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Wont run (Windows 10)

Joel O

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I am having an issue. I have installed my Tower 3D Pro, as you suggest. When I click on the icon the program launches, the main screen comes up, for about 5 seconds and the program shuts down.

I have plenty of computer to run the program. I actually went out and purchased a new gaming laptop with 16RAM.

I'm disappointed this is happening. Am I doing something wrong?

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"It sounds like you're having an issue when the menu first loads. The most common cause of this problem is the newer wi-fi drivers installed in Windows 10. Do you need some more help?" - Clippy

On a slightly more serious note:

What version of the game are you running?

  • For steam versions of the game, the patch that fixes this should have already been automatically installed and therefore the problem could be caused by one of the things scoobflight has suggested.
  • For non-steam versions of the game, you will need to find the post in the forum which has the update from feelThere. No idea why that post did not get pinned. This patch probably has not been included in the latest downloadable installer, as it is only 4.5 months old. (age added at end of sentence so it will be easier to update when quoting in future posts. note: remove this note 😛)
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