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Offsets BC4 BC6

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I have written a simple LUA to have a sort of autobrake using the offset BC4 and BC6.

Problem is that even if I write the same value in both offsets the result (looking at the FSUIPC log on the screen) is different:

In detail I wrote (ipc.writeUW) in both offsets 2000, but the result is that BC4 is set to 1865 e BC6 to 629. The result is that the aircraft goes to the left and does not maintain a straight direction (that is the reason for what I have written the lua).

I have tried also recalibrating the pedals, but without any result.

Is there a way to solve the issue and to have both values set at the same value? I'm using P3D v5.3.

Thanks ank kind regards


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You will not see the same values as written, as the offset status document says:

Note that the values READ here run from 0 to 16384, but will not match exactly the values written. They seem to follow an exponential curve, being much lower at the low end (e.g. only 33% of what is written), gradually catching up to meet at the top.

However, you should see the same values in those offsets if writing the same value.
Can you please add monitoring to those offsets (in FSUIPC), activate lua debug logging and generate an FSUIPC6.log file showing your issue. Attach that with your lua script and your FSUIPC6.ini file and I will take a look.


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the lua is very simple:



I have found a solution using the offsets through a VB program (using the Paul Hentys SDK) in this way:

I write the offsets (and in the log  I see the different values in the offset, always BC4 set to 1865 and BC6 to 629)

Then, through a timer, I wait 500 ms and I write again the values in the offsets.

At that point the values are fine in both the offsets ( in the log BC4 set to 2000 and BC6 set to 2000 and the aircraft is braking going straight forward)

Very strange.




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