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  1. ERJ 145 v2: dramatic FPS drop whilst rolling on ground

    first ... antivirus is going after one of FS's computations and/or the ERJ's. is antivirus shut down or been told to ignore FS and FS related things?
  2. MAP! is showing an empty black window.

    I'm meaning FSX ... when you install a new gauge FSX will ask you if the gauge is OK. this step is required to 'activate' the gauge.
  3. MAP! is showing an empty black window.

    did you approve the gauge so it is allowed to work by FSX?
  4. MAP! is showing an empty black window.

    Gordon: so ... does it work in any other aircraft?
  5. Wilco 737 Evo digital panel problem

    Kris: Love to help but feelThere had nothing to do with the EVO series development. Please contact Wilco via their support form.
  6. Wilco Airbus help please!

    that is the forum I wrote about. please ask your question there.
  7. jerky turning with Embraer E_Jets v.2 Embraer 175 and Embraer 195

    Steve: you need to contact simware to see where you can get the updated version. or did you just download the FSX version from simware? i'm not sure as you wrote - you wrote - reports of this behavior have usually been related to a computer lacking enough CPU, rarely the GPU as FS is CPU dependent, to process the game (ie, screen refresh problems). did you purchase a new computer with modern powerful CPU? a computer able to run FS9 may not be able to run FSX. another issue is background processes slowing the computer (ie, running a www-browser while playing). also - steam version can act differently than FSX so just installing a FSX version into steam can cause unexpected problems.
  8. Registration

    if you made your purchase from feelThere you need to contact BMTmicro with purchase information (date, creditcard, email address) - call 800-414-4268 (USA/Canada) / +1 910-792-9100 (international customers). once you collect your installer burn it to a disk and write the key-code on the disk (top, not the 'read side').
  9. Wilco Airbus help please!

    there is a unofficial wilco sub-forum on AVSIM.
  10. Wilco Airbus help please!

    You need to send Wilco an support request using their online form (note i wrote form, not forum). the form is available under the support section of Wilco's www-site.
  11. Buy Tower!3D Pro

    you get a download link. after you download burn the installer to a CD. also save to that CD your activation code and purchase info (ie, in a text file). when you get a new PC uninstall from the old computer. now grab the above mentioned CD and install on the new computer.
  12. Problem with voice recognition

    see -
  13. ifly B737 + FSmap

    see the FAQ for MAP!, read the PMDG section to see if it assists.
  14. LNAV problem FSX

    feelThere developed the 737 for Wilco over 10 years ago. the plane is not a feelThere product and support is provided by Wilso, the owner and publisher of the simulation. if your question is about the 'newer' 737 EVO ... feelThere had nothing to do with that plane's development.
  15. Pop-ups while playing game

    this sub-forum is for feelThere's non-aircraft and non-ATC products. please post your question in the forum linked below - http://forum.simflight.com/forum/170-atc-simulators/