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  1. Pdubya

    Been having fun with delays

    Hmm... sounds like one more item for "the list" Craig, eh?
  2. Pdubya

    Ancient bugs on SP3

    xendra: Not that it really helps, but my hunch is that the freeze/jump is the game transitioning to and from ground control to air control internally. This is one of the items that I am sure will be mentioned on the new version fix list.
  3. Pdubya

    Ancient bugs on SP3

    Yes, that is what Vic has implied; a new version written from the bottom up using his experiences with the current version as a means for improvement. AJ, Vic did mention he would like (no guarantee) to include more airports with the release version of the new game than the current sim had to increase the value we would receive for purchasing. Personally, it is a easy buy for me as there are many small and a few large items needing better solutions or implementations. I am excited for when he makes an official announcement.
  4. I am all for the idea with a small caveat - that if Nyerges and FT have any kind of standard(s) regarding the skins, whether it be as mundane as file size or format, fidelity, etc. that those standards or guidelines be agreed upon and adhered to by the contributors. I am sure that others would agree we can't have problems cropping up in the game due to different opinions on what makes a custom livery "good" or not. If that is not going to be a concern, then full speed ahead I say. Correction - my misunderstanding on what was referred to here - sorry. I think it would be great to do this.
  5. Pete: Craig and others can shed some more specific light on this issue, but I have routinely found that Arrivals tend to exit to the Terminal side of the runway, but not always. Sometimes they listen to your command to "Vacate Runway" R/L, many times you get a "negative" response. I personally have not found any rhyme or reason to the behavior. It's exceptionally irritating for me to say the least. Others may have a few workarounds or best practices to minimize the problem. If memory serves, KSFO is a bit wonky right now. I have it, but have only played it occasionally.
  6. Pdubya

    KMCO Heavy Aircraft Issues

    I can understand wanting the 8 hour continuity in the game flow. I am that way when it comes to immersion. But unless Vic can come up with a solution on the next version with the whole available gate issue, I really don't see the point. It is dragging down the rest of the game and the overall experience. I am pretty confident he can come up with a better way. I think it was just a result of choices made last time around... unintended consequences if you will. I will be interested to see what Vic has in mind for this next version- actually pretty excited when thinking of the possibilities, regardless of how far away release is likely going to be.
  7. Pdubya

    KMCO Heavy Aircraft Issues

    Wayne: Can't help but agree. Personally, I am lucky to get through a couple hours before stress relief or cramping sets in. Wouldn't a reduction in loaded hours help with load times and "solve" some related issues as well? I would think so. Seems there should definitely be a happy medium to be found somewhere between 3 and 8. Looking at the logs, I wonder how many cycles are chewed up by the game regularly dealing with no available gates. CPU time better spent doing other more important stuff. I imagine this is on Vic's laundry list for Tower3D Next.
  8. Pdubya

    KMCO Heavy Aircraft Issues

    Pete: Well, Craig and I have chatted about the next release recently. Unfortunately, other than some info Vic gave in response to my "Brotherly Love KPHL" thread, there is very little real info on the next version. Check out that thread if you are interested. We remain hopeful an announcement is forthcoming; the first item will likely be Vic opening up a Suggestions thread when he is ready.
  9. Pdubya

    Look out MCO

    Hmm... those Brits won't be escaping the heat and humidity in Orlando! 😳 Perhaps they plan on staying inside at Disney in the A/C.
  10. Pdubya

    So, do you all....

    Yeah, I know what you mean CL30. Unfortunately, games never quite completely capture all the aspects of the subject they are about. Sucks. But, thinking about an alternate "me" without gaming in my life just gives me the shivers. So I would rather curse at my screen, delete the save game and start all over if that's what it takes. I find that I tend to be an "experience" gamer, not a "completionist". It has its downsides for sure. Maybe one of these centuries we will have something close to virtual reality with enough parameters to fool our brains completely. Of course I will likely be carbon ash by then...
  11. Pdubya

    So, do you all....

    Well... guilty as charged. I seem to remember it entering the lexicon a few decades back. Of course, Wikipedia is always right, right? Figured it was OK along with Terminal, Ramp and Apron ya know. Consider me chastised. ⚠️
  12. Pdubya

    So, do you all....

    Good topic guys. Lots of interesting views and ideas, so thanks to all. I try and take a multi-pronged approach to keeping things moving on the tarmac ground. A bit like 707FAN mentioned, I tend to look at pushback gate locations and then pick the lighter planes to go to an alternative runway like 9 at Boston or 17/35 at Philadelphia. Generally I find it saves me some congestion issues if can do it. Of course it is rather "seat of the pants" decision making along the way, but I find that is part of the fun to Tower3D. Another tactic mentioned I make good use of is clearing for takeoff on intermediate taxiway connections to the major runways. For instance, in Boston, I tend to send CAFE GA planes straight out Charlie and give them a CFT on 4L pronto to get them going ASAP. Their slow speed can be a real challenge if you can't find a space to fit them in. I also send the smaller jets to 9 to split up the waiting in line for 4L takeoffs. At Kennedy, 13R/31L is so long at 14,511 ft. that I find I end up using PA, MC, MB for 13R and K, KE for 31L. Looking forward to some more thoughts and ideas, keep it up guys.
  13. Pdubya

    Help with KLAS Extension

    I am truly hopeful this is one annoyance that the new version will eliminate. Perhaps a check of which version, Plain or Pro is installed and then a default for that directory. I have to say this has caused harm to FT's reputation due to the confusion surrounding installation for new players. It sets a bad precedent in my opinion and gets many people off on the wrong foot. It is high on my "Wanted" list.
  14. Pdubya


    Just for the record: I'll make an analogy for Tower3D Pro with another 'niche' game of mine, Out of the Park Baseball. Now, OOTP as it's known has been around since the early 90's and has grown over the years bit by bit, each year a new release with varying amounts of progress and new features. It now has an official MLB and Players license which opens up all sorts of capabilities like doing justice for the Negro Leagues, etc. For someone looking for a detailed simulation of being a General Manager and/or Manager of a Franchise, real or fictional, there is really no other game in town. Yet, on their forums posters get all bent out of shape about matters they have very little ground to stand on protesting. Seems to me Tower3D Pro is in the exact same boat. I don't know of any other ATC simulator that does all that this game does with the support we enjoy. Now, some of you may laugh at that statement, but REALLY... stop and think about it. Where else are you going to go if you want a detailed ATC game? Hmm? If there is a better alternative, don't you think many of us would be elsewhere than this board discussing and tactfully expressing our desires for features and improvements?? Folks who open their mouths and spout off before they really take in the situation with this game really need to adjust their attitude. Do all of us get frustrated with the pace of progress from Vic and Co. and Gabor as well? You Betcha. Would we all rather see monthly releases of patches and upgrades to existing versions of the game and the individual airports? You're damned right we would! However, most well-adjusted, mature individuals here temper their content, questions and comments in the knowledge that FeelThere and Nyerges have limited resources of time, money and manpower to apply to Tower3DPro. More importantly, we understand that continually "whipping the horse" to go faster will eventually result in him lying down rather than going any faster. There is always the risk of killing the golden goose, so to speak. So, let's all be careful not to over-do it when it comes to vitriol and hard lines getting drawn in the proverbial sand. Making demands doesn't help our cause, and may actually hasten a quicker end to the life of Tower3D. /rant off
  15. They are a bit small, aren't they?! Yep, getting old sucks. Boy, does it ever. Better than the stone cold alternative I suppose.

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