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  1. TQ6 ADV- A/T disengage

    AT Arm means ARM the A/T. You need A/T disengage the one operated by the buttons either side of the throttle handles. Oh, exactly as Thomas found for you. :-) How did you miss those? Altough there are two (one button either side) the should do the same thing. Pete
  2. TQ6 ADV- A/T disengage

    Most PMDG aircraft have their own systems, and do not use FS controls. The PMDG 737 has its own list of controls ("Events") which can be assigned via FSUIPC's "<custom control>" selection. You need to work out the number from the comprehensive list towards the end of the .h document in your 737's SDK folder. Pete
  3. Please don't append to this thread again. I shall close it. The subject is different to your question. Did you read the Changes document included in the ZIP which clearly stated that it needs P3D4.1? There are other threads too on exactly the same subject. You need to update your P3D! Pete
  4. Thanks. I don’t see any reason for problems there. The only other thing I can think of is that the GUID that FSUIPC obtains from the registry is actually allocated to another non-Joystick type of device, so accessing it with joystick type requests causes the crash. If that is the reason then it does imply a mess in the Registry. If you have a restore point from before you first installed the unit, now’s the time to use it. Or even just a Registry backup. Otherwise I’d need even more, as the only way I can tell is to look at the relevant part of the Registry, the part under the key "HKCU\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\MediaProperties\PrivateProperties\DirectInput”. If you don’t know how to export that to a file for me to look at let me know and I’ll provide some instructions. If you do, don’t try attaching a .REG file or it'll fail. Rename it as a .txt file first. Eeither way, I can’t get to it till tomorrow now. Sorry. Pete
  5. I see the crash is in a Windows DLL. It would be worth your while Googling that DLL for information. It rings a bell but I can’t recall the details. Also, run my HidScanner program and attach the log you get from that please. You’ll find in in the Useful Additional Programs thread of the Download Links subforum. This will show if there’s some conflicting device, which I suspect after looking at the log you attached. When you deleted the drivers and device, I assume you re-booted so that the device would be seen as a fresh USB HID device, which is all it needs. However, I’m not sure that gets any mess in the Registry cleared out. But that would be another step. Pete
  6. FSUIPC 5.103

    Only the current version of FSUIPC is ever available. You must update your P3D to 4.1. Why do you want to go backwards when things only improve Pete
  7. First, a clarification: there is no "demo version". The only version is either registered or not. In its unregistered state t just offers an interface to applications, and none of the user facilities. Second, without more information I cannot help. Did you re-enter the Registration details correctly, or copy the correct files from a backup you made before re-installing Windows (the FSUIPC5.INI and KEY files are important)? Anyway, please show me the Install log and the FSUIPC5.LOG files from the P3D Modules folder. Pete
  8. Problem with FSUIPC 5.122

    You don't mention what version of P3D you've installed, but it sounds like it is 4.0. as stated in the changes notes in the FSUIPC 5.122 download, it is not compatible with 4.0, you MUST update P3D to 4.1. Pete
  9. FSUIPC5 Problem

    FSUIPC5 is no longer compatible with P3D version 4.0. You MUST update to P3D 4.1. It does tell you this in the Change notes included with the FSUIPC downloaded installer! And you are lucky I found your post! There are others, more recent, on exactly the same subject which you should have looked at first, but in any case, please NEVER add a new post to a very old thread or it will often simply not be seen, being hidden way down many pages deep! Pete
  10. FSUIPC 5 under Prepar3d V4

    Is that DLL.XML file exactly as you found it? Because the 4th line is incorrect <Filename>dll.xm</Filename> should be <Filename>dll.xml</Filename> and the iVap entry cannot work, and the error there probably means the whole file is ignored: <PathC:\Program Files (x86)\IVAO\IvAp v2\Ivap_fsx_bootstrap.dll</Path> missing the > after <Path. Did you test iVap before installing FSUIPC? If it doesn't work after correctingthe mess (which i suppose the iVap installer made), then I need to see your Install Log file as well. That's the main reference and the reason it is produced is specifically to help resolve such problems. Also, check the P3D Modules folder. C:\Program Files\Lockeed Martin\Prepar3d v4\Modules If there's an FSUIPC5.LOG file, show me that too. BTW there's no option "Modules". That's the name of the folder. FSUIPC appears in the Add-Ons menu, once P3D is ready to fly. Pete
  11. P3D V4.1 not starting with FSUIPC 5

