😉 (Feel free to be the guinea pig, if you like. Schedule deals with flight times 1000-1300 and 1600-1900 only. Just remember to copy all the text files in your JFK folder before inserting these.) Kennedy Challenge.zip
  11. And when will we get a retro airport, like Idlewild, for example? 😏
  12. In this case, I think that no feedback is good feedback. When it works, people are satisfied, and when people are satisfied they don't give feedback in this time and age. People provide feedback when they're not satisfied, because they just love to complain (and probably feel a little better over one's imperfection)... 😉
  13. https://www.aircanada.com/content/aircanada/ca/en/aco/home/about/media/new-livery.html Took me longer to type into Google than Google to find this as very first result...
  14. I can confirm there's a glitch with F north of 4L/22R. In my case I tried to let a Mokulele Airlines Cessna depart from 4L and desperately tried to utilize the northern part of F for it, but the game didn't allow it. The only way using this part of F was allowed was when I taxied an arrival via F, D, B, then E after having a UPS blocking C. (Note: I'm using my own schedule.)
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