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My FSUIPC was working 100% but then I ran into some problems with the Fenix A320. Had to reassign certain buttons and axes because Fenix did not want to play along with what is working with ALL other aircraft - but now a new problems popped up: FSUIPC does not see / recognise / acknowledge my throttle. I can press any button or move the axis but nothing happens in FSUIPC. It sees the joystick with all its buttons but it is as if the throttle does not exists.

I've unplugged and restarted PC but it is still the same. In MSFS in works fine to assign some commands to the throttle but I would very much like my throttle and all the buttons around it back in FSUIPC. Just so much more control and ways to get everything to work together.

Any advise or suggestions how to get FSUIPC to see my X-56 HOTAS throttle quadrant? 



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1 hour ago, John Dowson said:

Glad you resolved your issue - strange though... did you install additional drivers or software for use with the Fenix A320? Are your Fenix A320 assignments still working ok?

Haven't changed anything on my rig before or after Fenix ... the main problem is the throttle and I simply couldn't get it to work with FSUIPC which is strange because the FBW indents work 100% - and after fiddling with it for a whole day, I just changed the throttle back to MSFS settings and it works but there are a few key bindings that I would like back as it was before because it works like a charm with General Aviation autopilot and now that they are back, it's happy aviator on this side.

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49 minutes ago, John Dowson said:

Many people are having issues with the throttle assignment for the Fenix A320. This post indicates that calibrating the throttle in the Fenix MCDU and then assigning to the *_EX1 throttle controls (under 'Send to FS as normal axis') is working, so you could try that...


Thanks for the reference ... will read and see how it can work the best. Fenix is also aware of the problem and they've promised to investigate.

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