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Epic matter and Virtuel axe

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What I need to do is to make a VIRTUAL axe follows a real axe into window game controller.

I placed in device



analog(VIRTUAL, pot1, X, MEM8,0,0,255);


So I see the axe appearing in window game controller.

But even if I give value to this axe by epl coding,

"device.VIRTUAL = device.real_axe;"

I see the real axe moving well but

I don’t see the VIRTUAL axe moving into game controller.

I tried many ways to give a value to it, but still nothing.

Also tried a calibration coding into epl. I think I should not need it until I want 0 to FF or 0 to FFFF

What can be missing?

If you are wondering why I need to axes like that, it is about the pitch trim controlled by a stepper motor. I need the real axe to control the motor and the Virtual will send data to AXE_ELEV_TRIM only when AP is off.

I found that when I get on Autopilot Fs pitch trim still confused between reading pot value or following the autopilot.



Montréal Canada

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I placed in device

I'm afraid I'm out of my depth already here. I only really ever programmed the ISA EPIC, I don't know much about all this stuff with the new USB EPIC and "virtual axes".

Sorry. If no one else here can help I can only suggest getting onto EPIC support.



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