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  1. Question is there a way to place a j ring or halo around targets on Tracon? If not is that a feature you can easily add in the midst of all of the Tower 3d work?
  2. Hello, Some good airports IMO: KLGA KEWR KDCA KBOS. They are smaller fields with pretty complex traffic. KCLT is definitely my overall favorite, pretty big though. But seeing some of the other massive airports like KDFW or KORD (too much construction) wouldn't be too bad in moderation.
  3. I went in to the schedule, and all coding looks correct. I've verified that all of the airports that say ICAO not found are in the airports database. Also, I restored the original default schedule and I am getting extremely low departures with that too. I've even cross checked my sector programming with my other custom sectors and default sectors, and everything checks out. I am stumped. Also, strangely enough, when I remove the sidstar_cfg data for BOS from the sidstar_cfg.txt file, I get plenty of departures. (however I need BOS sidstar data in the file or else all departures only use one SID {which is unrealistic}.) I even had another forum member check my sidstar_cfg and they said that everything looks OK. I went back to check the file and it still looks good. I don't know where I am going wrong.
  4. Hello, Lately I have created a few TRACON sectors, and they are fully functional. However, I have an issue with departure frequency. I use Dick Parker's Tower schedule generator to create my TRACON schedule (KBOS). I setup for 1200 aircraft over a 19hr period (~40 departures, ~40 arrivals hourly), but I literally get no departures in an hour span; plenty of arrivals though. At first I was using the default schedule, which gave me departures and arrivals, however not enough for my liking. It seems like ever since using the created schedules my departures are almost nonexistent. My sliders are to the max, multiple dept runways are selected, all runways have SIDs, and all routes and airports have been created. I've attached my log file, which shows ample departures, I think. Is there someone that can analyze my .log to help identify the problem? p.s. my other sectors and the Feelthere sectors experience also experience the issue, just not to the same extent as KBOS. Thanks Ty game.log
  5. Hey, I would like to know if there is a way to add my own airport to the schedule generator. For example, I want to make a schedule for KDEN, is there a way that I can pull flightaware data for Denver and code the Schedule Generator to create for Denver? Thanks
  6. Thanks for the support, it was definitely a long process.
  7. Great info, thanks for the quick response. When you started to add the Configs for the SIDs and STARs did you go thru the complete schedule and add routes one by one or did you just copy and paste and find and replace?
  8. Hello, I have created a few different sectors for TRACON using the Airspace Editor. All of my sectors work with no problem. All runways have multiple SIDs to use for departure, however only one sector is ever used for a particular runway. Even the ultimate direction of flight has no effect on the SID. For example, at CLT if a flight is departing CLT for BOS, the flight will use the SID that directs the flight to the west. Even after saying "resume own navigation" the aircraft will still complete the SID until the terminating fix then turn toward the direction of the destination. I have a number of airways and tried to edit some of the SIDs, but nothing has worked. It simply seems like each runway has its own SID. P.S. Every runway has a SID, and each runway has multiple SIDs available for use (in the parameters box). This seems to happen at all of my sectors. Does anyone know what the issue is. Thanks
  9. Hey, are you considering adding the newest tracon sectors to the creator. I've used the tower schedule creator but it only works to a certain extent (not being able to make schedules for satellite airports).Please reply, I'm just curious.
  10. Ahh that makes sense. Thanks for the info.
  11. Perfect, thank you. I will try this. p.s. You don't know of a way to fix the runway 26 taxiway escape error, do you? I've been trying to find a solution forever.
  12. I was playing KPHL for 2011 and tried to use runway 17 for landing, but no aircraft would accept. So I tried restarting Tower2011 with ONLY runway 17 as the active runway and the game crashes saying "Fatal error - no approach lines for runway". I've looked at the airfield in the airfield editor and it does have runway 17 outgoing and incoming. Does anyone know how to create an approach line for a runway?
  13. This really isn't a support kind of question, but I was just wondering if feelthere or any partners are still continuing to develop new sectors. I really like TRACON, especially with the new Chicago Sector, and would like to see even more good sectors! I've tried to create my own sectors, but its definitely a tough work in progress.
  14. Thanks for the quick response, I'd like to see KCLT definitely and maybe KLGA too.
  15. Hey Dick, I know that you said that you would be busy this summer, but are you planning to update SC for some of the newest airports and tracon sectors? This question is probably been asked a bunch of times. Thanks for the Mod, it really helps.