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SkyDemon with FS9/GPSout in Windows 10

John Fee

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This is an update for FS9/FS2004 users who wish to use SkyDemon in Windows 10 x64.

Previously I used a similar method for FS9 in Windows 7 posted here. SkyDemon has also been updated since that time.

I run FS9 in Compatibility Mode: Windows XP (Service Pack 2).

This method uses Eltima software for pairing COM ports (see below). This allows SkyDemon to  interact in both directions with FS9 via GPSout.


             1. Install a free registered version of FSUIPC for FS9, version 3.999z9b   https://forum.simflight.com/topic/80977-updated-modules/

               Details of how to register are provided.

            2. Check the FSUIPC.ini in the FS9 Modules folder using Notepad - that the above version is installed.

            3. Install GPSout from https://www.schiratti.com/files/dowson.html

               This is NOT included in the FSUIPC 3.999z9b download.

                GPSout.dll and GPSout.ini must be in the FS9 Modules folder.

           4. Open the GPSout.ini file with a text editor like Notepad.  Set the following:

                 Sentences=RMA,RMC,GLL,GGA          [note, no spaces]

                 Port=COM8;   Baud=19200


           5.  Open Eltima VSPD - a fully functional trial is available

                 Pair Ports, COM8 and COM9

           6.  Press WinKey+X.  In Device Manager: Electronic Team VSP Ports COM8/COM9 should show.

           7. Run FS2004 and open default airport (optionally after this, create a flight plan using FS2004 flight planner and SAVE).

           8. Start SkyDemon (current version 29 Sept 2022)

               Menu: SetUp - 3rd party devices - set COM9 and Baud=19200

               Menu GoFlying - connect RS232




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