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Installing RCv4 on new build computer with P3d V5.3

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Good Morning,

I am looking for guidance on installing RCv4 on my new build computer.  I remember when I installed it long ago on my old computer that was running p3d v4.5 there were some work arounds in order to get RCv4 to work correctly. I have scoured the internet and have found some guidance but nothing helpful yet.  A lot of mentions of taking .DLL files from the previous installation but no mention as to specifically which ones.  I am currently getting an error during installation, Runtime error 713 saying that I need MSSTDFMT.DLL to be installed on my machine. There is also mention in a forum that I need to register that .DLL file with instructions which I have tried but with no luck.  I have also gotten to where during the installation process it wants me to select the FSX.exe.  I have tried faking it as per other forums by making a text file and renaming it in my root P3D folder but it still wont take it.  I am running Windows 64 bit and FSUIPC 6. Any guidance will be helpful.  Thanks!



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Thanks Ray - presume that is this post: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/628812-installing-rcv4-on-my-new-build-computer-running-p3d-v53.

There doesn't seem to be a solution posted there, and the OP said ' with instructions which I have tried but with no luck'. The dll and instructions are available here:

Maybe @Jlinckecould post his solution, for others who have the same issue and come across this post.




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Hi John. @Jlinckeused email hence why there’s no solution posted on that link. I wish people would stick to the forum.

He wasn't using the correct syntax for registering the DLL. Once he corrected it things were fine. Well I assume so because he never came back to me except to say he had registered it.

Here is John Dekker’s post on registering. It needs doing in two folders.


The file was part of Windows 7 but dropped for 10. Hence why so many need it.

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