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  1. Tower 3d Pro Runway Alert!

    Thanks for the information. I did do a search for the topic and it did not show any results, didn't mean to post on something already covered. P
  2. Tower 3d Pro Runway Alert!

    I guess I do not understand the "Runway Alert -500". At Boston Logan, I have POE946 taking off on runway 33L FROM taxiway Delta so it did not cross runway 27 . AAL2387 landed on Runway 27, the instant the nose of AAL2367 touched runway 33L, I got a Runway Alert with POE946 and AAL2387. POE was already past runway 22L so it wasn't 'near'' runway 27. After AAL2387 passed I crossed runway 27 with EIN136 (too big to takeoff at Delta) and it did not cause any problems. (I am attaching a photo but have not done that before so I hope it works). I guess some of what I don't understand is that I can cross a runway behind a departing plane with no problems and it seems to me that is exactly what AAL is doing, crossing behind a departing plane, and since it took POE a little time to get moving it is not like they were right on top of each other. Maybe someone can explain why the Alert, apparently there is something I don't understand about getting these alerts. I understand there has to be separation, but this case just doesn't make sense to me. Also both planes were still on the ground and the alert happened when AAL's nose touched runway 33L. I was recording and went back and replayed it. Thanks for any help. And just so there is no misunderstanding I am not saying there is something wrong with the game, I just don't understand the reason for the alert. Peabody1001
  3. Boston Airport and 77W

    Did you notice the similarity in the name? :-) Yup, that was me just trying different things. I know in real life they would not use 32 to land big planes. At the time I did not know about the hotel at the end of the runway either. I know there are a lot of things in the game that would never be done in real life.
  4. Boston Airport and 77W

    Thanks for the assistance. I am going to use some substitute planes. To my untrained eye I won't know the difference. :-)
  5. Boston Airport and 77W

    The one I noticed first was this one since I was doing the 20:00 schedule: BOS, CDG, 77W, AF, 333, 12:00, 20:02, 1, AF Then I copy and pasted the other ones and changed the departure time, but left everything else the same to see if it was a problem with just Air France. BOS, DXB, 77W, EK, 238, 12:00, 23:32, 1, EK BOS, LHR, 77W, BA, 214, 12:00, 23:29, 1, BA BOS, HKG, 77W, CX, 811, 12:00, 01:43, 1, CX I forgot that Speedbird BAW also has a 77W Thanks again for your time. Peabody
  6. Boston Airport and 77W

    Thanks for feedback but that is not the problem tried all the runways. 77L, 789, 388 will take off a 77W will not. I just went back to check and make sure and also found the 773 will not take off either.
  7. Boston Airport and 77W

    I did a search and did not find this, so if it is posted somewhere I missed it. I bought Boston along with RT and RC and in the schedule.txt there are three airlines: Emirates, Cathay, and Air France using the 77W. The problem is the 77W can not take off " the runway is too short". Not only are these in the downloaded schedule, they are in the Real Life schedules also, so they should work but don't. Peabody
  8. LAX Taxiway B16

    Even though it is incorrect, B16 does work. I give a slight pause after saying it, if I don't it shows B13 but with a pause so the voice recognition shows it in the command panel it works fine for me. But if you are trying to go from H to B16, forget it. If you look at the image from CL30 the part that does not work is H from T to U, at least for me that is what is not working.
  9. Tower!3D Pro - KJFK Duplicate Taxiways

    And if you look at the right side of the image there are two V. Bottom V doesn't work, top V should be CD. P
  10. Reference Cards -- Commands & Airport Specific

    The reason I was asking is if I were to make a "real" schedule for Philly, it has Piedmont flights. In your previous post you said Piedmont has a IATA code of US, which I checked and that is assigned to "Cactus", so I am seeing Cactus instead of Piedmont, if I understand you correctly. So if I used a custom schedule with Piedmont PDT4936 with a US code it would still show but as a an AWE4936 Cactus flight. If I'm right about my understanding of the schedule, it uses the US part to identify and label the plane not the PDT or AWE, right? And thank you for being so patient with me, I don't mean to be a pain.
  11. Reference Cards -- Commands & Airport Specific

    I am new to the Real Traffic, maybe you could point me in the right direction to post this: I have the latest update and I see all these videos on youtube with Piedmont PDT. NONE of my "XXX_airlines.txt files or my XXX_schedules.txt files have Piedmont (PDT) in them. Philly has a listing in the terminal.txt file but nowhere else. I just looked at Piedmont site and I guess that is the only existing airport that would have Piedmont.
  12. Reference Cards -- Commands & Airport Specific

    That explains it, thank you. I expected to get Piedmont from the videos I have seen but didn't get any. I just bought Real Traffic a few days ago. Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining I appreciate the time that was spent making these cards, only offering information I have seen. I had one more that landed at Philly EDV "Endeavor, which may not belong at Philly but it was there, so I don't know if it should be added to the list or deleted from the traffic files. I will check some real schedules and see what I can find. P
  13. Reference Cards -- Commands & Airport Specific

    I had a couple of planes fly into Philly that are not on the cards: AWE "Cactus" (Had an American tail) GJS GoJet, listed at JFK as "Gateway" but landed at Philly as "Lindbergh" (fly under United and Delta from what I read) Thank you for making the cards, appreciated. P
  14. Ok, thank you. I didn't buy Real Traffic yet, I wanted to see if my computer could handle it before I put too much money into it. I'm above minimum specs, and so far it is doing well, I played LAX without any problems. Thanks for the help.