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  1. You know, that's a great point Chazsi. You have no concise way of knowing exactly how much a poor or mediocre quality microphone (or just an old one) is affecting your voice recognition issues, not just in Tower!3D either. It is well worth saving up if necessary to purchase a good-to-great quality mic as a long-term investment. Might just save your sanity as well. ;p
  2. I had a similar experience NoleJP. I figured this is a well-known game issue so I didn't start a thread on it myself. Anyway, PHL playing yesterday. Two American flights, one ARR, while on final, a DEP at gate on the end of the third terminal (backwards "L") pops up and asks for pushback. I happened to have the ARR flight selected and thought better of approving pushback due to collision on taxiway J. However, what ended up happening was once the ARR flight showed its gate and I knew it was next to the DEP, I figured I would let the ARR gate first, then let the DEP leave. The ARR gates just fine, but the DEP, while accepting my VR pushback/27L approval, won't leave the gate. I noticed that even though clearance for pushback was given and acknowledged, the plane refused to leave the gate. I ended up deleting the DEP flight to take care of it. A separate scenario at JFK- in the Terminal 1 and 2 "tin pan alley", I had a Korean Air with pushback approval; in the time it took it to start actually pushing, a China Southern flight popped up at Terminal 1 towards the taxiway end. Of course the Korean Air flight tow driver pushes the plane back into the China Southern flight and yours truly ends up with a -500 ground collision... think I cursed pretty good after that one! I have to say that the majority of the time "faux pushback" is not an issue for me, just once in a while when the air gods deem it "necessary" for some reason.
  3. I purchased everything except KSAN/color from FeelThere; pretty much did step-by-step main program, airports, then color packs and all was OK until I found that since I chose a non-default install location G:\, I ended up with one of the color add-ons IIRC in the wrong folder. Simple fix, but you DO need to pay close attention when the install is going on. When in doubt and issues abound, reinstall.
  4. I agree with Willem on this one. I have had a few times where the Steam overlay in-game caused some really odd issues, and since the vast majority of people don't really need it waiting available just..in..case, send it to the cleaners!
  5. Thanks to you both, that helps a lot. Perhaps later this year we are due for a manual update. It would help with reducing newb questions. I found the current one lacking, lots of repetitive paragraphs and basic information but no specifics to answer your questions. I'll leave it at that as I know FT are a small company and rather busy with stuff. Oh, I also was wondering if the 2011 manual is still available to access or download. Thanks again.
  6. RickyJ: I understand what the categories are- what I would like to know is can you look at a flight's strip in Tower!3D and know what the category of a given aircraft is? Not trying to be a jerk here, I just want to know what information is relayed on the strip. Some of it is dead obvious, the rest? - not so much. Note: I looked at the Avwriter thread you quoted and saw your breakdown on one flight, thanks. So, are all (M)edium/Cat II flights noted as XXXM and all (H)eavy/Cat III flights as XXXH in the game? Thanks.
  7. Related to this, if anyone can explain to me the flight strips I would be grateful. I understand some basic information on them, but cannot decipher where the Category I, II or III is designated as Chazsi and Sky King asked above. Thanks!
  8. Yes crbascott, that is the Pro version I have as well. I just downloaded from FeelThere and installed on August 4th.
  9. Thanks Craig. I figured it was more or less normal as it happens IRL as well. Perhaps I just need to hold the JetBlue flights by the hand more and give very specific instructions.
  10. Hello all: New to Tower!3D Pro and the forums. I did a search on this a couple different ways and got nothing, so here goes: Playing JFK, forget if it was morning or afternoon. I started noticing a trend where a Jet Blue arrival gets to the gate and immediately after shutdown the aircraft pops up in the Departure strip under a new flight number requesting pushback. This happened about three times in a three hour window of ops to me yesterday. Now, I know airlines do turn some planes around quickly and send them back out, but thought I would poll the forum here to see what is what. I also seem to have more trouble with the flight ground control once it leaves the gate again. Of course it is subjective, but they get confused on the south side of the Jet Blue ramp, particularly if you try to reroute the ones on the far (east) end of the terminal to 31L via A, K (or KK). Anyone able to shed some light on this phenomenon?
  11. It wouldn't be the first time those wacky europeans have flown in the face of "superior American convention" and I am sure it won't be the last! I think we Yanks naturally take offence when our "rebel" genes kick in. Oh... and just in case, the above is just dripping with sarcasm. We need some emoticons for that. ;p
  12. Ah... gotcha. I had not seen the thread. I suppose it can't actually hurt, particularly if you are not a native english speaker and told to use English (US) in the recognition software. That seems to be a bit of a problem if you think on it. Appreciate the follow up Wayne.
  13. CL30: If you have tried just about everything, then your computer is trying to tell you it doesn't have what it takes to handle the load. Tower!3D Pro may look a bit simplistic, but there is a LOT of stuff going on simultaneously. Adding the graphical bells and whistles only stresses it more. I should know as I have pretty robust PC with a Haswell E i7 5930K CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, GTX1080 Nvidia card, SSD hard drives and still can't run it full tilt.
  14. I will play devil's advocate here and disagree with winsaudi. I actually think it is crucial for you to do this if you want a high level of recognition and less frustration using VR. Go into Windows settings and then search for microphone and also voice recognition. If you haven't done it already, go through the motions of setting up your microphone in Windows. Then find "training" under voice recognition and do the exercises. They do really help with the computer recognizing your unique inflections and way of speaking. As a matter of fact, I would recommend everyone here spend some time training the computer to better recognize how you speak. It really doesn't take more than a half hour, and will certainly improve the chance that Tower!3D Pro will be a good experience.
  15. In my admittedly limited experience (I just bought T3D Pro on the 4th): - Missing an outbound "contact departure" = -100 points - Ground taxiway collision = -500 points - Missed clearing arrival for landing = -500 points Basically... don't screw up. Easier said than done of course! ;p