    That seems a bit muddled. "starting Win10 Pro"? "Win10 Pin". And you get a message about P3D without even trying to start it? Anyway, certainly FSUIPC has absolutely nothing to do with screens and starting either Win10 Pro or P3D. It doesn't even get loaded until P3D starts! You'll need to look elsewhere. Probably the L-M P3D support forum is the correct place for such an odd thing, unless you do really mean Win10 Pro in which case you need Microsoft support. Regarding FSUIPC5, the Install Log for FSUIPC shows you are installing FSUIPC 5.122 but that you are still using P3D version 4.0. From the Log: Checking version of the Prepar3D v4 EXE: ... Version (Need at least You MUST update your P3D to 4.1. Version 4.0 is not supported. This was made clear in the change notes for FSUIPC! Pete
  12. $400.00 Dollar Paperweight

    I thought from your earlier messages you were already running fSUIPC, or have you only just installed it? Say YES, get the crash, then show me: 1. The Windows crash details from the Windows Event viewer, and 2. The FSUIPC4.LOG file from the sim Modules folder. Pete
  13. $400.00 Dollar Paperweight

    As DaveG says, uninstall the software which came with it. In fact, best to go to the Windows Device Manager, select the device and right-click, and uninstall. Select drivers to be uninstalled too when the option arises. Then re-boot the system and let the device install with default USB drivers. Pete
  14. Mouse Yoke Rudder Control

    But it was killed in the normal process of closing down the Sim, as clearly shown in the Log! All threads started by FSUIPC must be closed to allow P3D to close down tidily! If you want the thread to continue running, then so must FSUIPC and P3D! Pete
  15. P3D V4.1 not starting with FSUIPC 5

    Are you running P3D version 4.1? What version of FSUIPC did you install? 5.122 (or later) is not compatible with P3D4.0 so you would need to update P3D. And regarding this Error 1332 is documented as meaning "No mapping between account names and security IDs was done.", whatever that means. So my questions would be: 1. Did you run the installer "as administrator" as instructed? 2. Was the end result effective? i.e are there FSUIPC5.INI and FSUIPC5.LOG files in the Modules folder? 3. What does the Security tab in the modules folder properties show? Is "Everyone" included as a user name, and if so, when selected, are there ticks below against "Full control" and "Modify"? If not you will need to set it yourself. If there is a FSUIPC5.LOG file in the Modules folder, please show it to me. Why delete the folder? That means re-installing each time. If you must stop FSUIPC loading, just rename FSUIPC5.DLL to FSUIPC5.DLX (or anything different) and it won't then load. Pete
  16. 1. Turn most of that Logging off. Why did you select it? 2. Update to the current supported version of FSUIPC5, version 5.122. You updated to the latest P3D4 release, but the version of FSUIPC you are using was release long before 4.1. Please ALWAYS check that you are using the latest version of FSUIPC before posting support questions. I see that the previous post in this thread was two months ago. Since you appear to have resolved the folder access problem, and presumably now aren't worried by irrelevant "content error logging", please, after installing the latest FSUIPC5, explain exactly what the remaining problem may be. Pete
  17. What if I bought the wrong one

    I am not involved in the sales side at all, but your best bet is to raise a problem ticket on your SimMarket account and explain your mistake. But if you have any plans for the future to upgrade to P3D4 (which I think would be a wise move) then you should hang onto that Registration, as they might not take kindly to it being used after having a refund. Pete
  18. Newbie Question

    Not specifically, no. there's no timer facility associated with assignments. And the F2 key is simply the default key assigned to "throttle decr", which would be more efficient. Are you sure the "one second" is what it needs, or just sufficient repeats of the command to get the throttle value back enough into the reverse zone (i.e. negative)? I think that's more likely, because all holding a key down does is send the same key repetitively at about 10 times per second (depending on keyboard and Windows version). What you could do is either try multiple assignments doing the same thing. For that you'd need to assign it once in the FSUIPC Assignments screen then edit the settings file (FSUIPC4 or FSUIPC5.INI in the Modules folder) to reproduce the line it saves with different line numbers (the value before the '=' sign). But much better would be to send the -ve value for the throttle needed with just one assignment. "ThrottleN_SET" (where N is the engine number) with a -ve parameter. What the value of that parameter should be would need to be found by experimentation, but generally -4096 gives max reverse for most aircraft. For one assignment operating on both engines you would assign to Throttle1_SET and Throttle2_SET, either by assigning one on Press and the other on Release, or, again, by adding the other manually in the INI file. (The control numbers are listed in a document in your FSUIPC Documents subfolder, in the Modules folder). Pete
  19. Error=Payload station indexes

