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PFC Cirrus 2 Pro not recognized

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18 minutes ago, Pete Dowson said:

The log entries following the one I showed are:

   224094: Device #1 received: LandingLight[0] = 0
   224094: Full macroname for decoded switch = "PFC:LandingLight", mask = X00000000
   224094: ... IPCwrite 0D0C[2] = 1011, 0x3F3

So it is only bit 2 changing.

Yes, maybe that is what the macro is doing, but difficult to tell from a single log entry (especially as mask = X00000000) - you can only tell that bit 2 was changed by comparing to the previous value (1015). I just tested offset 0x0D0C by writing the value 0x3F7 to confirm the correct events were being sent with this value, which they are, rather than just changing a single bit.

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53 minutes ago, John Dowson said:

Yes, maybe that is what the macro is doing, but difficult to tell from a single log entry (especially as mask = X00000000)

I think that Mask value is for something different.

You want the driver to log all reads as well as writes? Better done in FSUIPC, really.

The more important clue is in the line before:

224094: Device #1 received: LandingLight[0] = 0

So, the switch is being turned OFF (0). The previous entry shows it being turned on (1). The entry right at the beginning was missing an IPCwrite log because the switch in MSFS must have been OFF already:

    76235: Device #1 received: LandingLight[0] = 0
    76235: Full macroname for decoded switch = "PFC:LandingLight", mask = X00000000



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4 minutes ago, Pete Dowson said:

I think that Mask value is for something different.

Just checked. The mask details the actions relevant to this control/button, thus:

#define MFNOSEL        1    // Selection digit used or not (if not, param)
#define MFNSEL0        2    // 0
#define MFNSEL1        4    // 1
#define MFNSEL2        8    // 2
#define MFNSEL3        16    // 3
#define MFNSEL4        32    // 4

#define MFPLUS        64    // +
#define MFMINUS        128    // -
#define MFFASTP        256    // >
#define MFFASTM        512    // <

So, it details the suffices relevant to the macroname -- a selector number, an increment or decrement and for the latter whether a fast (higher value) or normal change. The way these are encoded into the full macroname is documented in the PDF. 

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i appreciate you guys going to such lengths to try and solve my dilemma

im not nearly as computer savvy as either of you so Im pretty lost at this point.

1. As far as the yoke not working - I will continue my discussion with Brunner (in Switzerland) - I do not think this issue iis one we should focus on.  It will be an update from Brunner that will address the yoke functionality.

2. It appears that all the knobs and switches and throttle quadrant levers on the Cirrus console were registering in the log file that I could see displayed in real time (console yes).  Nothing from the entire PFC radio stack registers.  I tried all knobs and buttons.

3. Alt F now pops up properly but NO ENTRIES from the console or radio stack shows except  the throttle quadrant.

4. When i goto MSFS and get in a plane ready to fly nothing shows anywhere in the MSFS Control assignment screen?  The PFC Console shows and the radio stacks as well but nothing there shows any control entries.  

5. Question 1.  Should i leave the change  I did to the .ini file or change them back ?

                     2.  Im lost as to what to try next ????   Any directions would be appreciated.


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Could you please activate logging for Events in FSUIPC, and as Pete said change the following lines in your PFChid64.ini:

then show me/attach your FSUIPC7.log, FSUIPC7.ini  and PFChid64.log files, showing the console buttons that are registering (in the log) but not having any affect in the FS.

What is the exact model/name of your PFC Radio Stack? Is it a hid or com device?


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  • 2 weeks later...

Im back to see if we can get FSUIPC7 with my PFC Console working.  First i will re-cap where we are since both John and Pete are involved with suggestions.
Done previously per your suggestions:
1. Created [Macro] entry and saved in the same folder as PFChid64.dll is located
2. Changed PFChid64.ini to your suggested values as you instructed : LogDecode=-Yes, LogIPCwrites=Yes, LogMacroNames=Yes, Console=Yes, LogDevices=No and LogDeviceChanges=No

My PFC main console is the C2 Profesional and the Avionics stack is the Digital Avionics Stack - both are HID devices - Puchased from PFC on 5-4-21.
I attached a picture of both units in an earlier response.  All work flawlessly with XPlane11.

I have the paid version of the current FSUIPC.

The Yoke in the current PFC is operated with force feedback software from Brunner (Switzerland) and is currently working perfectly directly thru MSFS2020 so we need not troubleshoot that.  PFC also has 2 buttons and a rocker switch on the yoke that they designed as regular joystick switches and they are working in MSFS2020 as well.

With this in mind I started MSFS2020 and loaded the Baron for a flight.
MSFS 2020 controls page shows all the various PFC equipment that I have connected but no inputs register.

