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Conditional Axes/Button Programming

Alhard Horstmann

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Hi, in MSFS I use the Joystick for elevator and aileron as usual.

In the drone mode I can use my Jostick also for moving the drone back and forth , left and right,

With MSFS Controls this works perfect cause MSFS knows if I am in drone mode or in normal fligth mode.

Question: How can I do this with conditional axes programminmg and FSUIPC7?   Or with LUA?


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  • Alhard Horstmann changed the title to Conditional Axes/Button Programming

You don't need to use conditional programming for this (and there is no such thing as conditional programming for axes anyway) - you can just overload your assignments, i.e. have multiple assignments for the same axis. Even though the multiple assignments are sent, only the ones appropriate to the current view mode will be acted upon.

Note also that you cannot control any camera in MSFS using the standard controls/events. You have to assign to the keypress which is assigned to the camera control in MSFS. I recently showed how to do this for the external camera on an axis in another post - showcase/drone should be similar.

But if it works perfectly in MSFS, why nor just leave the assignments there?

FYI, the current camera state is held in offset 0x026D, which will change depending on the view mode.

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