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  3. ERJ175 Nav Database Load Issue

    confirm that the database is in the correct feelThere folders.
  4. Pmdg brakes

    I have the latest paid version of FSUIPC and have all my axes and calibration done thru it. The problem I am having is with the brakes. For onevi cannot engage or disengage the parking brake. It won't change either with clicking on the brake handle or thru key control or button control. GSC keeps asking to release parking brake but I can't do it so I can't use gsx pushback. Also the red brakes tag is on the lower left corner at all times. If I press the brake prefers the differential brakes activate and if I just slight press the brake prefers they disengage, the red light goes out and I can move, but if I left up or press too much the brakes engage again. Please help.
  5. Custom (REAL) Traffic #5 -- KLAX ver 2.0!

    alright will do..i just thought some people know how to create liveries for aircrafts esp.for tower 3d or some patchers are here in the forum...btw i am excited for ur boston shedules...very good stuff
  6. Custom (REAL) Traffic #5 -- KLAX ver 2.0!

    That's all in the hands of NyergesDesign, I have no control over it. Please pitch it to them directly in the forum.
  7. Custom (REAL) Traffic #5 -- KLAX ver 2.0!

    really loving your shedules..thanks much for it..one question,possible for the new airlines/aircafts to create liveries? like lufthansa cargo freighter md or american 789?? regards
  8. Fsuipc et Vrinsight

    Bonjour j'ai un simulateur de vol A320 avec MCP Combo II - FCU Airbus, CDU II Airbus et V320 OVHH de Vrinsight. j'ai installé FSUIPC4 et je sais pas faire reconnaître mon matériel Vrinsight par FUIPSC, pourrais-je avoir de l'aide? Par avance merci ALEXANDRE Alain
  9. fsuipc 5 problems

    I do not know exactly which version I have of p3d v4 and also do not know which version I have of FSUipC5 - Is there version 5.122 for download? thank youYes! My dll.xlm
  10. I think this was the result of an unstable overclock. Once I reverted back to stock settings everything worked properly again.
  11. Game crash

    Tower 3D pro crashes very often lately and it's really annoying when I'm 2 hours in the game and all my departed and arrived planes data is lost. This is the message I get when it crashes: Unity Player [version: Unity 5.4.5p2_e6ffa1986af7] tower3d.exe caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005) in module tower3d.exe at 0033:e97b0590. How can I fix this Acces Violation?
  12. Custom (REAL) Traffic #5 -- KLAX ver 2.0!

    @ATControl -- JoeDoes WOW air from Iceland exist in your custom schedule?
  13. 80 knots! Positive rate! (answered)

    Well done you! Got it...a bit of tweaking in the aircraft.cfg file and the FSC aircraft menu and now I have it on each one that was missing :) Thanks again. Have the rest of the weekend off... Ken ;)
  14. two monitor issue

    Simon08 Have fun ! Beware of this...... When you are using voice recognition, you have to activate the main monitor. (the towerview) IF you select one of the undocked panes by mouse, the voice recognition works not properly.
  15. 80 knots! Positive rate! (answered)

    Hi Ken, Sorry, my mistake, but forgot to mention another condition. The function is only activated if the empty weight is > 20,000 kg. Regards, Volker
  16. 80 knots! Positive rate! (answered)

    Hi Volker - thanks for the quick reply :) So that should mean any of the aircraft reaching RadioAlt > 149 and VertSpeed > 200 when FSC is running and with a flight plan loaded should give the audio... My main departure would be from EGNM (Leeds/Bradford) with any of the jet aircraft flying at 2000 fpm vertical speed yet only the TDS 737s and POSKY Airbus are giving the call-out. No sound at all from the Lear, EMB-140/190... in fact I do not "fly" any aircraft with a vertical speed of less than 500 fpm. Very strange! Thanks anyway. Ken ;)
  17. FSUPIC 5.123

    Hi, there seem to be a problem with FSUIPC5.123c and P3Dv4. FSUIPC5.122 and FSUIPC5.123b seem to work OK. Here are links to: FSUIPC5.122 FSUIPC5.123b Thomas
  18. Issue with FCUIP5 with P3D V4.2

    Hi, here are links to: FSUIPC5.122 FSUIPC5.123b Thomas
  19. fsuipc 5 problems

    Hi, as you can find in couple late topics there is a problem with FSUIPC5.123c and P3Dv4.2. It seems FSUIPC5.122 works ok. Pete returns on 20th and will for sure look into that. Thomas
  20. Hi, no, FSUIPC5 supports P3Dv4.1 and newer. Seems then you didn't update P3D to minimum v4.1. Thomas
  21. For me, 5.123a or even 5.123b worked as well as 5.122.
  22. Hi GUys, Can confirm that if you you replace 5.123c with version 5.122: problem solved, log is also OK Hope we get an update of Peter next week Regards, Paul
  23. Issue with FCUIP5 with P3D V4.2

    Hi, same issue here. Where can I find 5.123b please?
  24. fsuipc 5 problems

    I forgot to mention....if I delete FSUICP the sim runs OK , except for slight micro stutters that were not present prior to the up date of FSUICP5
  25. fsuipc 5 problems

    I have a very similar problem. Prepar3d v4.2 installed Windows 10 everything up-to-date Sim working fine, decided to update FSUICP5 to the latest version of FSUICP and now it has messed everything up! I can't access it in the mene. I see it a few times in the menu bar , but if I try to hover over it I have no joy (this applies to all the functions in the menu they disappear when I hover over them). NONE of this happened prior to updating FSUICP!
  26. fsuipc 5 problems

    Hello, Thomas. I'm really very sad. You said that my problem was not with FSUIPC but with my Windows, right? Here's what you wrote: "FSUIPC uses Windows facilities. If the FSUIPC window does not respond then that is related to windows itself." Now I can give you THE SURE THE WORLD that is not in my problem windows. I formatted the machine yesterday and installed windows 10, from the start. Then I installed P3d and then FSUIPC. I have the same problem. He is there. appears there. But it does not open. I click on it and it just DOES NOT OPEN. I need a solution, after all I paid for the product, I have not seen similar problems, so I need a solution. I can not go unanswered. Thank you very much
  27. Yesterday
  28. thanks Thomas for the reply - I managed to figure all that out. Only issue I have now is when I try and install the latest version of FSCUIP5 (demo) it tells me my version of P3Dv4 is not up to date enough..... Is there any site/way to get an older version of FSCUIPS that will support the earlier versions of P3Dv4? (unfortunately no intention of updating my P3D version just to get FSCUIP working as my current install is working well already with all add-ons installed).
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