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  1. Joe: A minor question for you regarding your mod. Have you seen any evidence of cargo flights exiting the runway to the wrong side? This has been a problem with the airport using latest regular FT files and RC/RT with additions of UPS, etc. to make use of the cargo ramp. I have yet to try your mods as I've been busy. It will happen soon enough, so I wanted to ask. Thanks for your hard work! Paul
  2. Tower!3D Pro: Multi-monitor Performance

    In my experience, asking a laptop to push its own screen plus another can get taxing on the poor GPU. They are usually cutdown versions of the desktop graphics chips to begin with, so the larger the resolution you are asking it to push, the worse the results are likely to be for you. Unfortunately there is really no way around this other than a better pc or laptop with a better GPU and possibly CPU.
  3. Reference Cards -- Commands & Airport Specific

    Fizziii: I had the exact same problem at JFK. My solution was to go into the kjfk_airlines.txt file and... modify the line 11 entry for AVA or Avianca. The third entry is the key one for pronunciation in-game. I changed it (again just now) after the recent service pack updates to the airports, which resets it back to spelling with a "c" rather than a "k". So, open it in a text editor ( I swear by Notepad++, it's free) and change the "c" to a "k". Save and start JFK. Got it? It might not be foolproof, but for me the voice recognition correctly interprets "AVIANKA" as Avianca. Previously it would never work for me, no matter how I parsed my speech, etc. So give it a go and let me know if it works for you too. Note: You can also experiment with spaces in airline names. I tried AVI ANCA and AVI ANKA before settling on AVIANKA that sounded more like the actual airline name and still worked with VR. Try different things and see which work for you in the game. Since everyone's voice is different, you may have to attempt a few different formats before (hopefully) a solution is forthcoming. Enjoy! Paul
  4. Tower!3D Texture Problems

    Sure Alex: Here it is. Note that I own all the airports for Pro except San Diego, which I believe is #5, but not certain. Someone else could confirm this. P.
  5. Tower!3D Texture Problems

    Alexk127: Here is a pic of the Tower!3DPro file structure on my PC setup: Hope this helps, P.
  6. Traffic Schedule -- Need Assistance

    Vic: You get points for at least listening to customer input, so that's a start. At 53, I have learned to take a longer view and give the majority of people the benefit of the doubt more than once. We can talk all day about appropriate sayings and "isms", etc., but I for one try hard to keep my cool on the board here because I know you guys are small and cannot possibly juggle all the "balls" thrown your way by everyone. I will say that I rank bringing older existing airports in T3DPro up to current day standards rather high on my want list. Granted, some of this relies on Gabor as well, but I get the feeling that if you at FeelThere lead, he will follow suit with upgrades (as today's promised release already shows [hurrah Gabor!]) on his end. Perhaps in the midst of all the upcoming stuff you guys are working on, a way to squeeze in an older airport update every few months could be possible? Anyway, thanks for your support Vic. I know we can be a PITA at times, so your patience is appreciated! Paul
  7. Atlanta not working

    astrit88: Dana is right. You REALLY need to carefully watch the directory structure the program gives you when installing any of the base, extension or color/traffic products. Not all of them act the same way or default install to the correct directory if you have the Pro version. To be honest Vic and Co. needs to standardize the whole install procedure and make it a bit more user friendly in my opinion, but that is on one of many back burners at FeelThere. Not being harsh here, they are a small group, so needs must and all that, eh? ;p
  8. Tower!3D Pro - KJFK Strange Taxi Route

    I play JFK regularly too, so I will start a .bat game next time to have the appropriate log for Vic. I would also like to "catch" the Terminal 1 "tin pan alley" (as I like to call it) antics again and have evidence on that little wonkiness as well. Oh, and the strange departure taxi behavior at our friendly JetBlue ramp- south side, east end mind you. These guys like to call up one taxi plan based on an expected 31L pushback, then change their mind after you give them the 31L taxi instructions (one towards taxiway F, the other around their ramp to the south). This obviously makes them do a 180 degree turn to get moving to the runway assigned. I suppose I could give them very specific taxi instructions to avoid this, but it still seems sub-optimal for the game code. Anyhoo, I will be on the lookout for these when I play JFK next time.
  9. Missing livery @ LAX

    Just remember that when you're in Germany you get the bottom bunk. ;p
  10. Cool AC. I had tried using the "A" taxiways to the right with no success. I will give it a try today.
  11. Thanks so much for the input everyone, it helps! Another thing I was working on implementing is letting departures get a bit further out on the radar before giving them Contact Departure. They seem to fly a tangent until you do, so it helps some with separation and crossover issues. I find it part of the fun of Tower!3D Pro that you can/need to experiment with different traffic patterns at each airport. For instance, one of my favorites to play is Philadelphia using 27R and 26 for Arrivals and 27L and 35 for Departures. I direct most of the smaller planes up to 320/737 types (not all will allow it) that are terminals C, D, E and F to use 35, larger planes and A thru C are sent to 27L. For Arrivals, 27R for all except the small turboprop DH, etc. types which I bring in on 26. My only beef with this setup is flights landing on 26 refuse to vacate anywhere but D taxiway on the left-hand side. I need to start a log and send in a report to Vic a some point. Thanks again.
  12. Traffic Schedule -- Need Assistance

    I for one would be interested in the files for testing. Appreciate the detective work guys. P.
  13. Hi all: Just picked up Las Vegas along with Color today; so far I like it quite a bit... but I seem to be having difficulty in establishing a "proper" arrival runway and associated departure runway. Let me explain what I mean. I have no idea what the RL airport does when it comes to how the flight arrivals and departures are organized, but I have tried the following with mixed success: 1R Arrivals with 7L for Departures. Worked OK until departing flights started insisting on turning NW/W or SW/S after takeoff and fouling the 1R approach. So, no go on that strategy. 19L Arrivals with 7L for Departures. Essentially the same result, flights veering into the path of arrivals, so another no go. 25R Arrivals with 19L for Departures. This worked OK for a bit, but again became unworkable in about the same amount of time elapsed. The odd similarities in each of the three scenarios made me suspicious that perhaps KLAS must be run with heavy use of departure heading and/or altitude adjustments. I am rather unfamiliar with them as all the other airports (other than KSAN which I don't own) really don't seem to need the additional directions to keep traffic out of each other's way. Maybe I need to use the same side in parallel (1L/1R, or 7L/7R) for arrivals and departures? Can any of you guys answer the question about why this is happening so regularly and either confirm or deny my suspicions? I would also like to hear your personal recommendations on KLAS runway assignments and strategies that have worked (or not) for you so far. Thanks! Paul
  14. TOWER!3D: Missing flights from PHL (and maybe other airports)

    Ken: Make sure you mind your directories and where the SP5 version defaults to install. It is an easy way to screw up the installation and game. For instance, I have a number of separate games (non-Steam) on a G: drive, so I had to keep an eye on all the install steps. I still messed up one, but it was easy enough to fix. It's not an issue for most, but not everyone wants to install in C: under the default configuration. Good luck and have fun!
  15. Craig: Just the tonic I was looking for man- thanks a bunch!