    This has always been the case. It is due to an oddity in SimConnect. It does no harm. Just switch off the option for content error reports. It’s a facility to help developers only and is normally off by default. Pete
  20. 65,8 represents just 'A', no control or shift. Please look at the list of values for that position. 8 just means the normal key. Pete
  21. This is actually the Support Forum for FSUIPC, WideFs and related programs, not for Prepar3D or its SimConnect which aren't my programs! Really you should post such questions on the L-M P3D forum. Anyway, I also use simConnect remotely for some applications I use, but I've never saved any such files as Unicode, and I'm pretty sure that wouldn't be correct for the FSX versions of SimConnect you need to install on the remote PC. Speaking of which, are you sure you installed the correct version of SimConnect on your client to suit the program(s) you want to use? Generally I install all three -- RTM, SP1 and SP2 to be sure. Pete
  22. Thank you, but I'm out on Saturday afternoon/evening. Anyway, I'm too shy for public appearances! :-) Pete
  23. The above comment was from my reply to the previous time you posted files. And it is the same again with the latest files. You say you are connecting three quadrants, but certainly only two are ever found in the Registry. This time only one is recognised in the INI file: [JoyNames] AutoAssignLetters=No 4=Saitek Pro Flight Cessna Trim Wheel 4.GUID={8D72A380-D9C3-11E7-8006-444553540000} 3=Flight Throttle Quadrant 3.GUID={8D722E50-D9C3-11E7-8003-444553540000} 1=Logitech Attack 3 1.GUID={25F9DF20-551B-11E7-8002-444553540000} 2=Saitek Pro Flight Rudder Pedals 2.GUID={8D738DE0-D9C3-11E7-800B-444553540000} 6=Cyborg Evo Force 6.GUID={8D7318B0-D9C3-11E7-800A-444553540000} 5=Saitek Pro Flight Yoke 5.GUID={8D72CA90-D9C3-11E7-8008-444553540000} So, my scan worked a bit better than I expected in that Device #3 is identified okay despite a different GUID. The new Log shows the 2 quadrants: 219 Product= Saitek Pro Flight Quadrant 219 Manufacturer= Saitek 219 Vendor=06A3, Product=0C2D (Version 2.0) 266 GUIDs returned for product: VID_06A3&PID_0C2D: 266 GUID= {8D727C70-D9C3-11E7-8005-444553540000} 266 Details: Btns=9, POVs=(0, 0, 0, 0), Cal=x00000000, Max=R0,U0,V0,X255,Y255,Z255 266 GUID= {8D722E50-D9C3-11E7-8003-444553540000} 266 Details: Btns=9, POVs=(0, 0, 0, 0), Cal=x00000000, Max=R0,U0,V0,X255,Y255,Z255 but the CSV scan file shows that the Registry now idefies the other Quadrant as device #2, which FSUIPC cannot use because you already have the pedals as #2. So the safest thing it can do is simply not include it rather than try to assign a device ID which you are using for something else. Don't forget that it looks like a different device because of the changed GUID. This would have been averted by using JoyLetters and simply deleting the ID lines in the JoyName section. Then FSUIPC would have assigned IDs to suit and fixed the registry to match. The solution at present is to edit the INI file by adding in the other quadrant with the new GUID as device #0, thus: Add these two lines to the [JoyNames] section: 0=Flight Throttle Quadrant 0.GUID={8D727C70-D9C3-11E7-8005-444553540000} Please then also change "AutoAssignLetters=No" to Yes, so that you use Joy Letters, not IDs. Read the section in the User Guide about this subject. You may want to choose more meaningful letters than the A, B, C ... which will be assigned. But do that first, BEFORE running P3D again. Pete
  24. THREAD MOVED FROM "USER CONTRIBUTIONS" SUBFORUM FOR ATTENTION Please note that your post is a support question, but you posted it as a "contribution" as if were useful to others as it is. Please ALWAYS post support questions to the Support Forum! The problem is that the sim really does not provide a brake you can lock on like that, other than the parking brake, so you'd have to assign it to the parking brake. But you say: And why is that? Surely you remove thrust before applying the parking brake? The toe brakes don't apply any more brake pressure than the parking brake. In most aircraft they are the same -- the parking brake merely holds the same brakes on. "Backing up"? Are you setting reverse thrust for some reason? Why would it "back up"? Surely you aren't parking on a slope? You must have the throttle too high. Most aircraft, and especially airliners line the 737, only need any significant amount of thrust to start moving. After that you can taxi around pretty much at idle thrust, with perhaps a little nudge after slowing for corners. I think you just need to sort your use of the controls you have. The PMDG 737NGX behaves almost perfectly with good control. If you want suggestions for using your NGX I think you need to go to the PMDG forum for that aircraft. Pete
  25. That's okay. It is likely the GUIDs have changed. You could simply delete the numerical assignment lines in the [JoyNames] section in your FSUIPC INI file, and let FSUIPC re-generate them, but I see you aren't using JoyLetters (really a big mistake with so many devices), so you'd then get problems with everything assigned to the wrong devices by numerical ID. So, instead, show me the same files as before again so I can see what is now different.Then I would be able to advise on settings to change in the JoyNames section. BTW, best with those files is to attach them rather than paste them into the message proper. You can paste them in, but in that case please use the <> button above the edit area and paste them into the window you then get. Pete