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  1. ERJ175 Nav Database Load Issue

    it is always possible the UAC is blocking Navigraph's product from updating the files. Make sure all folders and programs are being 'run' from your admin account. the coder for the plane hopefully will be near his computer soon and be able to provide details on the install path - i'm 1500+ miles from my computer as I type this.
  2. Popping Sound

    sounds to my ears like anything on FS's 'lowish fidelity' for plane sounds. i hear some lower level crackling ... but nothing, IMO, that makes this problematic.
  3. ERJ175 Nav Database Load Issue

    if the original database is showing it means the new database isn't in the correct location or isn't over-writing the old files.
  4. ERJ175 Nav Database Load Issue

    so what AIRAC is is the FMC saying is loaded? the old one that comes with the plane (like 10+ years out of date)? or a newer one? or none?
  5. ERJ175 Nav Database Load Issue

    confirm that the database is in the correct feelThere folders.
  6. ERJ 175 Spoiler will not deploy

    Roger: make sure your throttle controller (ie, what you use to control the throttle ... ie, the throttle lever on a CHYoke) is not giving any thrust indication.
  7. ERJ 175 Spoiler will not deploy

    Roger: Throttle was at idle? You have confirmed that your control will set the throttle to idle?
  8. Altitude Constraints

    screen shot(s) with additional details (like the route, the locations in the route you are entering the constraints, the AIRAC being used and ... the plane being used) will help.
  9. E-jets v2 HUD stopped displaying-SOLVED

    the xml file details specific to adding the gauge are semi-correct FSX. you can read about how to edit (MAKE A BACKUP FIRST!!!!!!!) by doing a Internet search and make the correct direction to send FSX to the correct place. as noted prior likely some other program changed your FSX install hence your problem(s) ... so it is likely a complete uninstall and reinstall will also work.
  10. E-jetts v.2 guages garbled on Prepar3d v4

    garbled? an image would help. did you also see this post -
  11. #feelthere TTS Issue "PLAH PLAH PLAH"

    set to 'English - US'? also see - http://forum.simflight.com/topic/82976-tower-3-d-pro-speech-problem/?tab=comments#comment-500899 http://forum.simflight.com/topic/83016-tower-3d-sound-problem/?tab=comments#comment-500892
  12. #feelthere TTS Issue "PLAH PLAH PLAH"

    almost all of these problems are a setting/change with the computer. if it worked before something on your computer was changed. step one: system language (ie, the computer) is set to 'English - US'?

    you received an email with the link. check your old emails.
  14. Ejet V2 reconnecting hardware sound

    I've never read a report of this before so ... check that your divers are all up-to-date (?).
  15. Real Traffic update available

    Did you make the purchase from feelThere?