With the "log" showing on my screen I did as you requested and operated each axis, button and switch on the PFC console in order (i attached a text file where i listed each item in the order i operated them)

As far as i can tell by watching the "log" file - EVERY input i did registered immediately - throttles, prop and mixture axes and then every other switch on the main console.
I then tried the Radio Stack (which was unlit) and nothing registered.

Shut down MSFS 2020 and copied the files you requested

I attached FSUIPC7.log, FSUIPC7.ini files and the PFChid64.log as requested.

I had a previous serial version of FSUIPC that i used with MSFS 2004 and the PFC serial console in that day and it worked immediately - i didnt need to program anything and all the controls and buttons worked fine.  im assuming that the current HID version should be about the same - work without edit on all the standard axes and buttons and only need more programming if i wanted to take advantage of the added possibilities that FSUIPC7 offers.   Is this correct ??

Hopefully the attached files will help get this running.   I await your suggestions.

ps.    AltF doesnt work anymore to see the FSUIPC popup ??

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Still not sure why your radio stack isn't being recognised - I will talk to Pete and get back to you on this.

For the Console, some of the offsets being used are no longer writeable, but others should be - but I am not sure if they are working for the aircraft you are using (G58) - again, I will check this and get back to you. However, the FSUIPC7.log file you provided is cut-short, ending after 66 seconds and attached when either FSUIPC7 was still running or had crashed. You also did not activate logging for Events in FSUIPC. Can you please do this and repeat the tests with the console for the following buttons (those tied to events):
   Landing Gear
   Pitot Heat on/off
   Flaps inc/dec

Can you also add offset monitoring for offset 0D0C as U16 in hex and repeat the testing of the lights (Nav/Bcn/Strobe/Taxi/Landing).
Once done, exit FSUIPC and show me the FSUIPC7.log and PFChid64.log files.

15 hours ago, jimbooo said:

ps.    AltF doesnt work anymore to see the FSUIPC popup ??

Are you sure FSUIPC was still running? I can't see how that can stop working.... Could you still open the main window from the system task bar icon, or see FSUIPC in the task bar?


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im willing too do all

1. How do I activate "logging for events in FSUIPC"  ??

2. How do I "add offset monitoring for offset 0D0C as U16 in hex"   I dont have any idea how to do this.

I can use any aircraft you like if the G58 is not the best for this test.


as far as AltF not working - i tried it right after the MSFS fully loaded my plane and was ready to fly.   did not work throughout the entire time MSFS was running.   the "log" window opens automatically during loading so I left it open so i could monitor my control inputs.

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1 hour ago, jimbooo said:

1. How do I activate "logging for events in FSUIPC"  ??

2. How do I "add offset monitoring for offset 0D0C as U16 in hex"   I dont have any idea how to do this.

Try looking under the Log menu of the FSUIPC7 main window - it should be obvious but if not please consult the User Guide - they are provided so I don't have to continually respond to such questions...

1 hour ago, jimbooo said:

I can use any aircraft you like if the G58 is not the best for this test.

That is fine - I just need to check if the offsets/events that the PFC driver macros are using are valid for that aircraft...You can also try another maybe simpler aircraft for comparison (e.g. the C172).

1 hour ago, jimbooo said:

as far as AltF not working - i tried it right after the MSFS fully loaded my plane and was ready to fly.   did not work throughout the entire time MSFS was running.   the "log" window opens automatically during loading so I left it open so i could monitor my control inputs.

Presumably you are referring to the PFC console window, not the FSUIPC one... But could you open the FSUIPC main window from the system tray? If you close the FSUIPC console window if open (using Log -> Close Console), then as well as showing/hiding the FSUIPC7 main window, you should also see the FSUIPC icon move from the system tray to the task bar and back again on alternate presses of Alt + F. If the console window (FSUIPC) is open, there will always be an FSUIPC icon in the task bar, but if you hover over it it will also show the FSUIPC7 main window if it is not in the system tray, and if it is in the system tray then Alt + F should display the main window and you will see this when you hover over the task bar icon. It could be that the main window is being displayed but outside of your displays coordinates.


      141 Registered HotKey 'InvokeFSUIPCOptionsKey' (key=0x46, modifier=0x1)

Your log file shows that the Alt+F hot-key is registered ok with windows, which is why this is confusing and I need to know more about what is actually happening.

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Could you also activate logging for IPC Writes, and with this and Event logging activated, as well as the offset monitoring I mentioned, and repeat the tests. The resulting FSUIPC7.log file may be quite large and need compressing/zipping before being attached.

Note also that it is now the festive period, and as well as having other support requests that I need to look into, I am also planning on taking time off over the next 2 weeks, so please be patient. If you can provide the required logs I will get back to you once I have had time to go through them.

