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Oi4FS and FSUIPC7 latency


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Can't find any topic about my problem so i created this one.

I bought FSUIPC7 to use it with MSFS 2020 and PMDG 737. I own Opencockpit MCP and EFIS, drived by new Oi4FS PMGD driver.

When i use only Oi4FS, the response of MCP/EFIS buttons / switches is almost immediate.

When i Start FSUIPC7 to control landing lights, cutoff levers, etc, the response of OC devices is more than 2/3 seconds... just unusable (each button step takes 2 seconds....)

Is there any setting to activate or is it a bug between MSFS/PMDG/SimConnect/FSUiPC/OI4FS chain ?

Thanks for your help,


Nantes, France


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If the response problem is with the Oi4FS/OC devices/driver, then I think that they should be the first point of contact for this issue - not having or even knowing anything about this software, I cannot really comment on this. And if there is no issue with FSUIPC7 itself, I cannot investigae/look into this issue.



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Hi John

Many thanks for your quick answer, i understand your point of view.

In fact, i try to find an answer using all internet sources i can, and i did open a topic in Rksoftware forum too (flightsim4fun.com).

Anyway, one the problem is solved (i'm an optimist ;-)), i will post a solution on this forum, maybe could help somebody




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Btw, if you are not using the latest version of FSUIPC7, 7.3,18, can you please update and try with that version. Earlier versions were could be logging hundreds of console messages (in the MSFS console) every second with aircraft not using MSFS's new Fuel System module. This can maybe cause some logging contention issues if something else is also logging a lot to the console. You could also take a look at the console messages to see if there is anything there relevant to this issue (you need to switch to Developer mode to access the console window).


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  • 2 weeks later...

Hello John !

After several hours spent (lost 😉 ?), searching all possibles issues, i think i got the solution, thanks to an other topic on this forum :

In fact, i discovered i had the same issue as above with "FSUIPC not connected" on the SIOC window

I followed your advice and set launch options for OI4FS.exe and SIOC.exe to "run as administrator" and... that's it ! FSUIPC is connected to SIOC and everything works fine, with no latency anymore 🙂 !

Thanks for your support and this nice tool i use since many years !


Good night from France,





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