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  1. They are a bit small, aren't they?! Yep, getting old sucks. Boy, does it ever. Better than the stone cold alternative I suppose.
  2. Pdubya

    KLGA taxi issues via A M coming off runway 4

    Nice bit of Sherlocking there DeltaVII, good job!
  3. Nah... you didn't see the wink with tongue stuck out? I was kidding as well. Agree on upcoming version. Excited to say the least!
  4. I think you'd have to prove it to me that it happens on a regular basis. Suppose I would counter with items 7 and 8 then. 😜
  5. ElPasoJoe: Welcome to the community! Enjoy the game, it can be a real challenge at times.
  6. Thanks Vic, Have a pleasant holiday and recharge dude!
  7. Food for thought on vacation Vic: Changes to existing game mechanics that are a MUST IMO: 1. Smoother transition from arrival glide-path (air) movement to landing animation (halt/jerkiness issue) and ensuing (ground) taxiing and its appearance in-game. 2. Parameter in-game to calculate first available exit taxiway for arrivals; and- higher allowable taxi speeds from touchdown to braking zone for said exit taxiway. i.e., A/C are slowing down too quickly and clogging the runway for following A/C on final approach. 2A. Unrealistic mega-braking on runway and subsequent 90 degree turn into taxiway for exit. i.e., A/C are moving much too fast for possible exit in some cases. 3. Some way to avoid arrivals ignoring ATC orders to exit specific taxiway; in other words, keep aircraft from nose-to-nose results due to aforementioned ATC order rejection. 4. Elimination of tendency of arrivals to exit on Terminal side of runways, regardless of ATC orders. 5. Elimination of loophole of holding A/C at taxiway short of runway, then once Continue Taxi order is given, A/C ignores STOP at all runway rules. 6. Some way to inform ATC that due to weather conditions, Departures are not possible on Runway n, n1, n2, etc. I would also like to see a real-time change in this parameter when the closure is no longer in effect. Some nice to have items: 7. The ultimate fix - A/C moving slow enough (taxiway speeds) have ability to stop short of objects in front of them, regardless of angle of approach. 8. A new ability to route A/C that are "stuck" with object in front of them manually in order to re-route taxiing A/C to terminal or runway without resorting to DELETE AIRCRAFT.
  8. Vic: It's kind of funny in a way- before I decided to write you about involving the community I had a definite pause myself; for certain- this isn't something to take lightly, particularly with this board's history. It's a shame that people on the internet can't behave themselves better but we are all stuck with it. As you say, it would require a lot of thought about how to present the idea and what format it would take. The last thing you want is expectations getting out of hand and a virtual Frankenstein torch and pitchfork scene occurring. I would hate that more than the alternative. Honestly, anything I think of to promote community involvement is rife with places and opportunities for Aviation Grognards (French term for grumblers borrowed by gamers long ago) and other ill-wishers to punch big holes in it. Perhaps as VenturaGuy101 mentioned above, a closed test of some kind. Cheers, P.
  9. Vic: Well, as they say - the proof's in the pudding. I appreciate the effort to maybe agree to include more pre-existing (aka older) airports under the initial release; that helps a lot with feeling better about money being well-spent, at least from my personal point-of-view. However, I would expect there will be a hefty group who will voice displeasure at needing to buy airports they have purchased in the previous version(s). It's just human nature I suppose. Reading between the lines, it sounds like you envision a new game that brings at least a few new approaches (see what I did there?) to pushing tin, whether it's capabilities we currently do not have at our disposal, or information available, or even a whole new feature I haven't thought of yet. Also Vic- I sincerely hope FeelThere will seriously consider Early Access Alpha or Beta with existing customers to help provide you feedback on the direction you are headed. I know it can feel a bit stifling creatively, not to mention a royal PITA at times; but it is a great way to connect with your core customers and garner not only their support in making a good game great, but also provide a sense of "ownership" for those who contribute. If nothing else it's a good exercise for you to think about and fit into an alternative development plan timeline with a cost-benefit analysis. I am only one guy, and a single guy who tends to spend a lot of money on my games, so maybe I don't represent a large majority here, so there is that too. Best of luck going forward, and I encourage you to stretch your comfort zone when it comes to development this time around Vic. You might be surprised with the results! Thanks for listening, Paul
  10. Pdubya

    New Airports For Tower 3D Pro

    At this point I am moving into the "Let's get cracking on the next version" corner. Honestly, to me it isn't worth spending too much time anymore (after the reply to my KPHL post) trying to convince FT to fix broader issues or airports. All we can do at this point is report the existing issues, which I think we have done well, and hope they build the new version to correct some underlying fundamental gameplay behavior and capabilities. I have a mental laundry list of stuff I would like to see changed, fixed or improved upon; possibly scrapped and re-imagined or re-coded. Pretty much all the same ones you guys know about already. So here's looking forward to the next version of Tower3D! Pro.
  11. Vic: Thanks for answering first off; also for being honest about your company's intentions. I can get behind the idea of moving on to a new version. Of course it would hurt if I had to buy all the airports again, but sometimes life insists on providing you lemons, so you make lemonade, eh? Keep truckin'.
  12. Vic and Co.: I am a big fan of KPHL in Tower3D Pro, yet I am regularly frustrated while playing it due to its age (and issues) compared to other airports. Is there much of a chance in getting an update to Philadelphia in celebration of the Eagles championship? 😜 Here are some issues I see with the current version: 1. Airport ground image needs updating along with updated taxiways. Foxtrot taxiway (which doesn't exist in current ver.) would be extremely useful for "around the horn" (one end of the terminal to the other) aircraft movements that are necessary in most KPHL configurations. Additionally noted image of far upper taxiway to runway 17 is grass, not tarmac. The glide path to 17 seems pretty unrealistic as well, lots of trees and buildings quite close to the north end. 2. Tendency of arrival aircraft to exit runway 27R to the right even though they are cargo planes and you tell them to "vacate runway left @ X" and it gets acknowledged, only to be ignored a moment later. This regularly results in head-on situations at taxiways M/K3 and N with planes headed to 27L for departure. Very easily repeatable. 2A. Repeatable issue of arrivals ignoring your commands to exit at a specific taxiway. This is not always a problem, but it happens enough to make one gun-shy about bringing taxiing aircraft south of taxiway Kilo for fear of an arrival exiting 27R directly into them. This ends up making your ATC less efficient when it comes to keeping everyone moving when doing a "Juliet East/Kilo West" taxi configuration. 3. Taxiing aircraft using Tango will always stop short of taxiway Papa after being told to cross runway 9L/27R. I don't know why the sim is doing this, but anytime I give a plane "continue taxi" from the terminal side of runway 27L on Tango, they will stop short of Papa. Can't remember if it happens when taxiing towards the terminal via Uniform or not. Vic, if you really need it, I can run the batch file and compile some data for you. However, most of these issues have been talked about here for quite some time, even in my short time on the forums (1 yr). Here is hoping a refurbish job for KPHL is on the to-do list at FeelThere. Show Philly some love brother! Thanks, P. p.s., I'd appreciate the community providing feedback on this, whether you agree or not.
  13. Pdubya

    DBRITE use question for vets

    ML: Thanks, I will give it a try today. I was trying to click on the symbol rather than the plane itself before.
  14. Hey all: Returning to the game recently and came across a player video on youtube that raised a question for me. Perhaps someone can answer. In this letsplay, the author was able to grab the individual aircraft ID/Spd/Alt text block (the one with the line pointing to the plane) and rotate it 360 degrees as desired. I tried this with my full-screen setup and it doesn't work. Anyone know what setup is required to manipulate the aircraft ID? Thanks, Paul

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