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Makerwys with MSFS open


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Hi, just to be sure I have this right:  if I am in MSFS and I go into the content shop and buy/install an add-on (eg Origani's EGKK), I can then run Makerwys (with MSFS still open) so that my 3rd party programs will have the updated data.  Is that correct or does MSFS have to be closed when you run makerwys?


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It should be ok to run MakeRunways while MSFS is still open/running. However, please note (from the provided README.pdf):


NOTE that many third-party airports installed via the MS Store are encrypted, and may be
hidden so that MakeRwys cannot even see the BGL files which contain the data it normally

extracts. Therefore the data provided by MakeRwys will, in these cases tend to be that of the
default (“fs-base”) scenery. This problem does not seem to apply to Community add-ons.


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Thx John, yes I'm staying clear of the MS Store, it doesn't even seem to work, I tried to buy something several times and it said "another transaction is being completed".  This fact and your comment above, it's so much easier to buy something separately and just place it in the community folder

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