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Key assignment LVar HVar - Honda Jet


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I’m looking for some help / advice. I have LVar and HVar details for Honda Jet. I would like to assign them to the key so for example when I press + or - the MFD map zooms in or out. 

I have very little knowledge about these settings. I tried to follow some topics here and I have not been able to understand everything. Could someone point me into right direction? For example where to insert the values within FSUIPC? I have full version of the product. 


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Rather than using the ;vars/hvars directly, why don't you ise a preset? There are currently 83 presets available for the HJet - see https://hubhop.mobiflight.com/presets/.
You can assign to presets directly in FSUIPC7 by checking the Select for preset checkbox.

If there is no preset available for the function that you would like to implement, and you know the lvar/hvar/avar/whatever that can do this, then you can define your own preset to do this using the myevents.txt file (MobiFlight presets are stored in the events.txt file). Please see the Advanced User guide for details on preset use.

Otherwise, if you want to use an lvar directly, you can do this either via a macro file or add the lvar to a free FSUIPC7 offset. Both mechanisms are described in the User guide and the Advanced User guide. Just try and report if you have issues. Hvars are more complicated, but I suggest that you only use presets for hvar activation these days.


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