It would also be useful to see the output from the HidScanner program if you could run that, available from 



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Going back a few messages here is what i have done per your suggestions:

* activate "logging for events"
* added "offset monitoring 0D0CC at U16 in hex"
* activate "logging for IPC Writes"
* d/l HidScanner + run program

started MSFS and FSUIPC7 as usual - i will use C172 as you suggested

the events you wanted me to do:
Ldg Gear / Pitot Heat / Flaps
Lights - Nav/Bcn/Strobe/Taxi/Landing
i may have toggled another switch or moved the throttle but specifically i did the above as requested.

exited MSFS and FSUIPC7

docs you requested are attached

FSUIPC7.log / PFChid64.log / HidScanner report

This whole dillemma is most confusing.  I have a new, untouched MSFS2020 install with nothing added.
A current paid version of FSUIPC7 also installed properly and functioning within MSFS.
A current PFC C2 Console with all the buttons, switches and axes registering in real time on the FSUIPC7 Console log ????

Should be working  ????

PFChid64.log HidScanner.log FSUIPC7.log

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Are you sure your console isn't working? Your FSUIPC7.log shows the correct offsets being updated, and the correct controls being sent, which should work in the C172. I haven't tested everything, but I have tested flaps inc/dec, pitot heat on/off, and panel, nav and beacon lights and they are all working...

If you are sure that, for example, the pitot heat on/off isn't working, can you try assigning a key press to Pitot Heat On and one to Pitot Heat Off and test the key presses to see if they work.

Btw, there is no offset monitoring in the log (but not really needed) - you probably forgot to check the box Display to Normal log file. You also started to operate the controls a bit earlier - please wait 4-5 seconds for everything to start/load after the aircraft is ready before you try and operate it. If you have the main FSUIPC window open, you can tell when everything is ready as a message is displayed indicating the number of lvars, hvars and presets available.


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For your Radio Stack, this is a newer version and is not currently supported by the current PFChid64 driver. We have made enquiries to PFC about this device (or these devices) to see if the decoding is the same as for the original C2AVIONICS device. If so, we should be able to update the driver with support for this. If not, then you will have to contact PFC on how to use this device. I will keep you updated.



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thanks John

im not so worried about the radio stack - i can use the in cockpit radios fairly easily.  If we can get the Console working I will be happy...

i will be back at the sim later tonite to do what you suggested in the previous response.

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Good News .....

Played around with the key assignments you suggested and found some luck 

Restarted computer and now the main console buttons, switches and knobs work in the plane.

Nothing shows in the MSFS screen but the console works in the plane !!

The Throt-Prop-Mixture axes dont work automatically but I assigned them is FSUIPC and now they work properly. They also do not show in MSFS control page but they work in the plane,

Still no radio stack but i got your message that current stack is new and not yet programmed in FSUIPC7.

I will keep in touch with them.

I will keep experimenting and let you know if I find anything of interest.

For now Im happy and thank  you for your continued support.

Have a nice Holiday season

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To my surprise I received a reply from PFC already (didn't expect a response till the New Year).  It seems that, though the Avionics stack is now composed of several separately identified devices (it used be be all integrated), the actual units behave the same as the older ones.

This being so, I assumed it was therefore only a matter of recognising these new units and decoding the inputs in the same way. I've made such changes, but I don't know if it is really that simple -- especially regarding the displays and indicators.

Perhaps you could try it and let us know. Make a safe copy of your existing PFChid64.DLL and replace it by the attached version. Try it with the same PFCHid64.ini logging options as before, and let us see the resulting Log when you try things out. Also note what you see on the displays and indicators, if anything actually does show.

I'm not convinced it will work. The code is very complex and I've not delved too deeply.  But it's worth a try, just in case!




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wow   thats amazing that PFC responded that fast - maybe that they responded at all !!!

they make it VERY clear that their console is only designed to work with XPlane.   

We are on our own if we want to integrate with MSFS.

The PFC Radio stack is composed of a variety of individual radios and controllers - you can order the stack with varying individual units.

Their normal one has a GPS controller of sorts that was not very interesting to me so i had them remove that and replaced with the Audio Panel - which also has a Vert Speed display and target altitude that interconnects with your Autopilot.   I think their programming deals with each instrument individually since the Stack I have still works perfectly with XPlane and integrates with RealSimGear GPS radios and Autopilot and works with RealityXP programming for the Garmin GPS units.

I will try the new .dll file and report my findings.

Oh Look   -  Santa brought me a new .dll file !!!

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whatever you did the new .dll file now shows all the radio stack events in the log !

i have attached both logs for you to see.

Now all the input changes seem to be active BUT the stack is still dark ?

All the displays are backlit digital numerals and the entire stack is unlit.

there is no on/off switch on the stack - it is obviously powered up since all the inputs now show in real time.

must be a software switch or command to light the stack ?

the main Console itself lights up as FSUIPC is loading each plane - probably something like that in the Radio stack programming ???

seems like we are close to success here  -  any ideas ?

PFChid64.log FSUIPC7.log

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