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  1. Bill Smith


    Hi I purchased CYVR and RC CYVR I forgot do I have to install latest version of RT again
  2. Had the same problem stuck at 63% uninstalled KLAS and installed KLAS update and RC and RT works fine now
  3. Hi I installed the new KBOS schedule and it stalls at 63% I then re-installed the original files and it works fine. Thank You
  4. Could you please direct me to this post I have checked for post but unable to find it. Thank You
  5. Hi when I install schedule KBOS #6 -V1.0 it stalls at 63% I install the original shedule back in again it works fine
  6. So I should install your latest schedule again ?
  7. Since I installed SP3.1 KSAN and TIST will not load KSAN gets to 63% and TIST gets to 99% all other airports load ok
  8. oops sorry I see it is an announcement that is available for download
  9. I also have KBOS on Tower 3D Pro what is the difference in this new KBOS
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