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  1. simon08

    KSFO is out

    good idea. That's what I will do.
  2. simon08

    KSFO is out

    The only thing to note, and this is probably for real traffic, is that virgin airlines is no longer redwood but has merged with Alaska Airlines and is the call sign is now Alaska.
  3. simon08

    two monitor issue

    Hi Guys: Thanks-I fixed it-should know better but forgot to play as administrator. Once I fixed that everything started working well
  4. simon08

    two monitor issue

    I just got a new computer and hooked up to both of the same monitors I have been using, but when I click to move anything to the second screen it disappears and doesn't show up on the second monitor. I have my display in extend mode and not sure what else to try. Thanks for any help. Jeff PS I have the newest version of tower
  5. simon08

    Tower 3D KJFK not working

    I got the same
  6. simon08

    KLGA Released for Tower

    looked about the same to me. I agree that this airport fits a needed slot. Jeff
  7. simon08

    KLGA Released for Tower

    Haven't had too much time with it but I like it. It is a fairly simple airport in terms of number of runways but it has been fun. Real Traffic has already been updated for it, though I had to write Nygeres to reset my password. They answered very quickly. Jeff
  8. simon08


    my password for the bundle and JFK also expired. Can you post new links? Thanks.
  9. simon08

    LAS out

    After over an hour or so LAS works great. There is a new RC out and a RT upgrade so it all works very well.
  10. simon08


    looks great! Jeff
  11. simon08

    Reak Color KATL Tower 3D Pro

    I've only played for little over an hour and have not seen anything new yet. Jeff
  12. simon08

    Reak Color KATL Tower 3D Pro

    I have already been sent the download links and all works well. Jeff
  13. simon08

    Reak Color KATL Tower 3D Pro

    Same with me. I called BMT Micro and they checked and discovered the error. They said they would resend the email to me once they have a download link. I imagine they will send it to everyone who placed the order but don't know for sure. Jeff
  14. simon08

    KATL operations

    Thanks very much Andrew-very helpful in getting me started on this challenging airport. Jeff
  15. simon08

    problem with towerprosp2

    here is the screenshot-but just saw your note about the hotfix--that's great!

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