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I cannot use FSUIPC7 to calibrate my Arduino Micro configured throttle


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I have used FSUIPC for many years now, but am switching from Prepar3d to MSFS.
I have 3 Joystick interfaces for Yoke's , rudder, brakes and Throttle.
With FSUIPC6 no issue's, but with FSUIPC7 my Arduino Micro which connects the Throttle as a joystick cannot be calibrated within FSUIPC.7
I CAN use it directly when configuring the axis directly to MSFS.
But i miss the calibration option of FSUIPC,; that's why i even bought FSUIPC7!





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What version of FSUIPC7 are you using?
Calibration of axes not assigned in FSUIPC7 (or assign with 'Send to FS as normal axis') was removed in 7.3.9 due to issues introduced  in SU10, but was re-enabled in 7.3.13. The latest version is 7.3.15.

If that is not your issue, can you please explain what you mean by 'cannot be calibrated within FSUIPC.7', and please let me know how that is assigned, and attach your FSUIPC7.ini file.


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Thanks for the quick reply

Yes i have installed the latest version: 7.3.15
What i mean is , when i scan an ax from the axes assignment menu and the select "Send direct to FSUIPC Calibration", then assiging it to throttle 1 calibration ,there are no readings there; values don't change when moving the throttle for instance.

This IS the case with my Arduino Leonardo assignments like rudder and elevator  etc.
Only the axes connected to the Arduino Micro give readings in the Assignment , but they stop giving readings when trying to assing them to throttle , rudder  etc.

Hope this is clear....

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Not really...to confirm:
    In the axis assignment tab, you can see the joystick and axis letters detected there, and the In / Out numbers changing.
    You then assign to Throttle1 with Send direct to FSUIPC Calibration,  and on page 3 of the calibration tab, you cannot see the In / Out numbers changing there?

If that is the case, I do not understand as the axis input values are coming from the same place...

Can you try this with just running FSUIPC7 without MSFS and see if you get the same behavior?

Are you assigning using profiles for both the assignments and/or calibration?

Can you attach your FSUIPC7.ini file as well please.

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1 hour ago, Shimokuta said:

Ik believe i allready tried that, but am not sure

It shouldn't make a difference if assigning in FSUIPC with 'Send direct to FSUIPC calibration',  but will if assigned in MSFS or in FSUIPC with 'Send to FS as normal axis' (depending on the axis controlled you have assigned to). However, as I said, your ini file shows no assignments. Try assigning your axis in FSUIPC7 as well,.


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Hi John


Just tested , but i have been messing around yesterday witjh this; today i could not calibrate any axes :S
Not sure if i messed something up....

But, i copied the FSUIPC6.ini (which is on the same PC for P3D ) to FSUIPC7 folder and renamed it.
Axes ARE calibrated now and i can calibrate them more.

Weird is that this was not possible with a clean FSUIPC7 installation in C:\FSUIPC7 folder (which i did several times)



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