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Control Assignment Issue Logitech (Saitek) Pro Quadrant

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I use a second Logitech Pro Throttle Quadrant alongside that provided by my Logitech Pro Yoke. I ve the latest version of FSUIPC6 running.

In the last few flights the control assignments between the left and the right levers have become swapped over. The left lever was assigned Throttle 2, and the right lever was assigned Flaps Lever. This has happened in both the FSLabs A320 and the PMDG B777 aircraft.

I suspect that a corrupt assignment has occurred. I wouldlike to delete all control assignments and start again with a 'clean sheet'. Could someone explain how to do this, if it is possible?


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This sounds like the joystick ids, assigned by windows, have changed. The issues that occur when this happens can be avoided by using the JoyLetters facility (see the User guide for details).

Rather than deleting your assignments and starting again, it should be possible to just switch the device' ids back by editing the FSUIPC6.ini. If you would like to try this, please attach your FSUIPC6.ini and FSUIPC6.log files and I will take a look and advise.

Otherwise, to delete all your assignments, you can either just delete (or better to just rename) your FSUIPC6.ini and let a new default one be created - you will lose all your assignments to all controllers if you do this, as well as any general settings you have changed. Otherwise, you could open the FSUIPC6.ini file in an editor and manually remove any assignments - they should be relatively easy to identify.


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